Vice President Harris Swears in NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson

Today, @SenBillNelson was sworn in as our new administrator by @VP Kamala Harris. As our 14th administrator, Nelson will lead our mission of exploration and innovation. More:

5/4/2021 2:15:00 AM

Today, SenBillNelson was sworn in as our new administrator by VP Kamala Harris. As our 14th administrator, Nelson will lead our mission of exploration and innovation. More:

Sen. Bill Nelson took office as the 14th administrator of NASA Monday, after he was given the oath of office by Vice President Kamala Harris during a ceremony at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington.


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In a contentious Fox News interview, the Wyoming Republican also said it was important that former President Donald Trump “never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.”

SenBillNelson VP Nasa used scientists from nazi germany brought to U.S. in operation paperclip to head the agency, instead of being sent to nuremberg to be tried as war criminals! Nothing has changed, except now their research, they don't send any body to space anymore, is done by 'civilians.' SenBillNelson VP Does everyone have to swear on a Bible in America? Swearing on the AIR would be so much more relevant. Where does AIR come from?

SenBillNelson VP I am more “in the know” than NASA. Exactly how old is the entire Universe NASA? Why is space so mysterious? Is there a single alien out there? Oooooohhhh I have an idea... How about we spend some TIME worrying about what EXISTS on this Planet? SMH at everyone in Politics. SenBillNelson VP POTUS SpeakerPelosi LeaderMcConnell HouseIntel AP Venezuela Day 8

SenBillNelson VP Yo también proteste grasias, sr. Y ati MICKEL Jackson. Dios te bendiga. Doble Patria. SenBillNelson VP Bill Nelson is joined by three other astronauts and family SenBillNelson VP Venezuela Day 6 SenBillNelson VP SOSColombiaNosEstanMatando help help SenBillNelson VP Campaign donations from Saudi Arabia Nelson received contributions from Saudi. Nelson voted to support Trump's $110 billion arms deal with Saudis. Nelson voted against Bernie Sanders' bill ending U.S. support for Saudis in Yemen. Yay! military industrial complex wins again

SenBillNelson VP He is the man for the job. SenBillNelson VP That is about the only thing Kamala Harris is qualified to perform. She refuses to go to the border and observe the disaster they created. impeachbiden

Vice President Harris leading small business outreach in White House recovery plan pushVice President Kamala Harris is taking on a leading role as an ambassador to small businesses, particularly in underrepresented communities. On top of the border crisis and space policy? Egads!

SenBillNelson VP If the rock on the table isn't actually from the moon, then swearing on the bible doesn't make any promise valid or believable.😄 SenBillNelson VP 🥰🥰 SenBillNelson VP Congrat SenBillNelson VP Congratulations to Administrator Nelson and lovely to see the two prior administrators be present for the swearing in!

HouseScience SenBillNelson VP Liked him as our Senator, look forward to seeing him back in a space seat as our administrator. SenBillNelson VP So... science and god can coexist? SenBillNelson VP Why Mr. Nelson's wife is holding the bible? It looks more like family seance. TheDemCoalition SenBillNelson VP Great Choice! 👏💙

SenBillNelson VP Wishing congratulations & best of luck to the new NASA Administrator Senator Bill Nelson 🚀 SenBillNelson VP CongratulationsSenBillNelson-Get on with NASA, More breakthroughs.

U.S. Vice President Harris to go to Guatemala, Mexico June 7-8U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said on Wednesday she will travel to Guatemala and Mexico next month, as she spearheads the Biden administration's efforts to deal with an increase in migration at the U.S. southern border.

SenBillNelson VP You have to build a very, very large radio antenna on the ground Because this is done with the metal wall that Trump is building between Mexico and the United States This means that radio waves are attached to this metal wall This gives you the largest radio antenna SenBillNelson VP He better get to work quick we got a lot of catching up to do. We are light years away from what we’re up against. Good Luck.

SenBillNelson VP I participated in the lottery Participant Name: POURALI, MAHDI Confirmation Number: 20226VBIBHSDTUBY Year of Birth: 1985 Digital Signature: A58CD2A2C191D2BCB94DD6F2E2EEBD4B3D10E6A7 SenBillNelson VP Yess l know ! But l think is bether to have o own nasa state ! Withe his own nasa presidents !

SenBillNelson VP Im board already a step backwards i feel. bringbackjim SenBillNelson VP You couldn’t have selected a more feckless hack. Congrats. SenBillNelson VP Help, civilians are being killed in Colombia SOSColombia 🇨🇴 SenBillNelson VP I wonder what will happen when a US senator is muslim 🧐

SenBillNelson VP there are people that dedicate their lives to the goal of being an astronaut. join the military, become pilots or engineers to get that opportunity. and senbillnelson cut in line because of his political position. you took their place, and you brag about it. u should b ashamed SenBillNelson VP so, for being a senator in Florida with no qualifications to be an astronaut, bill nelson got to be an astronaut. the epitome of political corruption, now running NASA. quid pro quo.

Vice President Kamala Harris to chair National Space CouncilSenior White House officials confirmed Saturday the Biden administration would maintain the National Space Council that was revived under the Trump administration—and that Vice Pres. Kamala Harris would serve as chair. Qtards qonna fliq Kanivious way's! - Her only accomplishment in the first 100 days was cackling like an old hag when asked if she was going to the southern border.

SenBillNelson VP Godspeed, Bill Nelson. SenBillNelson VP I created to help astronauts stay fight any foreign disease it’s call RNA Immunity thats the term I created to to explain exactly what the the vaccine does. Congratulations SenBillNelson VP Welcome ..Mrs Nelson ... thank you Sra Vice. Harris..

SenBillNelson VP Congratulations SenBillNelson SenBillNelson VP You are just one of the institutions that produced and partnered with the fake pandemic to bring about the new world order. Remember that star seeds are on Earth. NewWorldOrder SenBillNelson VP Ishq Thunda ⚡ Swoosh'n Space GANESH - GO - GO 🌕🌀🌕

SenBillNelson VP That's former Senator Bill Nelson. SenBillNelson VP I may have disagreed with Senator Nelson over the years, but he is an astronaut and the kind of guy you want running this agency. SenBillNelson VP Fabulous! Congratulations!!! SenBillNelson VP ok but why is the guy in the back wearing McDonald's big mac carton as a mask.

Kamala Harris to be first vice president immortalized in Madame Tussauds Wax MuseumVP Harris will become the first vice president to be memorialized in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The figures of her and President Biden will be unveiled later this year. We asked for Kamala Harris's help when my wife of 40 years was attacked by a felon and she gave us the middle finger with both hands Hope this is just first draft Let's hope the final figure is a better likeness. This looks noting like her.

SenBillNelson VP ☺️🐾 SenBillNelson VP so happy we have more gay and trans representation in the govt!! we stand w u senbillnelson!! trans ❤️trans ❤️ gays ❤️ tgays (n trans too) SenBillNelson VP Your only job is to make us move faster than the speed of light..We can not explore properly other planets if we can't get to them. Congratulations and make me say good job sooner than later.

SenBillNelson VP It is so good to see qualified people in positions of influence again. realtina40 jennaellisesq SenBillNelson VP Excellent Ms. SenBillNelson VP Good luck, Nasa. Let's just hope SpaceX keeps the HLS contract... SenBillNelson VP Congratulations SenBillNelson VP Has everybody in the room been vaccinated? If not this is a dangerous stunt

SenBillNelson VP SenBillNelson VP NASA is Hebrew means 'Deceived' and boy have they ever deceived the world.

First lady, Vice President Harris highlight different paths to motherhoodWith families around the country preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, first lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are putting a new national spotlight on less traditional types of motherhood. The two most high-profile women in the Biden administration came to motherhood in different ways but share one common thread: They both stepped into the role as stepmothers.

SenBillNelson VP I don't know, I think they lost the technology... Bwaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa SenBillNelson VP Oh wow SenBillNelson VP Where was POTUS busy ? SenBillNelson VP Great choice! Congratulations SenBillNelson and best wishes to you and your family. Looking forward to many years of innovation. Dreamfactory NASA needs an admin that sees centuries ahead. You clearly have the right qualifications :D

SenBillNelson VP No one who swears on a bible is trustworthy. SenBillNelson VP He's gonna stab you in the back SenBillNelson VP IT'S JIM BRIDENSTINE. PRAISE BE!!!! SenBillNelson VP Don't stop demanding things from your government. Don't fall into the mental trap of 'Oh they're useless so what's the point of asking?' They're in power and they better deliver. Keep asking.

SenBillNelson VP Lol SenBillNelson VP 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 HELP US 🇨🇴 Colombia ColombiaEnAlertaRoja hrw ONU_derechos

SenBillNelson VP Put him in his office. Tell him to stay out of the way. Don't let this old Space Senator fuck shit up. SenBillNelson VP Really POTUS couldn’t do this himself, was he napping and couldn’t be disturbed? SenBillNelson VP First job to summarily dismiss the actions of blueorigin and Dynetics and restart the Human Landing System (HLS) cooperation with SpaceX, as the most forward-thinking and inspirational NASA program since Apollo.

SenBillNelson VP He is not a Senator