Video Of Trump Interviewing Himself Will Give You A Freakin' Headache

Tweaked footage of the president's off-the-rails Axios interview pits Trump vs. Trump in a debate nobody can win.

8/6/2020 12:12:00 PM

Tweaked footage of the president's off-the-rails Axios interview pits Trump vs. Trump in a debate nobody can win.

Tweaked footage of the president's off-the-rails Axios interview pits Trump vs. Trump in a debate nobody can win.

see belowtroubling interviewthe president had with Axios, making it appear as though Trump were interviewing himself.Watching Trump downplay the pandemic’s impact under his watch can be frustrating ― but when he grills himself about it, dare we say it can be entertaining?

Dwayne Johnson endorses Biden and Harris. Why the Rock's video shouldn't surprise us Trump's ex-campaign manager Brad Parscale detained after threatening to harm himself: report Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after self-harm threats

Besides, you can’t go wrong with two Trumps farting. Read more: HuffPost »

Crowd booing and chanting 'honor her wish' as Trump arrives to honor RBG

As the US election draws near, the race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden heats up. Here's the latest news around campaigns, SCOTUS vacancy, voting, and more.

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Facebook and Twitter punish Trump over video where he says children 'almost immune' to Covid-19Facebook on Wednesday removed a post from the account of President Donald Trump in which he said in a video interview that children are 'almost immune' from Covid-19. Twitter also temporarily banned the president's campaign account from tweeting. Show me the bodies of children who’ve died from coronavirus. There are none. Otherwise that’s all you guys would report on lol Thought that one was an SBD He’s not wrong.

Facebook, Twitter Take Down Video of Trump Saying Children ‘Almost Immune’ From Covid-19Facebook and Twitter removed a video posted by President Trump in which he said children are “almost immune” from Covid-19, a claim that the companies said ran afoul their rules against harmful misinformation about coronavirus. Well, guess who just grew a spine... meanwhile the rest of us get timeouts for way way less. In he's almost not stupid almost 🤡

Fact check: Another Trump briefing, more Trump falsehoods on coronavirus and mail-in votingPresident Donald Trump's Monday afternoon appearance in the White House briefing room was replete with the now-familiar Trump fare: dishonestly upbeat assessments of the pandemic situation, a series of inaccurate claims related to mail-in ballots and exaggerations about his own accomplishments. Here are the facts. Analysis: CNN is not journalism. They are an advocacy group for the DNC. Just a goof briefing again TDS continues to overwhelm CNN!

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