Video Captures Police Officer İn Florida Kneeling On A Man's Neck During An Arrest - Cnn

Video Captures Police Officer İn Florida Kneeling On A Man's Neck During An Arrest - Cnn

Video captures police officer in Florida kneeling on a man's neck during an arrest

A Florida police department has launched an internal investigation after a video surfaced on social media showing a Sarasota police officer kneeling on a man's neck during an arrest.

6/4/2020 9:39:00 AM

A Florida police department has launched an internal investigation after a video surfaced on social media showing a Sarasota police officer kneeling on a man's neck during an arrest.

A Florida police department has launched an internal investigation after a video surfaced on social media showing a Sarasota police officer kneeling on a man's neck during an arrest.

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I know they want mental treatment & it's a sure thing.Those white men's are already crazy dogs & bitches wandering everywhere in the world. US Government must have only black persons as rulers & top Àdministrative level. No white men is eligible for the ruling posts, until they get mental health treatment in the US & UK.

shahjhan_malikk Stating the obvious protests mainly due to police brutality, and they continue to brutalize...have they no shame or sense of awareness. Incredible arrogance to do what the whole nation is protesting against. I’m so glad this policeman got caught on video and will face consequences. This is before Floyd, but id think we meed police there just a gang

This is uncalled for. ...the world is protesting and there's so many posts about AllLivesMatters yet we see this, has anything changed? Will anything really Change? The hiring process needs to be seriously re-examined Giving a gun and unrestrained authority to enforce abuse is madness Maybe it's the Orange POTUS way of Law & Order

WalkingInAustin They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The knee detaining method have been and still is being used often as a way to control and subdue people! It's just as common or more common than the choke hold they use on people regularly! They say 99% of cops are good! I say it's 50/50! The older ones passes the bad habits on!

riots protest This kneeling thing don’t see the right way to arrest someone 🤔. It’s more something of humiliation and domination. Why? When people get arrested, they shouldn’t loose their dignity. 🤔 Too soon? JustWhatNowWhy End the self policing. DefundThePolice I don't think that the way cops are trained to 'calm people down' is working. Maybe we should look at something besides throwing them down and crushing their head and neck with the knee. Just a thought.

They can't be more stupid Another example on why we need LawEnforcementReform, The protest have nothing to do with racism, only equality. Again!? This is not “a man” but “a black man” They don’t go around doing this to white people Where’s the outrage over all the cops being shot, stabbed, ran over, etc? Do Blue Lives not matter too American sees right thru your hypocrisy

idiots ..... they do not learn ..... everybody has a cell phone these days ....... they should be fired Arrested for domestic violence and battery... can we march for this sweetheart next? Blah blah blah tired of hearing blacks whining Eliminate the police unions that allow this culture The real police, stop watching hollywood police propaganda.

DavidDornsLifeMatter Here we go... WTF!!! And his boys standing there watching. Please tell me this was before the George Floyd situation. CNN stupid reporting. Trying to enrage people and glorifying that criminal. “administrative leave”...this is what enrages people the most!!!...have the decency to at least suspend without pay while you investigate!!😡that leave is just a slap in the face!!

so what? this is a typical arrest of a black drug addict. or should a COP kneel in front of him and serve the nigger a cocktail? EnoughIsEnough PoliceBrutality is enforced with BRUTALITY by the police!!!! Not again It has been a common practice by PD for a long time to restrain under certain circumstances. I don't say it is right, but it is widely used without regard to race. Break up the unions in PD and EDU and America will finally get real reforms at no added costs.

DLE41 Sarasota Police investigate officer who put knee on man's neck Is it North Korea ? Syria ? Afghanistan ? Iran ? China ? Venezuela ? Baghdad ? or Lybia ? Not again. This practice has to be made but for less than 30 seconds until they cuff the perp. Other ways to restrain. Neck is usually a big no no in training. Excessive force is real. realDonaldTrump oversight of training needs set up.

Another POTUS I am the least surprised.... Looks like his knee is across his shoulder blade. I can see a lot of cops quitting soon after all this...we already have low police enrollment. pauloantunes Going to say that this is being taught somewhere! When willCNN actual report the news or show video.. prob fake news...🙄

We cannot believe CNN Of course it's Florida. These American police officers will never learned from the current unrest going on in Minneapolis because of the mistakes of their fellow police officer killing George Floyd in Minnesota . Unbelievable that’s weak Fire them the second this happens. AND take away all their departments cops and chiefs paycheck for 3 months. Weed out the bad ones quick

Where did they learn this... Police need de-military training. We are sick of military tactics and force within the police forces. Soldiers and ex-military need to go through a rigorous re-training for public encounters. They should all be forced to do beat cop work for 2 yrs before moving to other jobs.

Crazy!!! They still ain't learning. drewbrees I hope you see this. So a violent thug arrested for domestic battery gets restrained and he is portrayed as a victim. Astonishing. Florida man strikes again🙄 Makes no sense! Crisis acting at its finest Who is the Racist cop 1: is he ok? cop 2: i dunno. I think he’s trying to say something. (leans down) cop 2: well thats that. he’s dead cop 1: what did he say? cop 2: he asked me to get my knee off his neck

Wow let someone kneel on u for that many minutes and set all their weight on u now let's c if u can breathe and plea to the one kneeling on u to get off why repeat what another did. What if its ur dad ur brother or ur own son? U WILL ALSO WANT JUSTICE!!!STOP THE HATE & LISTEN!!!! Oh no - not again So many videos of cops doing this it’s a training issue needs to be addressed ASAP or there will be another death and carnage will follow

They will not just CHANGE!!! CNN come on what a joke you are. Where's the news about the officers that died during protest's, and the officer's who were assaulted.and pls stop reporting the same s,,,h,,,,i ,,,,t. Over and over. Pls CNN your a joke. Such horrendous things still going on? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 They never learn😡😡😡

Go to Florida on vacation and leave on probation 😂 Florida cops are the worst in America! I lived there for 12 years moved out because of them ! 'Cooperation - Yes! Confrontation - No!' CNN wants the world destroyed. This country really need to seriously think about how to reform police system. This apparently is systemic in departments across the country.

Full context not just a headline. Also Police officers are risking they lives everyday, if they will be soft, they will be dead. Just do not do things which put you in position of being arrested.. What's with these fascination of cops kneeling on people's neck in the US!? Has anyone ever tried doing the same to them or their families!? How much more to pathetic can they get. Using their authority and power in the defenseless.

This has happened time and time again. This is how they're trained IMO. Why would every cop from different states act the same way? After all that’s happened. We need new police. If they can’t restrain. Without choking. We need a new breed of police. Are you serious Wtf ? These white folks aren’t going to be satisfied until blacks fight back

Jesus😥 CNN fomenting violence! 😡😡😡😡 A knee on the neck is for control. Once the subject is controlled (handcuffed), then the knee is taken off. Control by all means necessary, but once the subject is controlled, restraint is no longer needed. Come on 🤦 Florida will burn... She puts it best. This is a tactic they’re gonna have to unlearn & unlearn fast!

Jesus christ...don't the just learn..right in the middle of this an officer is still kneeling on someone's back Talk about being Dumb Are all Officers trained to do this?! 🤔 the mind of ignorance continues to trip over the same rock. the police have a bad reputation which is entirely well-earned. give them the benefit of the doubt and watch them spit all over it.

for fucks sake again ? Does America really need police after this week? They’re just a gang with uniform.

Watch Keke Palmer Convince The National Guard to Kneel In This Powerful Video'I know there’s a person in that uniform.' Yeah and tell blacks and liberals stop treating cops like crap every time they try and do their job Not a Hero. Disgrace.

Atlanta officers charged with assault after video of them using stun guns on black students6 Atlanta police officers were charged on Tuesday after bodycam footage showed them using stun guns in the detainment of a young black man and woman who were in a car during protests on Saturday night. NBC is a racists media. This media really wants to create a civil war between all the races to destroy America. Boosting against any race especially minority is considered racism. You just did it. Thank you Justice. Now clean up qualified immunity laws, force police pensions and police unions to pay liability suits, and close other egregious loopholes so there's total accountability for abuse of police power. We can do better.

Ellen DeGeneres fights back tears and urges 'justice for all' in emotional videoThe popular talk show host took to social media to share an emotional video in response to the national unrest following the death of George Floyd Komu dupe nadstawia się ,że takie paskudztwa do TV przymują ? - Bronowicki o was tak mówił DailyMirror White privilege DailyMirror Except for the people working for her, who she treats like absolute shit

White House releases video of Trump walking to church set to triumphant musicThe White House released a video of President Donald Trump walking to a boarded-up St. John's Episcopal Church set to triumphant music after a speech in which he said that he would use the U.S. military to stop the riots across the country. Do not retweet or link to that video. Do not give them the publicity they want.

Video Of Keke Palmer Urging Armed National Guard To 'March With Us' Goes Viral'Let the revolution be televised. March beside us and show us that you’re here for us,' the 'Hustlers' actor told the troops during a protest in Los Ange... Seeing people bowing down and repenting of some sort of collective “racism” is pathological and at the very least is a silly expression of virtue signing that is so cringeworthy. No amount of it will ever be enough. Inciting violence If Trump orders either the Active or the National Guard to use force on Americans, is an unlawful order that all military personnel should refuse to obey. These are the Army values that I have always lived by and will die by.

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