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Video Game Henchmen Plan Meetup Around Explosive Barrels

Video Game Henchmen Plan Meetup Around Explosive Barrels #NationalVideoGamesDay


Video Game Henchmen Plan Meetup Around Explosive Barrels NationalVideoGamesDay

LEVEL 5—A group of video game henchmen patrolling the warehouse hideout of their criminal mastermind boss informed reporters Wednesday of their upcoming plan to take a brief break from making their rounds to meet up around a stack of five highly explosive barrels. “When we considered the best place to exchange the latest information and warehouse-guarding strategies, we all immediately thought of the spot by the large red barrels, the ones with the large flame symbols on them to indicate flammability,” said one of the identically dressed guards, citing the barrels’ convenient central location, which each of the henchmen happened to walk past at one point or another during their regimented back-and-forth patrols. “The plan is to sync up, gather together near the barrels, and then remain there for approximately eight seconds to share input, feedback, and ideas before resuming our guard duty. If all goes well, we’d likely consider returning to the same spot for quick check-in meetings every minute or so.” Another henchman, the lone one without a shirt, added that the group planned to go forward with their scheduled meetup regardless of whether or not they heard any loud sounds.

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NationalVideoGamesDay Yeah pretty much henchmen Shhhh. Don't tell nergigante about this. SethMacFarlane My favorite video game was released in 1998 predicting the past 2012 This henchmen are jealous... They're also dumb as hell, because one can spot their attack pattern and exploit it. 😄 GODDAMN I KNEW IT WOULD WORK

🤣🤣🤣 Always wondered why that cat was so damn a freaking tiger!!! HEY! That's my spot!

A women's field hockey game at Kent State was canceled for football pre-game fireworksA women's field hockey game was halted during play so personnel could prepare pre-game fireworks for the football team on another field. There was a social media uproar, with questions about why Kent State would have fireworks ahead of a Division I match. What are you saying CNN? Spell it out! Women again being patriarchy by mean men! Of course I am being facetious. You guys are pathetic and transparent You dont even hide it anymore. For those of you quick to justify KentState’s decision denying that it was grounded in sexism, I hope you don’t have daughters. But if you do, I hope they get to play sports. And if they become D1 student athletes, I hope they never get disrespected like UMaineFH and TempleFH The football team generates revenue. Women’s field hockey actually loses money.

Alley cat: Get the fuck outta here, I'm trying to sleep SethMacFarlane As they secretly plan the 2020 Democratic debates SethMacFarlane 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How is that never going wrong? I am very saddened that used a photo of non explosive barrels for this article SethMacFarlane 😂😂 Video game logic at some of its finest!

SethMacFarlane Run kitty, run! 🐈🤣 SethMacFarlane Related: Video Game Cat Sleeps in Garbage Can :( joebarnes333 😅😂🤣😂😅 SethMacFarlane the US airstruck oil trucks to break the economy of the land while fighting 'isis' in Iraq and Syria

Disney Planning Sale of Fox Video Game DivisionFoxNext was one of the divisions that Disney acquired in its $71.3 billion deal for the Fox assets.

Where you punks ? 3DRealms That cat is rigged Lmfaoo SethMacFarlane And don't forget to bring the chocolate milkshakes. Happy National chocolate milkshake day also There is a boss fight involving exploding barrels in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Which came out in TWENTY FRICKIN' ELEVEN, people. DUMMIES!!

SethMacFarlane Look at the size of that alley cat That cat on the trash can looks like trouble And why is this news? I swear if this gets to r/atetheonion I'm going to flip some tables HardDriveMag

Please Enjoy This Video of Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Performing Iconic Music Video DancesFrom the Macarena to the InMyFeelings challenge.

Okay. You got me. I laughed. Yeah the goth finally laughed. Now I must end it all. Where's the Lindas? Sure nothing and no one will come around to disturb it Double Dragon 2 Electric Bogaloo AxelAlfaro

Please Enjoy This Video of Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Performing Iconic Music Video DancesFrom the Macarena to the InMyFeelings challenge.

Jason Momoa Just Said His New Apple TV+ Series Is Better Than ‘Game Of Thrones’Those are some serious claims.

Game of Thrones Cast, Zendaya & More to Present at 2019 EmmysMeet the Presenters for the 2019 Emmy Awards: Zendaya, Game of Thrones Stars and More Love them all!! Good call 😀👍 Who cares! Never will watch again. All these people ever do is use these award shows as platforms for bashing the present administration! Shame shame shame!!!

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