Vaping Congressman Duncan Hunter will plead guilty

Rep. Duncan Hunter, one of the first members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump, says he's taking a deal to plead guilty to campaign finance charges.

12/3/2019 5:32:00 AM

US Rep. Duncan Hunter says he will now plead guilty to misusing campaign funds — a criminal case he had decried as a politically motivated 'witch hunt.'

Rep. Duncan Hunter, one of the first members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump, says he's taking a deal to plead guilty to campaign finance charges.

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He also tried to blame it on his wife and kid. How honorable of him. VCSP8 It’s a travesty that he’s only pleading to one count after being charged with dozens. Can't vape behind high walls.. Comrade Rep. Duncan Hunter and the GOP/Russian T-party are all guilty of blowing smoke... Another innocent Republican who has been spending taxpayer dollars with his wife now plead guilty because his wife is flipping on them this is your Republican party is stealing with one hand And lying to you with the other hand and then they have to plead guilty Wasting tax money

Going to jail trump will be with u Couldn't lie & cheat his way out of it? He means his lawyer said to take the the plea. Don't be stupid 😂 2/3 of the Squad is Under Investigation for the very same thing yet the DNC propaganda outlets refuse to mention it. 🤔 And voters rewarded him by reelecting him for another term. Something is wrong with American voters admiration for corrupt politicians. Something is really concerning here.

All gop memvers are guilty of russia money thats why they 're attached to stump.arrest them all and stand up against a stone wall and have us at ready .mcturtle will blab first and pence will scream for mother. Didn’t Obama get fines for musicians campaign funds? Not saying they did same but it does seem to be diff measuring stick.

Funny, how all of theses GOP’ers use this silly ass statement of “it’s just a witch-hunt”. Appears a lot of “witches” are being FOUND WitchHunt Isn’t it an interesting pattern we see over and over again? Every one of these guys who claims he’s the subject of a “witch hunt” ends up pleading guilty. Hopefully, realDonaldTrump’s followers from FoxNews will see the light ....

Cool. I never would have inferred that vaping could lead to misusing campaign finances. But now that you have so delicately connected the dots for us mere mortals, I don't know how we missed it! ReeferMadness - The road apple does not fall far from the tail! It is as if being untrustworthy, underhand, deceitful, unscrupulous and double-dealing is part of the GOP requisite for joining.

Another one bites the dust Gee, corruption really is the way of the modern day gop. It's almost like there's a pattern with the Republican Party and/or associates and supporters of Dotard's. Trying to align an actual crime to Trump’s phrase and defense against a real ‘witch hunt’ is so transparent it’s pathetic

Lock him up! It's almost as if ALL the GOP members are CORRUPT CRIMINALS. If it’s a “witch hunt” then don’t plead guilty... Seriously unnecessary headline & picture pushing an agenda. Just STOP! LOL! Duncan Hunter screwed his own supporters... Who picked out the headline & picture that is SOOOOO FAR OUT OF ALIGNMENT TO THE SUBJECT IN THE ARTICLE?!? SOMEONE got some Bloomberg $, hey? FakeNewsMedia that's all you are.

Another witch bites the dust. This guy is nuts! Fuck that guy. Just another corrupt republican.x! These Republicans crying “witch hunt” like So interesting, trumps second & third congressional endorsements pleading guilty for felonies.... I guess this kind of animal knows the scent of like species huh? That’s what attracted them to trump, all wise guys. We need stricter rules for who can run for office!

😆 Hey, what about Ilhan Omar and her blatant use of campaign funds funneled to her lover? Has she been charged yet, or does she get a pass as a democrat? Another witch caught. Good work Gmen! Not above the law. Must have a smart enough lawyer who knows his client is toast. I'm pretty sure if someone with enough funds to provide a robust defense was the victim of false accusations, he sure wouldn't be taking a plea deal and admitting guilt.

Mr. Golf balls for Wounded Warriors fame! Is this guy still in Congress? and if so, why? shouldn't he resign? Hope AOC follows his example.

California congressman Duncan Hunter set to plead guilty in campaign finance caseU.S. Representative Duncan Hunter, a leading California conservative, said on Mo... California proud! TermLimitsforCongress Another day, another corrupt immoral Republican headed for prison. Este racista anti mexicano de Ducan Hunter es amigo muy íntimo del flamante gobernador de MORENA de Baja California.

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter to Plead Guilty to Misusing Campaign Cash, Will Step DownAfter spending the past year denying the illegal misuse of campaign funds, Duncan Hunter announced on Monday that he would plead guilty to one of the 60 criminal charges he is facing, ahead of his trial scheduled in January Campaign finance problems ... sounds familiar ... Obama Campaign Fined Big for Hiding Donors, Keeping Illegal Donations Investigate TrashyStefanik please. She hired her husband to do her PR for years, has incompetent staff, and accepts exorbitant amounts of money from PACs affiliated with foreign interests (incl the NRA which in turn accepts money from Russia). Shackle time.

Rep. Duncan Hunter Pulls an About-Face, Will Plead Guilty in Scandalous Campaign Finance CaseAccording to his lawyer, Rep. Duncan Hunter will plead guilty to a conspiracy count as part of a plea bargain in his criminal campaign finance case Quid pro quo? :) So, how long will he serve in prison?

Duncan Hunter To Plead Guilty In Campaign Finance Case He Called 'Witch Hunt'The Republican congressman claimed the federal investigation into his spending was because of his support for President Donald Trump. Duncan: 'Donald! Help me, Donald!' America: 'Take him away.' LibsInAmerica And yet, there will be no burning. Not even a little one. LibsInAmerica He does have a healthy tan so he has that going for him

Rep. Duncan Hunter to plead guilty in campaign finance violations caseDuncan Hunter is expected to change his “not guilty” plea in court today after denying for more than a year that he illegally misused campaign funds he'll make some nice friends in prison... GOP crook edition 304 The evidence against him is overwhelming. You can't use campaign funds to pay for courting women while married. What a creep.

Rep. Duncan Hunter to change plea in case alleging misuse of campaign fundsThe California Republican, who has long denied accusations of illegally dipping into campaign funds, will change his not guilty plea, court documents show No surprise, he's a Republican GOP family values To what will he change it? Guilty, no contest, plea to lesser charge, for a deal?