Velshi: We can’t let peaceful protesters be likened to criminals

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi responds to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan’s conflation of anti-racist demonstrations across the U.S. with a recent spike in crime.

8/2/2020 4:29:00 AM

'I won't sit here and tell you that social change will be easy and comfortable, I'm going to give you all the facts, the context,' AliVelshi says. 'We cannot let peaceful protesters be likened to criminals.'

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi responds to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan’s conflation of anti-racist demonstrations across the U.S. with a recent spike in crime.

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AliVelshi Haha AliVelshi Our rights in the constitution vs/ a little property damage. Which is more important? AliVelshi Yeah peaceful. How do you define 'Peaceful'? You borrow JoeNBC morningmika 's spray paint again? Good luck in your new life with people you care about getting, well slaughtered. Oh, it 2:30 in the PM on a Sunday. Astronauts heading home. Not a peep from MSNBCLive

AliVelshi What a load of crap AliVelshi Peaceful my ass AliVelshi TiffanyDCross AliVelshi Love You Ali! AliVelshi History dictates otherwise. When cities are burned to the ground, peaceful is not the defining root cause. Your base will buy your BS. No one else will. AliVelshi Depends on your interpretation of “ peaceful protestors”... their are no peaceful protest after midnight.

AliVelshi You are the best AliVelshi There are no Social Changes occurring in America. On the contrary it is nothing but Anarchy. AliVelshi They are not peaceful which world are you living sir AliVelshi Protesters? I, and majority, see violent criminals, which then the federal government stepped in to control, as the city mayors held back their local police forces. THIS is the factual news. YOURS is a paid narrative. We are the news.

AliVelshi Velshi literally lies from the get go. AliVelshi AliVelshi Is he the 'Mostly Peaceful Protest' twit? AliVelshi We can't let criminals and insurrectionists be likened to peaceful innocent protesters AliVelshi AliVelshi Trump is making our Nation into an Apartheid nation! He is white trash in our Country! This is America and we’re all Americans! Who the fuck does he think he is? He must wants to be an Africaner and even they wouldn’t want him!

AliVelshi Velshi can have raging fires behind him and think things are peaceful....he's a moroooon. AliVelshi As mericanbas pple pie and god bless all of true patriots

Portland protesters strive for peace as federal forces pull backOver a thousand peaceful protesters gathered in downtown Portland Saturday after US forces reduced presence. RIOTERS Front line of 'FUPA'

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