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Vaping-Related Lung Ailments Puzzle Doctors

Doctors and public-health officials are working to identify the nature and cause of mysterious lung ailments that have afflicted more than 450 people after they have vaped.

9/12/2019 7:30:00 PM

Patient scans showed hazy abnormalities in their lungs, and many seemed to suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome. “We’re seeing what we believe to be a newly occurring pulmonary illness associated with e-cigarette products.”

Doctors and public-health officials are working to identify the nature and cause of mysterious lung ailments that have afflicted more than 450 people after they have vaped.

Updated Sept. 12, 2019 12:19 pm ETAs investigators look into more than 450 cases of people who became sick after vaping, doctors are working to identify the nature of their mysterious lung ailments.“We haven’t identified an agent or agents that cause these illnesses,” said Jonathan Meiman, chief medical officer at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. “The other side is just being able to clearly describe what’s going on from a medical perspective. A lot of that work still needs to be done.”

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inhaling THC laced with Vitamin E acetate. nwarikoo Maybe someone should address that this is coming from adulterated vapes not manufacturer produced vapes. Making them illegal will worsen the situation. Instead,monitor them & make them safer. CDC should mandate Warning Signs on Vaping. but not in europe....

I thought it's available in OUR ASIA most , behind the low products of CIGGARATTE with in KILLER NICOTINE😤😱😰 And what about second hand exposure to vaping? THC Cartridges!!!!!!! NOT LEGAL ECIGS “THC e-vape products” FixedIt This is what your right hand did! It's weird, becaus tobacco has no negative qualities at all. Nobody dies from smoking cigarettes. So yes, we much ban vaping, but not cigarettes.

ClevelandClinic newsnet5.com wkyc.com woionews VAPING IS SENDING PEOPLE TO THE HOSPITAL! NEEDING OXYGEN, ON ON RESPERATERS, IN COMAS, SEIZURES, DEATHS! IS MOISTURE WITH CHEMICALS ENTERING THEIR LUNGS I quit smoking cigarettes in January 2014 using a KangerTech vape pen and e-liquid from Mt. Baker Vapor. I still use the same type of pen and all my e-liquid from Mt. Baker. That's over 5 years of vaping. No lung issues, no illnesses, nothing. Weird, right?

Does this mean cool mist humidifiers are bad too? We keep looking at the effects in America when vaping is a worldwide thing. This media blitz is nothing but Big Tobacco getting the Gov't to control the Vape market because they didnt get a price of the billion dollar pie. We keep putting blinders on... WTF media

What We Know About Vaping-Related Lung IllnessHealth officials are investigating six deaths and more than 450 potential cases of pulmonary illness in the U.S. related to vaping and e-cigarette products. Here are questions and answers. Just go online and look at the do it yourself recipes, there's something in there that's messing people up, shouldn't be hard to spot. I’m pretty sure we know you’re not supposed to inhale anything other than oxygen and nitrogen, so any product containing an addictive chemical meant to be inhaled is inherently dangerous and should be illegal. It could be the vapor, it makes the additives and chemicals to be absorbed more

Trump to consider vaping restrictions amid outbreak of mysterious lung diseaseAn outbreak of a mysterious vaping-linked lung disease has sickened hundreds and killed at least six people. Oh is this what he’s gonna focus on today? Just wait til JUUL ceo calls him tomorrow and then he’ll be selling Trump 2020 branded devices Who has two thumbs and looks like a cheese doodle? Only until manufacturers of e-cigarettes start donating his 2020 campaign money.

Vaping-related disease spurs calls for tighter rules in CongressHealth authorities haven’t fully untangled what’s causing the respiratory disease, which has potentially affected more than 450 and killed six. Or have lawmakers been paid off by Tabacco Companies? Why don’t they act this fast on gun control? efrenbaquerizo

Trump & FDA Move To Ban Flavored E-Cigs After Vaping-Related DeathsToday, the Trump administration announced it is moving to ban flavored e-cigarette products in response to use by minors and vaping-related illnesses.

A Man Was Arrested For An Alleged Elaborate, Vaping-Related SchemePolice in Wisconsin recently arrested a man who's accused of heading up a 10-man operation that manufactured thousands of counterfeit THC oil vaping cartridges, 'The Associated Press' reports.

Teen with vaping-related illness now has lungs like 'a 70-year-old's'Adam Hergenreder's vaping habit almost killed him. His case is one of now more than 450 lung illness associated with using e-cigarettes across the United States. The Trump administration is planning to remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the marketplace. Please... The key to his problem was vaping THC products off the street. I think the cause is the Vape liquid is loosening the TAR already in the lungs, and it is soffocating them.