Velshi: The GOP’s identity crisis

“Wow. A 158-year-old party can’t move forward without Donald Trump, a guy who wasn’t even a Republican before he ran for office,' @AliVelshi says of Sen. Graham's comments about the GOP. 'Donald Trump is their own personal train wreck.'

5/10/2021 8:02:00 AM

“Wow. A 158-year-old party can’t move forward without Donald Trump, a guy who wasn’t even a Republican before he ran for office,' AliVelshi says of Sen. Graham's comments about the GOP. 'Donald Trump is their own personal train wreck.'

Without knowing who you are and what you believe in, you are doomed to be manipulated. That is the situation in which today’s Republican Party finds itself. Today the GOP is a party of no ideas or policies of their own except the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Right now, the GOP has the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, recalibrate the party, and find its way back to true conservatism. It helps the country to have strong parties with opposing ideas -- parties that stand for something.

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AliVelshi For four years straight, all the ass kissing far left, liberal, socialist Democrats, hampered everything Trump tried to do, because he wasn’t one of them. Now that they “won” the election, everyone is supposed to forget the Dems tried to overthrow a sitting President, twice. AliVelshi Why is MSMBC so worried about the Republican Party? If there’s truly a train wreck coining for the R’s then wouldn’t MSDNC be happy?

AliVelshi And a guy who couldn’t even tell you what a conservative Republican stands for... AliVelshi And you know it AliVelshi Does anyone really believe that Russia only hacked the DNC? Track the timeline from when the DNC was hacked to the entire GOP falling in line behind Trump. Come to your own conclusions. Sen. Graham is a Russian out-house on fire. The GOP 'was' the Russian opposition party. Now?

AliVelshi Can´t wait Hopefully the iceberg is big enough and the ship will totally sink. AliVelshi The only reason some republicans are siding with Trump is because their racist and starve for white power and nothing else. It's the insecurity of the white Trump cult that is causing a race war amongst the citizens.

AliVelshi So let them lay down on the tracks... AliVelshi GOP is not having an identity crisis. They're being forced to recognize who they've been all along. 'Moderate' Republicans are just greedy. 'Compassionate conservatives' are just right-wingers hoping for invites to better parties. Time for Overton window to shift left ...hard

AliVelshi It is Trump who brought workers to the Republican party after the Democratic party became the party of the well-to-do 'progressives'. AliVelshi Everything Trump touches turns to shit. The GOP is the latest.

Velshi: Big government is not socialismThe GOP is a party with literally no agenda other than to sabotage the current administration, and their continued narrative about socialism is misleading. President Biden has not promised nor carried out anything that remotely resembles socialism. However, Biden does believe that big government is back -- the idea that government involvement in certain aspects of public policy can be helpful. While we don’t want or need government in our lives all the time, there are some things we just can’t do on our own. AliVelshi Do you think this is what people really need right now? AliVelshi Republican + 10 years = Democrat AliVelshi Or weak minded.

AliVelshi Democrats communist socialist party AliVelshi Is it about the money? I have never understood the loyalty to the guy 🤔🤨😷🇺🇸 AliVelshi So, a lying, racist, pedophile, rapist, guilty of Pandemicide is their party’s only hope. Seriously, much, too much koolaid! GOP = GQP VoteBlue AliVelshi Former guy wasn’t a republican before running for office but he’s always been a tightass racist.

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AliVelshi They must face the fact that it is no longer their party any longer -- it is Trump’s. The Republican Party no longer exists. It is now the “T” Party and subject only to Trump’s will, wishes, and whims...and vengeance.

GOP's McCarthy Endorses Stefanik To Replace Embattled House GOP Conference Chair Liz CheneyI'm a reporter at Forbes focusing on markets and finance. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I double-majored in business journalism and economics while working for UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School as a marketing and communications assistant. Before Forbes, I spent a summer reporting on the L.A. private sector for Los Angeles Business Journal and wrote about publicly traded North Carolina companies for NC Business News Wire. Reach out at More proof that McCarthy and the most of the GOP no longer believe in democracy and that the GOP itself is now America's greatest threat to democracy The more poison they bring to the Republican Party the better. The GOP is all 4 temporary tires, the struggle is real...

Do You Buy That … A Social Media Ban Hurts Trump’s 2024 Aspirations?Could a social media ban hurt former Pres. Trump's potential 2024 aspirations? FiveThirtyEight discusses. 🔊: FiveThirtyEight If it prevents people from hearing his endless lies then yes it hurts him FiveThirtyEight Hope it hurts Trump’s presidential aspirations like a stake through the heart kills a fucking vampire. FiveThirtyEight I don’t know why him being a truly shitty human being isn’t automatically disqualifying. Too many stupid people, I guess.

GOP Reportedly Hid Trump's Weak Numbers At MAGA-Supporting Lawmaker RetreatsInternal data reveal Trump could be a risky bet for GOP leadership. think!! 'It's a party bereft of dignity, not just ideas, not just policies, not just ideology, but they have been willing to affiliate with a man who tried to kneecap our very republic.' they need to burn it all down and start again. their party is a disaster.