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Genesis Hansen, Paige Negrete

Video released in controversial arrest of black college student

Oregon police have released footage of the arrest of a black college student after officers stopped her for allegedly riding her bike on the wrong side of the road.


Oregon State Police said they released the video in response to claims from critics who accused the officers of using excessive force and targeting the young woman because she is black.

Oregon police have released footage of the arrest of a black college student after officers stopped her for allegedly riding her bike on the wrong side of the road.

"As an agency that is committed to eliminating racial profiling and implicit bias in policing, these allegations are being meticulously reviewed and we are compiling as much information as possible," OSP told ABC affiliate KATU."The agency understands the importance of vigorously investigating these allegations and is taking a serious look at the incident."

"It chokes me up talking about it, because it was disgusting to watch," she added.

"The NAACP officially denounces the victimization and the inhumane treatment, the unlawful arrest and the detention by a state trooper in the city of Corvallis and by a Corvallis police officer," E.D. Mondaine, president of the NAACP Tri-State Conference, said Tuesday."The brutality, the aggressiveness. Uh, wow. If I were to put it mildly, it would be mind-blowing."

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ORStatePolice your officers are a bunch of cowards that are UNFIT to serve. I find it amusing that the faces of these cowards are blurred. What's the matter? Too afraid the show the faces of those that abuse their powers? Afraid to show the faces of the RACISTS? pathetic Good thing she was at least higher in their eyes than the bobcat kitten that got 'humanely euthanized' recently by an Oregon state trooper who clubbed its head in. Time to treat cops allowed lethal force with the same zero tolerance as they treat anyone/anything not of the blue.

You get stopped, you comply or go to jail. Period. Why the need to continuously describe people with race? glad people came out to watch and say something.they knew they was wrong, where did she disobey them and they knock her down on ground.why she said she wasn't going to talk to them. then give her a ticket for wrong side of riding.

The charges were dropped because the DA knew it was bogus and the officers were in the wrong. Can the police be trained properly, please? Here’s an idea: Stop acting like you don’t have to respect authority & do what the officer tells you & you won’t be arrested. You broke the law end of story Your right to cross-examine is for court not the street. Refusing to submit to arrest even passively is resisting arrest.

The U.S. Supreme Court has previously found other states' laws requiring citizens to carry or show ID unconstitutional. They should have waited for a female officer to see if sho would comply with her. they should have never pushed her to the ground. she was not a threat. Normally when you post a story about a controversial video being released, you would INCLUDE THE VIDEO!!! But then again, it's ABC, so maybe not.

Oregon law doesn't require you to disclose your name or ID upon an officer's demand. Refusing to give your name or ID or failing to carry ID is generally not an offense. So no initial charge for riding the bike on the wrong side of the road. Typical cops, quotas are hard to fill these days eh.

Elliot from 'E.T.' Arrested for DUI in OregonElliot's not getting any Reese's Pieces from behind bars. GUESS WHATTTTTT....... Hes gonna do it again and again and again and again and again and again and again........ And Star Wars is going to hire him again and again and again and again and again. Driving Under the Influence of Influence

Bad police find it easier to target the good innocent people of America when they can't get back at the person their wanting to get back at! They are joining crinimal Justice to cause Injustice- to get back at people! Time to stop these kind of people in Law Enforcement! You have the wright to be taken into custody for not following instructions..

SHE WAS GIVEN A CHOICE - SHE CHOSE TO BE BELLIGERENT- GUESS WHAT - SHE THEN GOT ARRESTED ! Yea pretty disgusting tweet. I have a ton of friends who are cops and I feel bad for them because they are walking on egg shells. Girl wanted drama for no reason. Then they are the bad ones? Okay. She was the one using race and gender. Disgusting.

1st. Comply. 2. If you feel you been unjustly detained seek legal advise. Merci Russians be aggressive in their approach to warring on US soil. Russian terrorist are holding US cops hostage - please wake up & fight for your country.😶🆘🇺🇸💀🚬 'roll over' as 2 dudes sit on her. This is called the War on Cops. Neuter the police force, let chaos reign

Henry Thomas, star of 'E.T.', arrested for DUI in OregonTUALATIN, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say Henry Thomas, the actor who starred as a child in 'E.T. the Extra Terrestrial,' has been arrested for driving under the influence in Oregon . The... Hmm gives a new context to this autographed beer can now don’t care They grow up so fast.

Here's how it works. Stopped for breaking a law. Asked for ID to run warrants/wants. Not wanted, gets released with warning/ticket. Refuses to provide ID and resists. She has to be restrained because they are unaware of any weapons she may have. Goes on everywhere/everyday. 1) Yeah there’s nothing there that the police did wrong lol.

Riding a bike on wrong side of street. This guy has nothing else to do? Did she hit someone, did a motorist suffer from her riding on that side. Just saying. Millidiots Seems to be a straight up case of 'entitlement'. Right off the bat, the girl is flashing the race card AFTER breaking a minor law, then compounds this by failing to comply with lawful orders 🤣🤣

If she’s a college student in Oregon, I’m sure she was being a victim with zero respect for authority.. Really saving the world from those bikers Arrest all who resist. Good job officers Always got to play the race card Looks like she talked herself into the cuffs by refusing to cooperate. Unfortunate. She IDs herself and rides away with a traffic ticket. Cops have better things to do than to arrest her, and she doesn’t need to go jail for such a minor deal. No one wins here.

Elliott from 'E.T.' Arrested for DUI in OregonElliott's not getting any Reese's Pieces from behind bars. For those people who think he has not worked since are wrong! Check out The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. One the best shows on there. He is great. Hopefully he can get the help he needs. Elliott Eliot flown drunk ☝ 😆 Phone Home

Trying to sound smart stupid girl. Her intelligence would tell her to ID herself and move on. TBH, I’d rather see Oregon cops arrest some masked Antifa thug with a club than some college student riding her bike on the wrong side of the street. Bad optics for sure. There has to be more to the story? Right?

I would have done the same thing if I was her. Girl isn’t even allowed to stand up for herself. My question is, why did she NOT cooperate with the officers? I'd have shot her. Wow, I am an Oregon state university alum. Rode my bike to class everyday on either side of the road. Never stopped by police never knew this was a law, seems aggressive for riding a bike

Pigs, the lot of them. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. The damn video won't play! Freaking racist cowards, two grown men are needed to arrests a rather petite teen who stood up for her her 4th Amendment rights?

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ORS 814.430. And like most traffic offenses is not jailable...unless you refused to ID yourself, then it becomes obstruction and that is jailable. It’s not always about race. Why can’t people just cooperate with police. One of the most difficult and dangerous occupations there is, and this is one of the reasons why.

these cops will never learn... so stupid to escalate a situation over NOTHING.. Riding a bike into oncoming traffic can kill someone else. Where exactly was the excessive force used? 🤔 ABC believes that certain people no longer need to cooperate with police. Please publish the laws that can be ignored and the list of people who can ignore them. Thanks.

Defy orders, and hopefully, win the ghetto jackpot. I believe we have another winner Johnny. The officers were patient with her and tried to reason with her. Regardless of how petty a law may be, you still violated the law. This is someone trying to be a victim, when in reality she escalated the situation and caused her own arrest

She should have complied. Black, white, orange or whatever... it doesn’t matter.

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Watched the video. There was no excessive force. The only thing I saw as professional police work, honestly. Just another case of 'I'm a victim because I don't cooperate with law enforcement.' Someday some cops will be doing something stupid and Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and the Terminator will come out of the woodwork and kick their ass.

how many of these videos do we have to see Why arrest her? Jails not full enough? DA dropped the charges after seeing the video What kind of training and mission do police today have? The Corvalis Mayor and Police Chief have some answering to do Ridiculous to have that end in arrest. You have got to be joking? They arrest a black college student for riding her bike on the wrong side of the road? That is Racist profilings and excessive force for a bike nothing! Oregon, better get rid of that officer, they’re racist and bored looking for anything a black does

Riding her bike on the wrong side of the road. Are you f-ing kidding me? That's what I want cops to be. Clear, concise, patient, professional, not excessive, educated, calm, non-threatening. 10/10. Way better than what I've been through.. I wonder how it'd transpired if it was a black man? What rhymes with Hug me?

one of these days their going to arrest, kill what the hell ever the wrong person and the whole damn creation is going to quake

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