Video shows California teacher in feathers, appearing to mock Native Americans in class

Riverside Unified School District says footage is 'completely unacceptable' and 'offensive,' and has placed the teacher on leave as it investigates.

10/23/2021 7:01:00 AM

A Southern California school district placed a teacher on leave after video emerged of her in a feathered headdress and appearing to mock Native Americans in class, officials said.

Riverside Unified School District says footage is 'completely unacceptable' and 'offensive,' and has placed the teacher on leave as it investigates.

02:12The teacher has been placed on leave as the district investigates the matter further, it said.The Riverside City Teachers Association, the union which represents the educator, pledged to defend the member's due process rights but said that conduct captured in footage was"inappropriate."

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"While the educator may not have intended to cause harm, we are disappointed by the insensitive and inappropriate behavior recorded in one of our classrooms," RCTA President Laura Boling said in a statement."As the school district’s investigation proceeds, we will ensure that the district provides due process to the employee, and we will continue working with the educators and parents of Riverside to ensure that our schools remain safe and caring environments for all students and staff."

A student in class filmed the teacher's odd dance and mocking chants, according to Akalei Brown, a Native American scholar and a family friend of the teen's. Brown then posted the video on her Instagram, with nearly 23,000 followers, leading to the suspension and the protest.

"I just felt like I should put it out on my personal social media just to let the Native community know what was happening in Riverside before this got swept under the rug," Brown told NBC News.Brown said former students of this teacher have told her this wasn't an isolated incident and that the instructor was long mocked Native Americans.

Still, the student who filmed the incident was worried about the teacher's condition, Brown said."The student is very concerted, actually, for the well being of the teacher. He's more concerned about her well being and he's hoping that she's okay," the activist said.

"He's actually said he was happy that it happened to him instead of another Native student who may have lower self-esteem, because we have the highest suicide rate in teens in the nation and so we're glad it happened to someone who was able to digest it instead of internalize it."

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She’s loony and shouldn’t be teaching anything. “On leave”? The Native American renascence is a reclaiming of their agency to enforce their right as a people and culture within a culture. It is a beautiful thing to witness. People of Color rising up. 👆🏾 yeah that shyt was rank! she should ReThink her Life

I guess 'culturally incentive portayal', even though more accurate, doesn't sell as well as 'appearing to mock'. Her offense was bad enough, but your hyperbole thinly masked by the word 'appearing' isn't a news byline. It's a tabloid byline. TizzyEnt she didn't do anything wrong. just drama queens complaining because the democrats gave them a victim card.


California teacher accused of mocking Native Americans placed on leaveThe Riverside, California, teacher wore paper feathers and chanted during a math lesson. Thank God. Why wasn't she fired? I was impressed by the professionalism of Mr Dereck0111 From the moment of my first free consultation,to the moment I got my profit,She's trustworthy,reliable and understanding... Dereck0111

A California teacher was placed on leave after video shows her mimicking Native American danceA math teacher in Southern California has been placed on leave after videos posted online showed her wearing a headdress and mimicking a Native American dance during a lesson. I learned trig w/a different mnemonic 25 years ago for fucks sake. Today as an instructor I take great care in my delivery. This teacher did not. Read the fucking room Unmanaged manic episode can someone tell me how there are so many blonde haired, blue eyed Republican women? Are they all clones, programmed to marry Republicans? There just aren't that high a percentage of blonde haired, blue eyed people on the planet, except in southern states like Texas. lol

'Damaging and disheartening:' California teacher on leave after being filmed chanting in faux Native American headdressA Southern California high school teacher was placed on leave after a video recorded by a student showed her chanting and dancing around her classroom in a faux Native American headdress.

Outrage as teacher mocks Native American dance wearing feather headdress: 'disrespectful'Outrage as teacher mocks Native American dance wearing feather headdress: 'disrespectful.' A Native American high school student filmed his teacher appearing to mock his culture, explaining he felt 'that violence was being committed against him.' Epic fail. 😂 What is wrong with people in America?

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Teacher Filmed Chanting In Fake Native Headdress, Waving Air TomahawksCalifornia's Riverside school district called the teacher's behavior 'offensive' and 'completely unacceptable' while announcing her leave from the classroom. Good. That's progress that the school dist is not denying that it's racist, offensive, and completely unacceptable. How stupid is she that she even thought to do this, let alone did it Next we'll see her crying on Fox 'News' about how unfair it all is. Inland Empire... go figure. Great, Nobody placing on leave CBPBuffalo agents who mistreated and humiliated Canadian at US border - despite DIRECT DEMANDS FOR INVESTIGATION to POTUS SecMayorkas SecBlinken But they place on leave School Teacher America, what is wrong with you?