Bob Bakish, Joe Ianniello, Viacomcbs

Bob Bakish, Joe Ianniello

ViacomCBS Sees ‘Powerful’ Streaming Platform, Billions in Upside Post-Merger

ViacomCBS sees 'powerful' streaming platform, billions in upside post-merger


ViacomCBS sees 'powerful' streaming platform, billions in upside post-merger

A newly formed streaming giant is entering the ring as Viacom and CBS — now known as ViacomCBS — prepare to merge their content portfolios that include both paid subscription and free a…

Expect such crossovers to happen sooner rather than later.

When asked by an analyst whether they are re-considering the price of CBS All Access, which currently ranges from $6 to $10 a month, Ianniello sidestepped the question, saying that they will take a “slow and steady” approach as they grow subscriptions.

Equipped with an array of TV and film studios that span CBS Television Studios, Paramount TV, Nickelodeon’s animation arm, Viacom International Studios and Paramount Pictures, Bakish said that the combined entity will be able to feed rising demand for third party content, checking off MPVDs, broadcasters, cablers and streamers from Comcast to Fox to Netflix to Facebook.

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I see them being gobbled up by a bigger fish. They’re 1/4 the size of netflix after today’s merger announcement. And, Netflix is the fourth largest of the media companies behind Att/Warner, Disney and Comcast. It’s inevitable. It’ll be 4th best, at best.

Former taxi commissioner sees more cities adopting New York's tough rules on Uber and LyftMeera Joshi, former head of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, told CNBC on Monday that she predicts more cities are going to adopt TLC's rules on ride-hailing companies. Yea well $UBER is maybe the most overvalued company on the planet so this seems like good news RodBarton4 Joshi should be investigated for corruption. RodBarton4 Why are cars cruising around empty? I thought it was rideshare not a taxi service? All these governments etc have all been fooled or paid off. Being pushed out of the limousine industry after 20 years was the best thing looking at how clogged the roads are now.

CBS And Viacom Streaming Assets Offer Potent Blend Of Subscriptions And AdvertisingAs media giants gird for battle with Netflix and Amazon, CBS and Viacom continue to pursue marginally more patient streaming strategies, gaining steady ground without spending their way into troubl… Lol ok So CBS All Access can be the subscription version of Pluto TV, just with only the Viacom/CBS content.

Wall Street sees risk of recession risingStocks are slipping and fears of a slowdown are mounting as Trump ramps up his reelection efforts. realDonaldTrump POTUS hope you’re enjoying your vacation Pretty much standard for a country that elects (USA or Russia, your pick) a lying, corrupt, conman. We could've predicted this the moment they began. In fact, we created a video about how he'd kill farms. Check it out. Share if you like it:

CBS, Viacom to reunite as media giants bulk up for streamingCBS and Viacom say they will reunite, bringing together their networks and the Paramount movie studio as traditional media giants challenge streaming companies like Netflix. E Warren comin for you Hopefully sling will have cbs now More competition among them is good for the user.

Timely break sees Isner advance in CincinnatiJohn Isner blasted 27 aces in his first-round match against Serbian Dusan Lajovi...

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