Video shows police sweeping handcuffed man’s leg, pointing gun at car with children

Phoenix police opened a probe into how officers treated two shoplifting suspects, after cellphone video showed one of the officers sweeping the leg of a handcuffed man.


The Phoenix Police Department is investigating after an officer was caught on cell phone video sweeping a man's leg after handcuffing him, while another officer pointed a gun at a pregnant mother and her two daughters.

Phoenix police opened a probe into how officers treated two shoplifting suspects, after cellphone video showed one of the officers sweeping the leg of a handcuffed man.

The video, which was given to police on Tuesday and intentionally blurred for redaction purposes, shows officers taking an unidentified man and woman into custody while investigating a shoplifting incident. The suspects were stopped in their vehicle in a parking lot a short distance from the scene of the theft, police said.

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The officer then yanks him up, slams him against a marked police vehicle and sweep-kicks his right leg out from under him.

"You're not complying with me," the officer shouts."When I tell you to do something, you f-----g do it!"

Meanwhile, another officer approaches the suspects' vehicle and opens the back door with his gun drawn. A woman then steps out of the vehicle with two young children.

Both the man and woman were detained but neither were arrested, according to Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV.

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The officer threatened to shoot the mother in the head all over a dollar store doll. Have you ever seen an officer act so completely insane? What would posses you to treat someone who's child carried a doll from a store as if they had just committed a murder? Racist, impotent, rage. Takes this man's badge. phoenixpolice

IamAhab0524 Only in America oufenix They all need to lose their jobs.😐 Not even news worthy really with the over the top dramatic music. Departments all across the nation are hiring. Stop running your mouths & go fill out an app if you have such a problem with LEO’s. “Be the change you want to see.” I bet your views change after doing the job.

Well. What can we say. I know thay US has a cowboy and gun culture. But pointing a gun at a little girl, and a mom with a toddler. Cmon.... thats pathetic. Feeling the power ? Oh look ABC at it again supporting domestic terrorists. Officer was justified in using force. Firearms are always pointed at illegally tinted windows in heated scenarios. Learn to code.

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The guy failed to spread his legs when asked. This is why the leg sweep happened. We don't see the first half of what happened, but the fact that he was on the ground to be cuffed means he was already combative. Hold the cries of racism until after the FULL story is heard. Look idc how many 'good ones' are out there, i dont trust cops cause there are to many like this that are trigger happy and dangerous b/c they dont know how to handle the situations they are supposed to

There are two sides to every story. Don’t judge until you find out all the facts. Corruption The use of power everywhere must study solutions and respect human rights Oh Oh... That Cop busted...Bad .... [Shaking my head] Phoenix Police Department and all Police Departments United States Wide, This is why citizens are trusting you less and less when a crisis comes. They need emergancy assistance, but their first words are 'Don't call the police' out of fear.

Their crime? The little girl took a small toy doll from the DOLLAR store. The police yanked the little girl from the mom and dislocated her shoulder. All of this for a $1 doll! I remember driving my 2 yr old twins back to the store when I found they took an item during checkout! Be professional and humane, once someone is cuffed. During these moments of nerve splitting stress and tension hard to remember. Even surprised you did what you did, when shown video. Damn, I thought I was humane and professional.

Let's see where this investigation goes...

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Who else believes that there are good Cops, but also terroristic predators among us putting fear in communities rather than trust and respect? I get it, police do face many fears as well on the job, but I still find myself asking why we do not reform policing policies. This is why I Didn’t Do Nuffin is a failed defense

Without audio we can't hear if the officer was telling him to get down and the perp REFUSING.... Right... he told the suspect to spread his legs so that he could pat him down.... And the suspect didn't. wesley_jordan They'll investigate, determine the young man that was assaulted is black and the officers will not be held accountable. This scene repeats itself daily.

wesley_jordan Disgusting wesley_jordan FuckThePolice and also the other officers and anyone who condone this disgusting behavior. Over a doll. All that over a dollar store doll? And I know the 'just do what the police say' crowd is all in a froth but how is this reaction over a DOLLAR STORE DOLL okay? If you're that quick to aggressiveness as a cop, then you should choose different profession.

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Cowards.With.Badges. Unacceptable. Those 2 little girls looked so threatening. 🙄 Ok, really? Don't pull guns in front of kids unless a life is threatened. What a horrible reaction...pulling a gun on babies & a pregnant woman. Even if she was saying things we didn't hear -did she or the girls have a weapon? 🤬

Democrats are losing the black vote look for more and more propaganda to scare them back to the plantation. Dad was right back in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 'It want be the Commies that destroys America it will be an idiot staring a race war'. The nations cops better wake up. There're out numbered! Oh yes. I'm not a cop hater. 2 nephew's on the force & I wore a badge 5yrs.

These ham sandwiches need to be held accountable but since they investigate themselves ....... well Cop hating ABC. These videos keep emerging and at an intensifying rate and it's always coloured people? We're really watching armed thugs w. badges. They seems unnecessarily harsh and the brutality is extreme. As a white person I'm embarrassed & it sure as fuck won't solve any problems WTF

How has the police investigating themselves worked out?

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So, what pissed them off so much? Anyone asking? Corporate agenda-driven legacy media....can't wait til you finally die and go away. Dispicable 🐖 🐷 🐽 Did the CAM reveals she stool/other her to pick it?left the premises?Noticed the doll with her?About to drive off?Finaly;After the office arrest,did he approach the store keeper to playCam evidence?What's the color offence at the first instance? Two incidentSameTimeSamePlace hmm.

Too many cops in this country are totally out of control. And we must address the related matter of Trump's constant dog whistles to the same. How about the whole story? Just another traits.. Its ever in the blood. We are intrested. What really make an arrest proffesional? Did the suspect surrendered?Yes.What warrant Leg sweeping?Color?Resistance?X'words?Or just NiggaFun kicks? Was the pregnant woman ARMED?Was she approached?SideIntel missingHerr

Shame on these 2 MF animals,why the F they hire ISIS members for policr department, they should fire their asses & prosecute them for brutality ,this is the way to teach childeren to respect police officers ,not that all officers are like these 2 AH,s but they are a bad example

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When an officer tells you to get down , GET DOWN. And pregnant women are now immune to law enforcement ? I don’t think so. So tired of cry baby thugs. Toughen up or stop breaking the law. You don’t get a free pass because you’re pregnant. Not how it works homie. They are small players in the major failed setup. The police , the black family, both in a wrong mental state, to not there own fault. No currency , no toutch. erthlings vs. marsians. Patience and slow working ethic schooling, not sensatinal moneymaking journalism will help.

Two sides to each story... The person taking this video was not there at the beginning of whatever was going on. I call BS in the person who took this video, bias... ...... So about $1000 worth of city resources (assuming this only took about 30 minutes) deployed to defend a 47 cent potential loss at the dollar store. Even if this was handled professionally it’s outrageous.

Grrrr infuriating Two police officers who do not have the temperament nor commonsense to carry a weapon. Particularly, in a law enforcement uniform. They are an accidental or even a intended fatal shooting of a civilian. They should be let go. itsreal85 OMG 18 secs THE REAL OFFICER HARRIS MINT! Oh the humanity. How will our Country ever recover? Actually, I don’t think we can. Let’s just give the keys to Canada & Mexico and leave.

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Seriously? All this because a CHILD stole a doll worth 1 buck?! well people will care less about the man getting his leg kicked. everyone will only care about the daughters and the mother, all im saying is care about everyone who got treated wrongly. And is it entirely coincidental that they both appear to be black!!

Neat. The shit police get away with is sickening. Ever notice how when white cops get busted fuckin up and killing someone, its a suspention, or an evaluation. But if a brown skinned cop(black, mexican, arab, hindu, etc...)get busted its relieved of duty, or convicted. Systemic Racism. Lol ng_hawkins It’s a sad day when citizens cannot trust their protectors. We are having way too many sad days. We need better training and management of officers in the field. Fire those who abuse citizens, and jail those who do worse.

This is Fucking Ludicrous 😡😡😡 Again ridiculous narrative... the sweep of the leg, looks uncalled for. The pointing of the gun, they didn’t know who was in the car. As soon as he saw, he put the gun away. Cops have to make the scene safe, then question. That’s how it’s always been done. The Cobra Kops.

Ohhhhhh!!!!! Sad people!!! Police are trained to do nothing but murder black people!!! If they had to fight real crime they’d call in sick due to mental fatigue. This is horrible! Shit, with all these idiot's afraid of going back to prison and shooting cops, I don't blame the cops for acting this way.. I wouldn't take any chances either..

Phoenix police department: everybody is watching what you do here. It is time enough that officers who cannot handle the responsibility of their position need to go. They can only do this because the state vested authority in them to do this and it’s bullshit. WhenTheySeeUs They are loosing senity, this seemed to be close to an end of your country, exersize love to treat insanity. timepanda

And Americans love these Cops. 😂you deserve the governance that you get. Had this been in India, we would have castrated their happiness by now. They are bullies

Shame... If he does not know who is in the car (tinted windows) he has to point the gun before opening the door. And for the other guy. We can’t hear what is happening and we don’t know what happen before. Do what the officer says and he will not use force. it is falling apart Fire these police, PLEASE!

Seriously, this would only happen to an African American. I’m sorry, our society has been infected by some disgusting disease. Waiting for the rest of story to be revealed. Looks like ABC is rooting for black hate crime. AMES1k PhX PD been dirty As a great man once said...'fuck the police.' Bloody police, all over the world very few officers who can be counted on fingers are courteous and the rest all are a big trash. Sorry to say this. Otherwise how the police in this video can behave like this and that too with a small kid.

This is so sad to see... awfull Another day, another video of cops being scumbags smfh it’s never going to stop. U give someone power? Look how they use it. Serve and protect? Bahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The officer pointing the gun lowered it as soon as he could see inside the car. The windows were tinted!!!! Would you want to risk your life or be prepared just in case? As soon as the car door opened he lowered his gun IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

We have a very bad percentage of horrible police officers in this country. OlgaSixta Feel so bad for the people who have to go through this on the daily!!! S.O.B this officer is just a racist, since the arrested guy is black in color Oh man, what a police culture! we cry about Paki police, US police seems advance🤭😏 CNN washingtonpost USATODAY WSJ

What a scrap police they are? This is all over a doll!! I just don’t understand why the police have treat black and brown people like this

It was very traumatic for poor kid They both deserve to be fired they could have just let them know. Why they were there instead of being so darn mean. Domestic terrorist indeed You can not tell me this is not the KKK running the police dept. all over the country. Time to go out and under. There are good police men and women out there, I am sure. I have just never met one.🤣 PoliceThePolice PoliceViolence

Bottom line is you can’t point a gun at children. Good police work These are not police officers. They are bullies with badges. loboclone76 Hello Jeff, would you like to pacify the world? A DOLL was accidentally taken from the Dollar store, So call 9-11 about a dollar doll! Instead of just telling them that she had a doll unpaid for! Really? They draw their guns at the pregnant women, try to take their child, beat him, it was 1.00 doll! RACISM!Officers need to go!

Seems a bit much over a child 'allegedly' taking a doll from the store, what's the deal with the cop drawing the gun on the mother/children and the other one being pissy with the man.....shame on them. What great cops are these. Yall just letting anybody be cops these days. Police need to be patrolled by their supervisors at all times they are getting away with too much

Its a crazy world we live in. May justice be servrd All over a dollar doll! y’all don’t get paid enough to call 911 on a child that walked out with a $1 doll🤦🏻‍♀️ Why do animals like this get to carry guns? All of this excessive violence for no reason on people of color. They pointed their guns at children and tried to take a baby away from its mothers arms; a mother not charged with any crime

Wow. They need their badges taken away. There is never a need to point a gun at a child! Wow!!!! Proof positive that even bullies can carry a badge and gun. 2 weeks unpaid leave and a required public apology? Oh poor thug

Fire them completely unprofessional to act crazy like that no matter what the reason was do your job with class these officers clearly have no class or respect for their job These are worst than Gestapo tactics and no way to treat American Citizens who are presumed innocent. No amount of training can get rid of unconscious bias and a lack of human decency. Was the pregnant woman and her children public enemy No One brave officers?

Systemic racism!! They will all rot in hell one day I'm sure they will be severely punished with a paid vacation followed by a full exoneration and praise for their bravery. That Policemen could have broken the guys leg doing that! I say this all black people! Sue the Hell out of these kinds of Cop's! I like and respect Cop's, but not when some do shit like this!

LancelotLinkSpy Such brave heroes. They should be used to the heat in PHX so I hope that’s not their excuse for such aggressive action... Bahaha this is great Trumps police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the mugshots for Phoenix see how many have road rash on their face nothing new Lmao if u watched the real video its all fake news Yeah...sooooo...CopsAintShit. Not sorry. Maybe try just doing what they say without the drama? BlueSt0rmRising Just 😞 Uncalled for what a call that a non-expensive doll 'may' have been taken? Really? You mistreat the young man, you point a loaded gun at a mother, a baby and a young girl? The young girl is terrified. Pure BS fire the both of them go fight real crime, cowards

Watch LEOs line up to tell us these cops acted terribly and should be fired...I mean they want us to believe there are only a “few bad apples”, so calling out the bad ones shouldn’t be too hard... oh wait none will do that AT ALL. We need civilian oversight of police, instead of police oversight of police

hmcghee More bullshit!! Throw those cops out! Hey phoenixpolice -- WE SEE YOU Please don't ever think we don't. Please punish these unprofessional cops for this heinous behavior. Your job is to SERVE and PROTECT.

How about following the officers command? That way force would not be necessary. Never underestimate people's sad inclination to use race as an excuse for bad behavior. Or stupidity for that matter. Oy veigh. 😳😡 Where’s that Dallas cop killer when you actually need him? American law enforcement is the bottom of the barrel.

The USA make the headlines around the world with stories like this one. I feel bad for the good police officers. I have a fking dollar for the doll a child might have taken. Joe_Bartels I’m not defending officers but this would never happen if you don’t do stupid shit to get the police involved in the first place. If the police are doing bad, you doing bad just gives them justification. Listen and follow orders to make them look bad.

You do NOT know the whole story, so should NOT have released this video yet as it is not fair to bring such negative attention to the police. Frankly not surprising given this is the country that allows anyone the right to own guns. Do you want to know why the US has the highest rate of cop killers? Because even toddlers hold guns. And because Trump is your President, racism, hate, etc. But the economy is going great.

Point a gun at the kids And a pregnant mom Disgusting! Abuse of authority.

Police be going lunatic for nothing smh Could imagine a gun in mine and my sons face over the shit ive honestly accidently walked out of a store with. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The cop looks like an ass in my opinion. You don’t need to kick the legs out like that. I hope they do something about him. Totally unacceptable!!!

This is beyond sickening. Abhorrent behaviour. This Racial Profiling crap has gotten to be to much and complete Bullshit if the officers DO NOT have a legit reason then They ought to be charged with a crime such as Racial Profiling or if they treat them like this charge them with a HATE CRIME If only we enforced obstruction of Justice cases with this type of vigor.

awful!! Next Civil WAR. THE PEOPLE vs the police Motherfucking cops ought to be horsewhipped and canned. During grahamvsconner supreme court case the SupremeCourt voted for officers to get away with this crap. The USSPREMECOURT, the highest court in the land needs to revise this crap so this foolishness will STOP

The second policeman was looking through darkened windows, he showed proper caution and holstered his gun immediately. The other officer, a different mind-set. JhwilsH This is disgraceful. Embarrassed to be a Phoenician today. Those poor children and terrified parents This is how to MAGA? What did he and his baby momma do. You left that out

I wish the media paid this much attention to the stream of terrorists, pedophile sex traffickers and gang members flowing over the border. Normal for USA I would say Over a doll I don’t understand why these behaviors are tolerated in the system. Out of control...SMH

🤦🏻‍♂️ GavinGrimmVA Over a doll from a dollar store? They need to be fired! I see you and I will stand with you. This will not happen when I am there. bigray602 Its everyday that must have been threatened by the handcuffed man the little kids and a lady what hero's they r That's a definite abuse of power

Hmmmmm I hoped the officer put the stolen doll under protective serves after all that... or was the doll black and was shot....this video is very disturbing Poorly trained and gripped with fear. Thugs with guns. 😔 YouTube

Some of them work in forces are the same who burn crosses Can’t really say it’s to the level of purposeful racism, but it is Power Tripping at its finest. The dude is in handcuffs and not a threat. These racist police are out of control, this is what they call MAGA.... Fire them ! The proliferation of guns makes many nervous. Police have t ask, who doesn’t have a gun.

Not cool. Police officers are the true enemies of the state. Calling it now. Administrative paid leave, retraining (maybe), and back on the streets pulling this same shit within a month or two. Kick both of them out and lock them up . He drew his weapon at a family over an allegedly stolen dollar store doll...

Quit hiring idiots that would resolve a lot of these issues. Officers should be required to be re-evaluated psychologically every 2 years. Currently they only under go one psychologist when they are first hired. Hearonaddiction When will this change.. What is wrong with people SMDH It's Trump time. Sue the 'heros' in civil court for violating their human rights..that's the only way the police depts will learn in the US....when it hurts them in the hip pocket..right under their gun holster....especially that idiot pointing a gun at the young mother and her kids...'dick hero'

Over a doll is ridiculous. I take back my previous comment. Guns drawn over a doll come on Obviously was trying to get the guy to spread his legs. If weapons we're involved even a pregnant mother could be a threat. Garbage reporting Insane! Abuse of Power! Take action fire them I realize this is an obvious statement, but a lot of cops shouldn’t be cops

Permission to act out your inner racist granted by the president

Unbelievable!🤬fire those cops. Over a doll from the dollar store. Truly time to get sign off on the “orange orangutan! This is why we say 'Fuck the Police'! With something as blatant as this there needs to be a swift response. Absolutely despicable. When did this become a race issue? A bunch of puppets.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? What ? Leave the damn people alone !! To be Non-white in America. And what did the arrested subjects do? (He asked knowingly) Nothing will change until cops start getting sent to jail for this kind of stuff Hate cops, most of them are abusive power of course they were picked on in school, I would love to shoot them

Oh 😮🤭🤭🤭🤭😔😔😔

Sick. Police in this country are just out of control. How ugly is this? Civil rights violation w/usage of unnecessary excessive force. Why? What was the reason behind such ugliness? To be fair, and from this small snippet of video, the back window of the SUV looks tinted, maybe the other cop couldn't see who was in it, but as soon as they got out and he say them he did put his gun away not saying this should have happened nor condoning it just what i noticed

All this for an item at the dollar store!?!? Let's keep it real ABC and say it was a black male receiving this treatment. All this over an item that cost$1.00 ? I hope they all loose their jobs! BET NAACP NBA NFL ODRAMA RODNEYKING Must suspended officers without pay or fired for improperly. ReignOfApril

Do American cops get ANY training at all?!

Blacks are Treated Less Than Animals Cops treat the public like that, I’ll treat cops like that. I go out of my way to make cops uneasy hoping they pull this on me. And when I’m released I go and visit their family while that cop is on duty. Night night LuL Ok folks let’s move along. Nothing to see here... SOP

Leg sweep is not SOP but doesn’t rise to police brutality. PO will have to answer for his actions. Regarding gun pointing, check out the heavy tint, PO has no idea who is in car. Gun goes down when he sees kids. Complacency kills. The ominous music is a bit over the top. ReignOfApril 'Police,' is the name of the gang that keeps violently attacking Americans; treat them as such. Take every last gun away from this gang, they have profoundly abused their privilege to carry a gun.

Time to start putting these “officers” in handcuffs and send them to jail. These isn’t the Wild Wild West anymore, ALL people have rights! I hate cops who think they're above the law just because they have a badge and a gun I'm tired of trying to find the good 👮, it's like finding nemo. America's tolerance of psychopathic behaviour is astonishing. It is shameful, and it shames the country. PoliceBrutality Racism Primitive. Primitive. Primitive.

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The police were called because one of the girls was alleged to have stolen a doll. Jesus. That would never happen to a white family. Even a dirt poor white family. Cowards in uniform. Can we remove the adjective “finest” when talking about any police force from now on? During an education session with our hospital security director, a former MP, he said these videos show the officers’ reaction, but not what happened beforehand. He missed (or ignored) the point that the police in these incidents have been illtrained, if at all, in DEescalaton.

Looks like terrorism to me.... ReignOfApril For a doll. A child’s toy. No this isn’t overreacting at all. Disgusting. FIRE THEM! Just what we need... more racist cops who like abusing their power and assaulting people. Both should be fired. Why is everyone shocked? We’ve been crying police brutality for decades.

Wtf I'd going on with these mofo cops?!!

emilyjodell Under Trump the have become MAD DOGS Sickening I got stopped a while back did nothing wrong and the police officer treated me like I was a criminal to that I say put your gun down put your fists up and let's see if you could put your money where your mouth is or let's see if I could put my fist where your mouth is..

Yay WhitePrivilege Law enforcement officials always think they can get away with shit like this! Awful First when someone gets out of a vehicle and moves towards the officer the officers doesn't know if they are armed. You can clearly see that once they determined it was safe they put their gun away and raised thier open hand for them to stop. That's a pretty good faith action

Pigs goseelocal And the alleged offense that warranted such a violent and multi car PD response? A doll that was allegedly taken from the store by one of the children. Wow. The cops must have felt so endangered. Everyone is talking as if they know what the hell was going on before the video was taken and when the call came in. YOU assumers are making and ass out of yourselves. Wait for the rest of the story. For crying out loud!

The cops clearing the car and the lady is using the baby to avoid apprehension. Let the cops do their jobs! They just keep pushing us... I'd like to ask that the department doesn't investigate itself. What in the entire hell?! Pulling a gun on a pregnant woman and her kids?😡 and if the man was in cuffs already wtf?!!😡

These cops need some anger management training. There has to be a better way. I blame the victim. Arizona and San Diego have very racist Hispanics. The closet u get the border actually. Black people. Should stay out of place like Phoenix. And the ruination and pillaging of our country by treasonous politicians is met with little more than a yawn. Well done, America, well done. Everyday it feels more and more like the Hunger Games.

I got pulled over for speeding once, and a second officer walked up to my vehicle with a gun, pointed directly at my son, who was about 3-4 at the time. I was so afraid to say anything, I was afraid he would shoot! Some of these officers have power issues, clearly. I would like to first know the whole story. The guy was just standing there when the cop took out his leg, and the other officer did quickly holster his gun. I don’t think the man was treated appropriately AT ALL. I am glad there will be an investigation.

pitiful...smh... Sickening....

DISGUSTING. I'm wondering where are the....'well if you just do what the officer says, these things wouldn't happen to yall.' They must be on vacation, enjoying that privilege life.....must be nice Tried to go thru the drive- thru at Chick-fil-A I’m just glad they have been exposed. No weapons, just children. Sorry. Zero respect for this kind of police work. Especially if it was about a doll. We talking about a doll?

LinlinKong BlackLivesMatter NEVER GIVE A POLICE DOG A CHANCE TO BARK OR TO ATTACK YOU , DON'T GIVE THEM A STICK (REASON) TO HIT ,BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS GO ON THE' OVERDRIVE' BY ABUSING THEIR POWER AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE !! Over a doll? Seems a bit heavy handed to me. Cops treat white killers a lot better than this.

What is new? Not doing real police work against actual criminals but out terrorizing surrendered young people and babies.

Oh man!! This is ABSOLUTE POLICE BRUTALITY AND RACISM! WTF! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 台独和港独呢?这时候怎么不见人了啊😂 This has to be for racial This kinda crap is ridiculous . Officers who don’t like the public have no business trying to protect it . This was over an item from the dollar store... Sick! When power corrupts.🙈🙈

Let me guess.....'this will be handled by an internal investigation' which means not a damn thing will be done & these same 2 cops will proceed with fucking up more Black People without any recourse. Same bullshit as always What the hell, this is to much. Watching this makes one wonder why, what is the cops problem? to many steroids. No wonder people don't like cops when they act like this.

Daily reminder that power corrupts. AA need to do more to defend themselves, theses kkk thugs need to know real fear.

They keep letting the bad ones stay in office ... they are becoming worst everyday There are good cops out there - these are not What were they doing? Give the full story Thank you to our brave law enforcers 🇺🇸💙 Jus for taking a doll?!? 🤔 🙄 I lost my entire life savings in America, they are out and free..

We All must STOP police brutality now! What many police officers behave like this one...whom instruct and alienated them? Estate and federal congresses should write and implement laws that prohibits, punish and finish such a criminal practice right now! Investigate, that rich. Nothing will happen to these men and the next time they may kill someone. whytheykneel

I’m sorry, but I can’t hold in my outrage at what these militaristic, aggressive, racist cops are doing. Why can’t they hold in their anger? All they want to do is hurt every black person they arrest. I think their tactics are cowardly. They’re afraid of black ppl. $!&$%!!! Awwww this is just soooo sad. How can humans treat other humans like that!! It’s just so wrong!!! Glad someone got it on their phone. God bless all that was involved 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


omfg Can you imagine what was going on before cellphone cameras existed A doll so they had guns drawn at a child and mother over a stolen doll supposedly. Treat that man like that because of a fu€kin doll. Are you kidding me. Smh 😔 Hell that's just Normal procedure in Phoenix... They're lucky the cops didn't Light them up!!!...

TheJusticeDept FBI phoenixpolice dougducey Police Brutality! WHY is this ALLOWED with children present? STOP ✋THE MADNESS! TERMINATE ALL involved Immediately! What the hell this cops have to shelled..Man there's good cops and bad ones. Police are worst then gang members and cartels! !!! Usa, country of violent police. That's democracy?

to much abuse.

Sir_Bradford I rather not have these white cops policing my kids. Lord this is too much! If you’re a coward, shouldn’t be an officer If you’re prejudiced, shouldn’t be an officer If you are doing it for power, shouldn’t be an officer If you’re doing it for perks, shouldn’t be an officer If you are doing it because you’re insecure, shouldn’t be an officer If you are

Woww! What the heck? This seems to be the norm, and that’s not right. What message is this sending these young children You post this with zero context. Pregnant women can have guns too. Terrible people have had their kids right with them when doing bad things. That leg sweep is nothing. Cop had control of suspects body the whole time.

Looks like the Phoenix Police Department has its own squad of thugs. What a shock! It’s crazy, but one word comes to mind. apartheidinusa Cops should have a term limit. It’s not a life-long career. Shame on phoenixpolice Animals like these police officers need to be charged and go before a Judge. That is not normal police work. It's also getting tiresome using tax dollars for retail risk management. Let the stores employ their own people to prevent theft. Especially this type of misunderstanding.

Smh.. mean while in Coventry tramps taking there kids into off-licence store to pick up bumble bees candy cane twix box of mnm with cctv watching while parent district shop owner nd nothing as such happens .. racial profiling at its finest smh Take a motherfucking knee. Horrifying. Whoopsie. These guys forgot about phone cameras. Take away their steroids and fire them. Oh by the way kids, leave the dark vehicle tint at home.

Where’s the video showing what happened right beforehand? Mo_TPAT They feared for their lives This is BS! 🤬 Over a doll?! 🤦🏾‍♀️ from the dollar store... terrible...

First of all you do not grab a baby like that! If the police do not like their jobs then they need to find another occupation. Damn! This is getting so hard. The advent of cellphone video is pinpointing what it means to be Black in the US. It hasn’t changed from the 60’s. Being white is so effen special.

Abusive and HIGHLY unnecessary police brutality AGAIN caught on tape. Where are the man's rights while being abused protecting him from undu harm? I do't have the words (disgustingly sickining) seeing police Yet Again pointing a gun at a pregnant mother and her two daughters Stop resisting. Well, here is another lawsuit coming and the city is gonna have to pay up. Phoenix PD should be ashamed of the behavior displayed by their officers. There is absolutely no reason to use force on a suspect who is in handcuffs and is not resisting.

So sad, every decent lawenforcementofficer has to deal with the stigma of this horrible unprofessional Behavior of cops like this. If you are law enforcement act responsibly and stop making your profession look bad! They know how to treat people don’t they, and just think people actually want to come here to be safe. 😂😂😂 Surprise

Some1 needs 2 reiterate 2 COPS that their job is 2 PROTECT and SERVE not 2 bully, harass, and threaten without cause! 2 many Bad Cops! ashishchauhan Those police officers are adisgrace. They should actually apologise to humanity for being a part of the human breed.

Disgusting behavior and unacceptable. They need to be removed from the force. Let the cops do the jobs! 🙄 'There are only a few bad apples.' No, the police force in America is fundamentally rotten to the core. This is America What’s crazy is so many people had a problem with Kaepernick7 kneeling, but this is what he was kneeling for. My father was a police office for 20+ years and would never treat people like this, because he came from a community where he saw this all the time. Police officers

Do crime do the time doucebag The cop's leg sweep followed by yelling at him to follow instructions tells me that the cop was over zealous in getting him to cooperate. The film starting with the guy on the ground tells me that he wasn't cooperative to start. Let's stoke outrage w/o the whole story, MSM.

abc The cops need to be fired!!! Yes

Tobin1634 JimG_Patriots No! This is absolutely devastating. When the president is crazy, the police are not expecting more than that! Not ok Sound pretty much like ABC news has already convicted the officer. News agencies have made the mistake on predicting a story before facts are known. Do some journalism !

This is traumatizing. Poor kids. Cops need to handle situations without the excessive force This issue is not about police protection or racism. The real problem is about tactics & culture! Police are trained to use overwhelming force, rather than de-escalation. This isn’t the movies, cops shouldn’t be badasses. They work FOR the public, not against it.

More scary police behavior in Arizona. wow “To serve and protect”, right? Anything black is just a threat.....smh!

Terrifying and scaring innocent children. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Cops are in the top eight occupations that exhibit psychopathic behavior. This is why they take a knee 7 Hopefully there will be consequences and training And who's SURPRISED? They get administrative leave for doing lowdown BULLSHIT to people. If you STOP PAYING THEM WHILE THE INVESTIGATION IS GOING ON, YOU'LL SEE A HUGE CHANGE THEN. THEY WANT BE SO QUICK TO DO DIRTY SHIT, BE CAUSE THEY WANT BE GETTING PAID FOR IT. NoShit

Some cops are bold. Thank goodness for smart phones. The police need to realise they can't get away with abuse like they used to The behavior of these officers is typical. Seriously. The ONLY difference between now vs past decades, is they're getting caught...on camera! Finally! Thankfully! America: There’s nothing to see here. Carry on..... Same old BS.

The assaulted people are black, of course. Welcome to the land of the (not so)free. 🙄

A lifetime of trauma all because of a dollar store toy. We need police reform to play a bigger role in the 2020 election. This bullshit has to stop. I was pretty sad hearing about that off-duty cop that got shot by some random, White guy at Jack-in-the-Box. Now, I'm starting to not care what happens to police. They say 'it's just some, not all', well the all sure do a hell of a lot to protect the some. He's getting desk duty.

Hijos de La gran Ramera This is an example of the current state of policing in the country. A bunch of gun toting terrified thugs looking to practice on unarmed, compliant citizens. My question is where does my right to self defense play into this assault? no arrests made, no charges leveled. WTF? You know what this is.

No need to investigate. And this why I hate white cops 🤬🤬 The younger of the two children could've had a loaded diaper. American police are scary. oh my god......what in the world..

Solid leg sweep. I hate cops. I really do. Clearly police need better training on knowing when they're being filmed. Likely justified. What is the perp charged with? “The police department is investigating” = paid vacation for pigs. 3..2..1.. who does he think he represents? the cobra kai? I bet his bodycam 'malfunctioned'

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