Ventura restaurants banned from using polystyrene food containers

Ventura restaurants banned from using polystyrene food containers

2/26/2020 9:18:00 PM

Ventura restaurants banned from using polystyrene food containers

The city voted 6 to 0 to require all restaurants to use biodegradable or recyclable food packaging.

The Legislature’s recent rejection of a proposed statewide ban on plastic foam takeout containers (SB 705) was disappointing and surprising, considering that it happened hours before California lawmakers were excoriating President Trump for the environmental shortsightedness of pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

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Following Monday’s 6-0 vote, with Deputy Mayor Sofia Rubalcava absent, city staff will begin drafting an ordinance requiring that all restaurants use biodegradable or recyclable food packaging. Staff also will research how other cities have banned retailers from selling coolers, plates and cups containing polystyrene, noting that retail stores in the city may face a similar prohibition.

Advertisement“What’s extra special is current users even agree that it’s the right thing to do,” Mayor Matt LaVere told the council. “There’s community-wide support for this. We all walk on the beach and see it all the time.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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