Video shows Tacoma police vehicle drive through crowd, run over at least 1 person

Multiple videos were posted online of the incident in Washington state, where the vehicle can be seen rolling over a person and continuing to move forward.

1/24/2021 6:53:00 PM

Video shows police officer in Tacoma, Washington, driving through a crowd Saturday night, running over at least one person and sending them to the hospital.

Multiple videos were posted online of the incident in Washington state, where the vehicle can be seen rolling over a person and continuing to move forward.

ByDoha MadaniA Tacoma, Washington, police officer was seen driving through a downtown crowd Saturday night, running over at least one person and sending them to the hospital.The officer responded to multiple calls that a group of people were blocking a downtown intersection when the crowd began descending on the police car, the Tacoma Police Department said. Interim Tacoma Police Chief Mike Ake said he is “committed” to the department’s full cooperation into an investigation into the incident.

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“I am concerned that our department is experiencing another use of deadly force incident,” Ake said.Multiple bystander videos were posted online of the incident, where the police car can be seen rolling over a person and continuing to move forward. Authorities from Pierce County are taking over the probe into the incident as an independent investigation team.

Tacoma Police and other law enforcement officers stand in an intersection near the site of a car crash on Jan. 23, 2021, in downtown Tacoma, Wash. At least one person was injured when a police car plowed through a crowd of people Saturday night who were watching a downtown street race, the Tacoma News-Tribune reported.

Ted S. Warren / APA crowd of about 100 people and several cars were blocking an intersection at Pacific Avenue when the department arrived downtown, according to a police statement. One Tacoma police car was then surrounded by the crowd and the officer inside struggled to remove himself.

“People hit the body of the police vehicle and its windows as the officer was stopped in the street,” the Tacoma police said. “The officer, fearing for his safety, tried to back up, but was unable to do so because of the crowd.”The officer then moved the car forward, with lights and sirens, striking at least one person. The condition of the individual, who was taken to a local hospital, is unknown.

Police said the officer stopped after moving some distance away and called for medical aid. The officer was not identified by police.Social media users referred to the event as a"car meet," with some accounts posting videos of people in cars doing donuts in the intersection while some in the crowd filmed on their phones. Videos posted of the car stunts in what appeared to be the same intersection showed similar tire marks in the road as those seen in videos posted of the Tacoma police vehicle.

Police did not characterize the crowd that blocked the Tacoma intersection. Read more: NBC News »

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Maybe they will think twice now about surrounding and endangering the officer. Rolling continuous cop porn on Corporate News, Hollywood and network TV doesn't help much. PoliceBrutality DefundThePolice Do the best you can with what you can while you can. It's time Mr. President JoeBiden to return hope and justice for diversity visa winners, we are suffering from PP10014. POTUS VP PressSec StateDept TravelGov AILANational DV2021 DV2020

...the crowd shouldn't have surrounded the police car... If I told you white cops attack black protestors, kill black people & not white insurrectionist mobs for the same reason people fear snakes, would you believe me? Beginner’s guide to why what’s happening in America is happening, by NoOneUnscripted

All of these people rioting should immediately be arrested protesting is legal this other crap is not. The minute they do anything violent or destructive that should be the end of it. Where the hell is the governor 😤 Well this isn't the first time the police need to do something, but it is the first time I'd seen it reported by the untrue media

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They surrounded the vehicle and got ran the fuck over. Seems like maybe don’t attack a police vehicle and endanger someone’s life and maybe you won’t end up with tread marks on your chest. Start surrounding a police car and see what happens!!! Oh and you guys have been posting this video for days now. What’s the matter, not getting the responses you were looking for?

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If you don't attack and stand in front of police cars trying to block them you don't get run over 🙄 Maybe don’t block the police from doing their job They should have moved away Good Move bitch Has the officer at the wheel been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder yet? struggling and suffering! Trump doesn’t care about others. Let’s move on without him and and show that we are better than that, being thought as humane is really much better. Trump tried to sell us out A LOT!

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Funny. In all my life I've never had a police car ride over me. To be fair I've never stood in the road with the intent to stop traffic. Initiate protect, serve procedures. badcops jailtime Anonymous source says it was a mechanical issue with the vehicle The people shouldn't have been attacking the police car in the first place. You know you see a car coming you get out of the way.

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