Geordie Shore, Nhs, Vicky Pattison

Geordie Shore, Nhs

Vicky Pattison registers to help NHS as volunteer in vaccination rollout

Vicky Pattison registers to help NHS as volunteer in vaccination rollout

1/27/2021 3:59:00 PM

Vicky Pattison registers to help NHS as volunteer in vaccination rollout

Vicky Pattison took to social media to reveal that she had signed up as a volunteer to help as a steward at a vaccination centre. The reality star also encouraged her followers to sign up to the effort

The 33-year-old former Geordie Shore star has put her name down for the programme, which would require her to guide people and support visitors at Covid-19 vaccination centres.Taking to social media, the reality star appeared pleased after registering and went on to urge her followers to do the same.

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Alongside a screenshot of the NHS Volunteer Responders page, Vicky shared an encouraging message with her followers."Next job for the night done!!! I've registered to be a volunteer steward to help with the vaccinations!!" she wrote.The Geordie lass added: "if you'd like to sign up to, just swipe up on this post."

While the link that Vicky shared with fans reveals that the Steward Volunteers programme is currently on hold, there are lots of other roles that people can register their interest with.Elsewhere on her Instagram story, Vicky also revealed that she had registered with the Dogs Trust in hopes of finding a rescue dog.

Vicky, who lives in Essex with her boyfriend Ercan, has been sharing lots of updates with fans on social media during the lockdown.Just last month, the reality star took to social media to share with fans the innovative way she had celebrated her anniversary at home.

Taking to social media at the end of December, Vicky gushed over her relationship with Ercan and made sure they enjoyed their special day by putting up a cosy tent in their garden.The couple had enlisted the help of the Garden Cinema Company to transform their outdoor space into a gorgeous winter wonderland that featured an enormous tent full of comfy sofas, pillows and a huge cinema screen.

They then kicked back and watched a film while enjoying sushi from the comfort of their home. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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