Video of owner plunging into frozen pool to save dog - CNN Video

This dog owner wasted no time jumping into a frozen pool to save her pup, Sid

2/25/2021 5:29:00 AM

This dog owner wasted no time jumping into a frozen pool to save her pup, Sid

A dog owner in Tennessee wasted no time jumping into a frozen pool to save her dog, Sid, who was stuck under a sheet of ice.

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Why were they outside. Anyways nice Thank God! My heart sank when I thought about my dogs! Well done dog owner! 👏 Thank you so very much for your bravery and quick response to the situation. Glad your beautiful pup is okay. Animals and children need the same type of protection. When you have children, you get a fence around the pool, a covering.. and etc. Just bcuz you have dogs does not mean you don't take precautions to make sure they are safe. 🤦🏽‍♀️ im sure that dog was traumatized

LarryFisher_KDC This is why pools should be covered when not in use. Aria the Lagotto & her best playpal, PJ send warm vibes to Sid & his awesome hooman from Long Beach, CA: WoW. GREAT JOB - this video made my day. Omg, that video had me flipping out. Terrifying!! I hope you're both doing well. But first a Commercial for Real Housewives of Atlanta? A Commercial about fake women followed by a video clip of a real woman. Cool.

YOU TALK ABOUT DOGS BUT NOT ABOUT BIAFRANS THAT ARE BEEN KILLED ON DAILY BASES. What sort of idiot lets their pets run around a frozen pool, in the snow? Ridiculous. Glad Sid is OK he's one lucky dog! Well done to his keeper 👏 Beautiful I have a swimming pool and a dog: never leave it open like this, especially in winter!

I’m so glad he recovered and glad you were brave to save him. Fence the pool. 💖 Please read 💖👀 WE'RE OUT OF TIME to secure His 'Aftercare fund' for years of proper follow up & meds. Late March the window opens for His transplant, Please consider a donation, if You can't afford to, please just retweet, it helps!😍 AboysHeart

CNN has turned to dog channel Since no more trump news Save Myanmar! ❤️ druditatyagi this video can bring a smile on your face with little tears 😊 Waow. 🥰 Top Doris. 👍 Oromo political leaders who are wrongly imprisoned have been on a hunger strike for 32 DAYS! AbiyMustGo OromoProtests StarvingForJustice SecBlinken SenatorMenendez USEmbassyAddis dominicraab jamesduddridge FCDOGovUK

Animal welfare✌️ AWWWWWWWWWW wow awwww sweet Thank God. Please cover this.... OMG 😩😩😩😩😩 Damn heartwarming moment. Bad ass dog mom right there It was stressful to watch. Wow, man and dogs are best friends 🤗🤗😍 Proud of that dog's owner. karenswensen I don’t know how CNN did it but obviously this is fake news. She won’t have to worry about her dog if the Chinese take over. That dog will be on their kitchen table in less than a minute.

Amazing!! If only minorities and the mentally ill were protected and saved from mistreatment and brutality of law enforcement the way this owner protected and saved her dog. ItsCalledCompassion This is the second video I’ve seen of a pup falling into a frozen pool. Cover your pools people!!! You are brave, strong and a good dog mom. But cover that pool.

I’d die 😭 thank God her baby is ok ❤️ It's a great happy ending! Thank goodness you were home. Nice job saving him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ True love.💚 My heart broke when I saw the dog fall into the frozen pool. So happy to see he recovered fully. 😅 fence the pool for safety. It is legally a must in many countries.

молодец, отважная женщина, не растерялась. Just 😜joke You are a hero mum Omg Meno Malè, ché qualcuno HAI salvato 🤗..... Amo ha natureza e anche animale.👍 Poverino 😘❤️🤗 Brave women good job 👉❤️👈NEXT TIME DON’T PANIC YOU BROKE THE ICE GO UNDER WATER OPEN YOUR EYES YOU CAN SEE IS FASTER!👍 At least CNN is posting something decent other than there usual garbage

Hope the pup and its owner are now save god bless this lady. That amazing😀 How sweet. All I want to do now is go back home and hug my little dog. I’d def do the same! Great That courage should be there with each and every person. That's called humanity ` PhotoPhreak281 LPonch _Kaitie_ PhiLisOnline Stop war on Tigray.

Басейни треба накривати на зиму. Це правило для збереження життя. Brave ! Lucky pup !! She's amazing...🙏🏻❤ I wouldn’t hesitate a second to do the same if one of my dogs was in that sort of circumstance. They are family. I would do the same. Glad sid is alright! This gave me high anxiety to watch this. 😬 So glad her pup is ok.

Damn. Lady you are absolutely hard core. Thank god you were home. Glad ur pup is doing well. You deserve a medal of hardcoreness. Whew my heart stopped It was so sweet and kind. Love both If you afford a pool, you can afford a pool cover and or gate. Invest in it. I know she will! That’s enough to wake a pet parent up. Salute to owners who have no problem jumping in an icy pool to save their fur babies♥️

🥺 God bless this lady! Thank God you rescued Sid. Wow so glad he pulled through. Good job mama👏🏽 The video again.........geesshhhhzzzzzz, no thanks barely made it through the first time. Thank God this dog is ok. This woman’s gut reaction is unbelievable. I would have done anything to save my dog.

Humanity at it's best ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊 I hope she invested in a fence around her pool for the winter now, smh OMG ❤️❤️❤️ Note to self: COVER THE DAMN POOL. Glad the pup is safe. that was a wild ride for me How about covering the pool during winter? 🥺❤️ Love her for her love for him. 💕 OMG! My heart stopped! ❤️ Would have done the same for a dog! Not for a human tho u guys figure it out we’re equals

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