Video of Minnesota Police Accidentally Handcuffing 'FBI Agent' Goes Viral

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He may not be an FBI agent -- but it certainly looked like he was being racially profiled either way (via toofab)

It's only then the police decide to look at his wallet, and after an awkward pause, take the handcuffs straight back off.

When the officer's supervisor approached, the man then spent the next three minutes ridiculing the sheepish trio, unmolested.


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TooFab My brother if you had your ID why didn’t you just give it to them and then talk shit? Until things change for the better we have to play by “their” rules. We must learn to pick our battles. If we resist we trigger them and they can justify excessive force.

TooFab All I can say is Wow!

TooFab They see cor not people.

TooFab TMZ stick to entertainment. All your tweets are just try to cause more uproar. We have the media for that.

TooFab Fuck him

TooFab This why we hate most police

TooFab wow

TooFab South Sudanese 🇸🇸 my country man he said they Mistook him to some one and that’s Racist cause he Blck

TooFab That was filmed a year ago

TooFab He has a Kenyan cap 🧢. I am from Kenya 🇰🇪 too. Imagine if he had forgotten that ID and he knows damn well these people are racially profiling him, yet he may be doing better service than these fools... true, he may not have made it home.😣

TooFab That's awesome, 'watch this'. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

TooFab yeah, after you guys said told ppl all day he WAS an FBI agent. Have to cover it up now by saying, ' well he is profiled either way' Shame on you !!

TooFab Ridiculizados

TooFab How do you Accidentally handcuff someone? TMZ is suspect, or maybe people believe everything they read nowadays..

TooFab Requirement to become a police officer? IQ 80

TooFab So it 'looked' like he was being racially profiled. Gotcha. So we're profiling these cops as being racist? Ok. Sounds like we're moving in the right direction......What a world

TooFab How much is trumppaying you?

TooFab All he had to do is show a Government ID, but he'd rather torment the cops. Could have been resolved in 10 minutes or less.

TooFab This is golden cops stood there fearing for their jobs😭😂 at least they took the verbal abuse and embarrassment easily

TooFab Wow tmz way to instigate - ugh

TooFab Why couldn’t he just give them his ID He’s a cop Jesus

TooFab His ID said Kevin Garnett. That was enough for an apology. On the flip side, KG apologized for his career in Minnesota.

TooFab Didn’t no toll the police that a tall nigga with red T-shirt was an FBI agent


TooFab This FBI agent should know better. He should be removed of his badge


TooFab “Accidentally Handcuffed”


TooFab That's not racially profiling! Stupid post Johnny take it down.

TooFab Thats how they aggravate ppl and when they react, they get arrested. Its either you are sure he has a warrant if not, dont arrest him.

TooFab Old video, Stop trying to clickbait and fan the flames. DO BETTER TMZ

TooFab Woah, woah, woah, so this guy ISN'T an FBI agent? Did he impersonate one or is the internet saying he was?

TooFab Way to pour gasoline in the fire

TooFab Ever report anything on her?

TooFab Considering what’s going on out there, Whom here could say they could not make this same mistake.

TooFab Racial Profiling. But wait they don't do that.

TooFab The title should then read: 'He may or may not be an FBI agent...” since we still don’t know. But when a black man gets uncuffed that quick in America with no lip or attitude, he’s either high ranking law enforcement or an elected ranking public official. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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