Veteran: Russia bounty story is such a betrayal on many levels

Fmr. Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff says President Trump's reaction to purported Russian bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans is 'a betrayal on multiple levels.' 'The guy is frankly a coward and cannot stand up to Vladimir Putin.'

7/4/2020 9:32:00 PM

Fmr. Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff says President Trump's reaction to purported Russian bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans is 'a betrayal on multiple levels.' 'The guy is frankly a coward and cannot stand up to Vladimir Putin.'

Donald Trump’s reaction to reports that Russia placed bounties on American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan has been slammed by many critics. Dr. Dan Barkhuff of Veterans For Responsible Leadership joins Tiffany Cross in for Joy Reid to discuss.

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Nope you first evaluate your enemy and then prepare for retaliation ... use your smartz We already know that. The choice is clear.....AmericaOrTrump Alot of these people you are taking so seriously are FORMER people. There is a reason they no longer have their JOBS. FACTS.....RUSSIA FIRST COMRADE TRUMP Hopefully, come 11-3-20, American voters will oust Trump from Office & American Democracy will be restored. It will take time but the wounds inflicted by Trump on our Nation will heal and Trump will fade away.

lenn_pereira If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Putin has dirt on tRump, no other explanation Wow, she seems literate. One in a million? You are stating this mildly. Trump is beyond coward. He is a sell-out to the ENEMY. WHY soft coat this reality? Betrayal=treason. OR, has America suddenly become Russia's latest satellite country?

Trump is not just a coward. He's compromised and we'll never know the how and why until he's gone from office and a new administration's DOJ is free to tell us the answers. Thx for your service. It's to bad you've taken soros money? We are at a lost never had a POTUS afraid of an adversary 🎯 He owes him too much money😏

He owes him too much money...😏 Its worst than that. He only pretends to care about military deaths trump should watch Putin's end of the year press conference he does. Putin tells the reporter that it didn't matter if trump won or not because it doesn't matter who the president is anymore with a smile

Of course he's freaking out, he knows that all his bullion that he has been doing in the last few years is going to come back and bite him right in the ass when he's done because all his loyal friends are going to be putting their foot up his ass instead of their lips On an assumption .... Show why not start a war just to please who exactly .... Last I checked the Democrats was doing a pretty fine job raging racial war on the nation ..... What do y'all want next a nuclear war

If this is bad..... how do you feel about Benghazi ? trump works for Putin. Period. trump is a RussianAsset. What amazes me is that realDonaldTrump is so obviously working for Putin and yet he remains in the highest office of the land. Putin’s got dirt on Trump . A seal puppy? he doesn't seem like a coward to me, now you... what's the frequency kevin?!...cut the msnbc signal trump...!

Trump can't even stand up to his own employees that he wants to fire. The only people he fired in person were on a TV show. So, not only are you continuing this weird charade of unverified info, but youre getting other people to comment on unverified info to keep pushing it? Russiagate, anybody? I wonder what he has on Trump. It's clear they're not buddies. Putin was a spy so I'm sure he knows some shady shit.

I hope service members are paying attention. Betrayer in chief doesn't care about them. Enough of a betrayal that Trump should be brought up on charges of treason. But, oh, how the cowards reign. 💔👿😢 We're supposed to care about the opinion of this commentator why, exactly? Considering trump is a draft dodger, his lack of concern for our troops is not too surprising

An opinion that we do not need, want nor value since we were fighting the Taliban.

‘Like yelling squirrel': White House goes after media over Russia bounty storyThe White House this past week was facing a familiar series of questions as it grappled with reports of a Russian bounty program targeting American troops in Afghanistan: What did the president know and when did he know it? He can only claim ignorance so many times. The stupid game of political ping pong continues daily

US, Russia share a complex and bloody history in AfghanistanThe U.S. and Russia share a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan. Intelligence reports indicating Moscow offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops is the latest chapter. Kathygannon reports. Kathygannon The questions US should answer : why US troops are still in Afghanistan? Did US troops kill innocent Afghnistan citizens? Kathygannon Fake news! Kathygannon It doesn’t look good for the Trump administration. “Verified” or not- if ANY agency reported this it would have made it to the President’s ear. Every time he says “hoax” it’s like a new piece of evidence emerges. Trump is a traitor. VetsAgainstTrump VetsResistSquadron

Russia denies supplying weapons to Afghanistan's TalibanRussia&39;s Foreign Ministry said Thursday that Moscow has never delivered weapons to the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, countering U.S. allegations. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova rejected the claim by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said Wednesday that he had repeatedly raised the that's because the Taliban manufactures RPG's US has never done anything wrong, always accusing countries for something for one thing or another. Well that settles that

Please Don’t Prolong a Pointless War Just to Show Russia Who’s BossA bipartisan group in the House just made it harder for Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. That’s a mistake, writes EricLevitz

U.S. intelligence to brief congressional leaders on Russia bounty reportU.S. congressional leaders will seek more information from top intelligence officials Thursday on reported Russian payments to Taliban militants to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Again? New version of the story? Radcliffe cannot be believed at all

Russia clears way for Putin to stay in power until 2036Russian President Vladimir Putin secured his political future on Wednesday after a wide majority of voters supported a controversial national referendum that paved the way for the former KGB agent to stay in power until 2036. To bad Trump can't do that.? Greatest President ever! This is disgusting, and exactly what Trump would LOVE to be able to make happen here. Another reason we need MASSIVE voter turnout to defeat Trump. VOTE and get EVERYONE you know to vote!!! EXACTLY what trump wants for himself!!!!!