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A 'Once in a lifetime' rare blanket octopus has been spotted in Australia

1/16/2022 8:15:00 PM

A 'Once in a lifetime' rare blanket octopus has been spotted in Australia

The rainbow-hued octopus, seen swimming on the Great Barrier Reef, was caught on video by marine biologist Jacinta Shackleton.

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Opponents of Jerusalem cable car plan lose Supreme Court case

Israeli and Palestinian opponents of an Israeli plan to run a cable car over Jerusalem to the walls of the Old City lost on Sunday their Supreme Court case against a project they argued would alter its ancient landscape. Read more >>

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Tesla's Cybertruck Production Delayed Once More Till 2023The carmaker is working on making its electric truck more appealing as competition rises. 🚗 engineering I think it’ll be worth the wait.

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Ricky Rubio plans to wave goodbye to NBA once his son begins schoolCleveland Cavaliers point guard Ricky Rubio is at the start of a long return from an ACL tear.

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