Venice Beach brawl breaks out after man films multiple women wearing bikinis

5/19/2022 1:26:00 AM

AIR7 HD cameras captured the aftermath of a brawl on Venice Beach involving a number of women in bikinis

AIR7 HD cameras captured the aftermath of a brawl on Venice Beach involving a number of women in bikinis

AIR7 HD cameras captured the aftermath of a brawl on Venice Beach involving a number of women in bikinis.

Police responded after a 911 call reported a group of people fighting just north of the pier.Christopher Schmittel was driving drunk when he lost control of his Subaru sedan along North Torrey Pines Road, punched through a guardrail and crashed on the beach below, according to the San Diego Police Department.It happened May 12 just after 3:30 p.Published: May.

A video going viral on social media shows one of the women telling a man to stop harassing her and to stop taking pictures of her and the other women with his cell phone.The man refuses, but starts to walk away.NBC 7's Nicole Gomez speaks to a man who was there as authorities responded to a deadly crash involving a car that went over a guardrail and landed on Torrey Pines State Beach.He is heard casting insults at the women asking him to stop filming.Cambridge Street.The video shows the women continue to follow the man as he walks away and a woman is heard saying that she wants the man to stop recording because there are minors in the group.He was arrested by Fugitive Task Force officers at his home on Sunday.After a lengthy argument, a brawl ensues after one woman hit a man and then pushed him to the A pair of massive Vietnam-era amphibious vehicles were sitting on the beach in Island Beach State Park Tuesday after experiencing mechanical issues while en route to Virginia, state officials said.

The men start fighting back and they can be seen punching and dropkicking the women.Get the NBC 7 San Diego app for.The girl told police the suspect got back in the car and left the scene before officers arrived.Many spectators witnessed the event from a pier looking down on the brawl.Bystanders can be seen attempting to break up the fight.Several people were detained by police for a time but later released.Authorities said they are aware of a video circulating on social media showing a possible suspect vehicle involved, but that the video is not evidence the department has received or released.Police told Eyewitness News at least one woman is facing a battery charge.Amphibious vehicles can operate in water or on land.


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Shooting day con le ragazze di Miss Venice Beach via YouTube You need a hazmat suit to go to Venice Beach. It's gross. Please tell me there's cell phone footage of this. How is this even NEWS!!! LAME!! PDRScanner HEY ABC… fix the damn headline! It’s inaccurate trash. Man taking photos of women starts brawl after getting busted by those women.

shame on them for not warning the public; I would've been front and center I'm sure someone also probably stepped on a needle as well... Foxy Boxing? Looks like a Russ Meyer film Fat girls fighting, lovely..

Morena Valley Man Facing Murder, DUI Charges for Crash on Torrey Pines State BeachA 19-year-old Morena Valley man was arrested on murder and vehicular manslaughter charges for his role in an April 25 crash that ended with his Subaru on the sand of Torrey Pines State Beach and two of his passengers dead, police announced Monday.

I would have just pulled my phone and recorded the ordeal than report it. 'Man...that's sah' use of the term 'women', loosely..I've seen better heads on chickens..😆🐓🐔if you let it all out, everyone will look. it's a public beach fcs.. The old farts said to stop taking pics because they’re minors 🤣 Thank you God!

Of course ABC7 makes it sound like it's just women fighting in bikini's but it you actually watch the video there's men punching/swinging at these women that didn't want to be filmed or have their photos taken. Always more to the story. Out of all our beautiful beaches they chose Venice … 😂😂😂😂😂 ratchets

Classy women 😜 You cannot trespass eyes in a public arena. What a show! Lol

Teen girl assaulted, nearly kidnapped during attempted robbery in Long Beach: policeAn investigation is underway after a teen girl was injured during an attack in Long Beach. It’s gotten very bad down in LB

Gawd, don't ladies check out their look in the mirror before going to the beach? Apparently, this group did not. If you are out in public, you are IN PUBLIC. No one can get in your grille and stalk you however if you are in public, people CAN FILM or photograph you. That's actually how the law works. Privacy can be enforced on private property, but public is not private.

WaltDisneyCo presents Bikini Beach Brawl LIVE in Helo HD -- Thanks for 'uncovering' this breaking story OnlyInLA Victoria secret gone wild 😜 Even better click bait will be someone claiming to link to where this guy posted his videos❗ Was this volleyball game near the spot where the homeless was filmed swinging an axe the other day.

Why would you play volleyball in the middle of a homeless camp/drug supermarket. Not smart! The man “filmed women”? What kind of camera did he use? 8mm, Super 8, 16mm? This being Venice, I suppose it’s possible the man had a 35mm film camera. Don’t we all take pictures and film while at the beach? It’s a public space. They told him to stop and he walked away, yet they CHOSE to follow him. He can film if he wants. We don’t need consent from anyone when we’re out like that.

Vietnam-era amphibious vehicles come ashore at Island Beach State Park after mechanical issuesThe gigantic vehicles were en route from New York to Virginia, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

It sounds to me this guy pissed off a group of lesbians. I would have ram through them hoes like I’m Alek Minassian The one day I am not around It was a woman not a homeless man btw Even though the person can film in public what he wants. It's just common sense to stop and not Harrass the public. People should have been arrested. What happened to following the law?

YouTubers win this one. Hate to see it Careful Air7 they might sue for recording without consent. Finally some real news Time to head over to Snap app 🤣

2 privately owned Vietnam-era amphibious vehicles pull ashore on NJ beach following mechanical difficultiesTwo privately owned Vietnam-era amphibious vehicles experienced mechanical difficulties during a trip between Staten Island and Virginia and were pulled ashore at Island Beach State Park overnight. LI Don’t sleep on this being a follow up to the Philadelphia experiment LI Vietnam era, no wonder they broke….one of the reasons we lost that war. SteveTeelingWX My goodness

Ip2Wins Ip2 always wins Ip2AlwaysWin Ip2Wins Lmao Goocheese should have beat the hell out of those hoes. Way to live up to your stereotype 🙄 LOL!! Women gotta learn to be ladies. No ladies present in Venice today. Too funny!!🤣 Not guilty x5 Two words: Tac key 💄 👙

5,000 of the world's smallest penguins waddle onto Australian beach in record-breaking paradeThousands of little penguins swarmed the shore.

JJ always wins 🦵🏻🦵🏻 🎬 👙Bikini Brawl 2022 COMING SOON to a Theater NEAR You! more aftermath Best click bait action I’ve seen in years!! I’m going in! 🏊‍♂️ Let’s see the photos that were taken I'd love to see Trump in a bikini. cat fight today dog fight tomorrow? CatFights PDRScanner LAME Hey ABC, how about a reality show called Brawling In Bikinis.

Sand Collapses on 2 Teens at Beach in Toms RiverBREAKING One teen is trapped while another was rescued after sand collapsed on them at a beach in Toms River, New Jersey. So sad.

PDRScanner warladyclones Let them fight TMZ video? I don’t know why women try to fight men. 99 out of 100 times the man is going to win. Not smart. Call the police and resolve the situation legally. No rationalizing what the man did at all but if you wear your bikini you know you will catch attention somehow. Yeah you can wear whatever you want but be aware there are creepers everywhere 🤷🏻‍♀️ Water isn’t even warm in CA beaches to wear bikini lol 😂 🥶

So they were filming women, some of them minors. They took the action to protect themselves and now being charged? And men who harassed them walk away? Makes total sense Who was the dude flying around LAX n a jet pack? Why didn’t they flash the helicopter More like a bunch of heffers tied up in strings Yeeehaw yeehaw

I would have ran them biatches over like in the pass LMAO where is Annette funicello when you need her, Beach Blanket Bingo LOL.... bikini karens attack! Coming to FOX this fall! USA is turning trash I don’t know what to think of this but to love this post.. …yet is filmed by helicopter HD cameras? Those crazy women don't know that filming in public is perfectly LEGAL

Bay watch bloodbath?

AIR7 HD flexing on the man recording the bikini women from above The bikini girls beat up a homeless woman.. Not a man The guy doing the flying kicks is amazing I'm surprised their titties didn't come out. There was absolutely no reason to catch this in High Definition. Lowest definition possible would have been more then enough. Unless by HD, you meant Heavy Definition.

GTA shit backupgrindface I hope you got the video What's the problem? IP2 always wins! At least that's what I've heard. They didn’t show the beforemath

Male police not allow to arrest bikini female because possible potential sexual behavior. Female police allow to arrest bikini female only. Crazy that These women were minding they business and got harassed by a corny ass youtuber Salute to the homie in the Dodgers jersey Reeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! Cat fight! 😹

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