Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Helicopter Co., Pilot

Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Helicopter Co., Pilot


Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Helicopter Co., Pilot

Vanessa Bryant is suing the helicopter company and pilot, claiming they're responsible for Kobe & everyone on board's death.

The lawsuit alleges Island Express was only allowed to fly under visual flight rules, and the conditions the day of the crash were not conducive for such flying. As we reported, the fog was extremely low and the pilot was in blinding conditions before the mishap.

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Old news She has enough money and she will be with another mandingo within 6 months. Mark my words If that will help her grieve. It won’t bring them back, I’m sorry. how many times are yall gonna repost this 🤦🏻‍♀️ Getting tired of this. He chose to take a helicopter in bad weather. No one forced him to. They do not need any more money. This is getting tiresome.

I hate to say it but more than likely it was Kobe himself who made the pilot fly in that weather. Also kind of shitty a millionaire is suing to get more money. Really? $$$ bitches never have enough... Tell us again... The pilot is dead too She is sick why ruin another family cuz her peeps died in the crash? That family is already devastated money hungry

How Kobe Bryant memorial can help wife Vanessa, others with grieving'If she can feel the loving arms of people wrapped around her … that’ll help her and her kids survive and go on to live again,' said Alan Wolfelt, founder and director of the Center for Loss & Life Transition in Colorado. Colorado, ay? Hundreds of Millions of dollars will help her survive You never get over the death and it may take time, but you do learn how to better cope with the loss.

Good for her! Get justice for ur family & the rest of the occupants who lost their lives She should let the pilot’s family grieve in peace - not pursue a lawsuit She’s grieving let her do so in peace we know 😒. Stop making her a headline, let her grieve. Ooo please No different then the limo driver in lady Diana's death. When the rich & famous want to go U go. Less then a month after finding out your daughter & husband died in an accident your filing a lawsuit. Most don't think straight for months or yrs after a loss let alone file a suit

No terrain detection technology OR a black box recorder. This should be (undoubtedly) mandatory on ALL private and civilian helicopters going forward. I’m wondering if the NTSB is going to regulate this or not... That’s wrong I hope she wins The multi millionaires with unlimited connections suing a helicopter pilot’s family who already lost their husband in the accident and now you need money from them too?

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant Honored at 2020 NAACP Image AwardsKobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash in January, received a special tribute at the 2020 NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, two days before their public memorial.

This is so wrong. Is she going to sue the air traffic controllers and the FAA too for giving them clearance? The bent the rules because, well, it was Kobe. Man if your company is the reason my 13 yo daughter is dead im suing you into the ground FOH to those that don’t agree. Dont me She has the right to do wtf she wants

So wrong. She should wonder would Kobe do the same. Understand her pain but this is downright disgusting. KOBE and her daughter are not the only ones who died on that plane. So you fr about to sue a dead guy?🤧🤔🧐 I’m just ready for her and the other victims families to Heal in Peace!! Everything is timing. But this is also sad for that pilots family. He already paid with his life.

Perfect example. When Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash, they told them not to fly, but she insisted on getting back. We have no idea if Kobe told them to fly regardless after being warned not to. The only thing going in her favor is there was no terrain system. Can't say I blame her, it'll help prevent these type of tragedies in the future. The pilot got special permission to fly under dangerous conditions. Pilot was in charge& should have said no even if Kobe insisted that he fly anyway. No one knows if kobe insisted though. Tragic.

Helicopter pilot in Bryant crash had FAA violation in 2015The pilot of a helicopter that crashed into a Southern California hillside, killing Kobe Bryant and eight others, was reprimanded five years ago for flying without permission into airspace while he had reduced visibility So this is 2020... Think that that chopper had been updated.. Let's have some real cliff hanger news huh? I lived on Las Virgenes and the guy turned the wrong way and went south towards Malibu instead of west to Thousand Oaks. The terrain changes right there from rather even to small hills. If you go towards Malibu the marine layer is heavier and you meet a tall range of mountains. How many successful flights did the pilot have before this crash? I’d be willing to bet there’s many pilots out there, still flying that have had at least one FAa violation

Grave digging for gold. Man, she is suing the crap out of em Kobe knew the risk before getting on thats why y'all made that deal to never fly together cause when this happen one of y'all needed to be with the kids I tried to refrain from speaking on this but I keep seeing people say 'SoMeBoDy HaS tO pAy'the pilot did pay WITH HIS LIFE. The company don't need another lesson. That pilot made a mistake & paid the ultimate price for it. People are mourning him too. Money won't teach them shit

Kobe is responsible for his death as well I'm sure if he would of said no the pilot wouldn't have taken off. Especially considering 1 pilot told him No! Meaning he knew the risk before asking that pilot to do it. No money for her. This is just a hard lesson for others to receive Let it go baby Di_DiLady

Ok we know already I think she should let the dead be at peace doing we only brings in more pain rip manbas Cmon Ness the pilot also died plus why you suing for money as well, not a good look

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Pilot Previously Violated Weather-Related Flight Rules – ReportOn the eve of the public memorial for Lakers great Kobe Bryant, new information has emerged about the helicopter pilot who manned the Jan. 26 crash that claimed nine lives. Ara Zobayan, who flew th… First it was the pilot had an impeccable record now they want to tarnish the man's name. How far does this conspiracy go🤔 Let the man rest

How can the pilot be sued when he is already dead. Should the company or his family shoulder the damages? Just curious. The pilot was an idiot. RIP you already posted this? Why it was not the poilt fault And let us not forget the other who died in the crash as well. Sure Kobe was great but other human beings were involved as well who are just as important as Kobe 🙄

Maybe the pilot but the helicopter was mechanically sound.. Only a matter of time before Kobe estate gets sued. I’m continually amazed by the number of social media commenters who never heard of insurance and never gave any thought to the importance of holding negligent companies accountable so that their same negligence does not reoccur and get more people killed.

Reading and absorbing the term pre-impact terror 😩. RIP

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Pilot Previously Violated Weather-Related Flight Rules – ReportOn the eve of the public memorial for Lakers great Kobe Bryant, new information has emerged about the helicopter pilot who manned the Jan. 26 crash that claimed nine lives. Ara Zobayan, who flew the Bryant helicopter into a hillside last month also violated weather-related flight rules in 2015, the Los Okay, so it was in an FAA database somewhere... Go on... I wonder who Kobe pissed off. Kobe's helicopter fall to the ground at vertical speed of 120km/h ( free fall, after seperation of a rotor at 40m height) making engines to roar ( as described by a witness)

That Co Pilot endangered and ended their lives by allowing them to FLY in the FOG!!! He deserve to be sued!!! I wonder what Coby, would do? Friends for a very long time! ❤️💋 Isn’t the pilot dead,what are you gonna do, sue his estate?, seems to me, from all the praise be to Kobe interviews this isn’t something he would of wanted to do

Hopefully the other families file lawsuits too or at least join in on Vanessa’s. I’m sure the other passengers experienced terror on the flight. We know the Bryant’s are rich & Kobe probably had life insurance, but she’s also suing for what money can’t buy. 😔 That was expected. As horrible as this was, IMO it was the pilots fault. With reports that flights were grounded due to the fog, this pilot shouldn't have thought his blind flight was safer than others.

Whatever. He and daughter were a Luciferian sacrifice. Don’t join the club if u don’t want to pay the price. That’s why it’s better to follow Jesus who paid the price & gave himself as the ONE sacrifice. Manywilldeflect All the yokels here thinking this is about money. Couldn't KOBE have stopped the flight ?

Helicopter that takes millionaires around didn't have the latest technology like black boxes and system as in locating the ground in foggy weather should be prosecuted and sued. in the meantime fire and medical and military had the stuff on them and commercial doesn't wtf!

How Los Angeles is remembering Kobe BryantAs news of the crash spread, people set to mourning collectively and individually. Paint dried, ink settled into skin, and a city speckled purple and gold. Its been a month and this is still the news? There is a pandemic unfloding you wont talk about, but hey lets keep bumping this topic. ❤️

And rightfully so... she will sue the helicopter co and they are insured... i am sure she will donate every dime to their foundation which does good for others As she should!😤 She lost her child. C’mon man. I understand the anti thought on her lawsuit, but remember she has lawyers that look out for her well being. Regarding Kobe and name calling, the man is dead, let him rest. She lost Gianna, mothers, fathers, wives, daughters died. Let’s all be better people.

I don’t blame and you prejudice hypocrites shouldn’t either, she suffered a devastating lost. It's not about money obviously. It's about accountability and insuring they are not able to endanger anybody again. He has a history of violating his clearance and the company still let him fly. I doubt She win . I guess he didn’t let her enough money to live in luxury for many years 🤔

Not good IMO.. it’s causing backlash The comments here confirm this world is doomed people are scumbags. Imagine telling a grieving wife/parent what she should or should not do from a preventable accident. Disgusting Do not prolong the drama. Let pilot RIP. Kobe probably insisted on getting to the destination on time, and the pilot was just doing his job. We will have tosee how it plays out I guess

This better not be for money. You better donate all of that to the other families who had loved ones pass in the crash and didn't get worldwide memorials! Idk how this gone play out, she knows Kobe is very influential. The dead cannot speak. How can you prove what really happened. ....and she will win too 🤜🤛LockItIn

As she should!!!! Ridiculous, shes such a gold digger! Can’t blame her. This is only the beginning. Action or reaction? Do we know all the facts? She has to do what's right for her. Her world has been destroyed. Let her be. The pilot did according to the guidelines of his job. We don't if he pleaded with his employers and they told him to proceed.

She need to sue y’all asses! Minus the heartbreak...Vanessa says nothing about the other victims. No mention of why a helicopter was used to ferry children, why Kobe was texting during flight and other pressures on the pilot to get to just a BB game on a Sunday. That's right!!!! onyx_lobo wow read it For what.

Of course she does. I hope she include the other families in the Lawsuit, if it about accountability, they could definitely use the money too People thinking this is about money are clueless ... Clearly she doesn’t need the money. What’s going to stop the company from doing the same in the further? And putting other lives at risk? Maybe they would be more safety focused in the future

I know she's hurt but the pilot is dead!!! She's going to crushed his family or what!? So wrong in so many levels. Disgusting

She sued y’all yet? We ain’t forget. I'm no lawyer but I think this is to protect her family from being sued by the other families of the passengers that died. I'm sure they'll all be filing wrongful death suits too against his estate. As she should. Every other helicopter was told to clear the sky except Kobe’s?...Snatch every Dollar!

I have a feeling that you all didn’t just learn of this, but are trying to take advantage of the memorial. You guys are fools if you think she is doing it for the money. It's to avoid another tragedy like this. Someone needs to be held accountable. Like she needs more money. I guesd money solves every thing 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

You just couldnt wait... Good for her To all the people knocking this woman she lost her husband and child because the helicopter company said the pilot could fly even though nobody else could. It's not like she needs money so it definitely not what she's after.

She will win!!!! I guess she needs more money all the other families should file against her since it was Kibes plane ay harvey, it’s really time for you to cut this shit out! Sue the mountain and fog also Why not.... Shit should NEVER HAPPENED. Period. As she should. So should the other families. I hope she gives it all to the other passenger’s families. She’s first in line so she’ll get more than the others should they also file and win.

Disgusting. You have to tweet this during the memorial. You guys are pathetic

She should file one toward y’all too 😬 Pilot is dead as well! It was an accident! Leave his family alone! Doesn't she already have enough money!!! If I had the Bryant’s money I would damn well make sure that any pilot flying my family around was instrument trained. She’s has all the right too..pilots insurance will mostl likely have to pay.

RIPKobeBryant RIPGIANNA ripalyssa ripkerri ripchristina rippayton ripsarah ripara Imagine having to bury your pilot father/husband and then knowing that his estate and probably the future of his children are gone 😬. revenge 🥺 Selfish and vindictive. Money won't accomplish anything or solve anything.

Does this mean the families that were in the helicopter should sue her since it was her husband and her helicopter The pilot died what is she expecting to get it everyone involved lost someone

I highly doubt it's for the money. I think is the principle of the matter. If it were any of you And you lost your family then you would do the same thing.. so just 🤫 Let her learn to forgive and accept faith I wish law was taught in high school because everyone in this comments have no idea how these things work. Her lawyers have to sue for various reasons including insurance

Y'ALL need to be sued. 🙄 Tell em bring me my money Shit.. She better, if not, the families of the other victims who died will be suing KOBE'S estate! No thank you! Wow I saw that coming! But how it’s the co liable if he wanted to fly on a cloudy and foggy day 🤔 I hope she sue for not allowing the authorities to inform her in a proper manner than blasting it across a global scale only to be first with a story.

I agree with her. If law enforcement saw fit to ground their helicopters due to the conditions, Kobe’s helicopter should never have taken off as well. Damn you can Sue Somebody for loss of Love Who said she’s doing it for the money?! I mean common... she’s most likely doing it for accountability so it doesn’t happen again the copter shouldn’t have flown. All y’all judging she just lost everything. Leave her alone.

Good for her!!! It’s normal in a fatal accident. Happens everyday. Insurance will pay out its limits (aviation insurance and excess). Their will be a long list of who gets paid how much they get of the bucket of money. ChiaraSoprano1 Plz explain cause I'm really not sure why she will do this, especially when there was no radar/gps in the helicopter and no black box and others weren't flying cause of fog

Good for her, the right thing to do why not? She lost her husband & child. Just because she is wealthy then no one has to be held accountable? My mom was dragged under a bus while waiting at the bus stop after she had volunteered at the senoir center. We had 30 days to file. I mean it's all terribly sad, she's grieving, but: 'The suit also asks for damages for 'pre-impact' terror -- damages for the emotional trauma Kobe and Gigi suffered as the pilot struggled to get out of the clouds before the crash.... ' only in the US of A

what did the company do wrong? the helicopter was cleared for take off, the weather deteriorated during flight, so it was purely the pilot’s fault 💯, who’s by the way dead 💀 Knew this was coming

It wouldn’t surprise me that she suing them. Their accident record was subpar. The lawsuit could go to the memorial foundation or to make helicopter regulations/laws tighter and more safe for future lives. Don’t judge until you’ve lost loved ones. So not too soon...a family isn’t mourning right now huh...

As she should. Really!!! Get on with your life; this won’t bring them back. Seven lost life’s !!! Horrible move! yall really posting this shit now you people are sick!!!!! I read somewhere the Pilot had a prior citation to the accident. With not following some rules Before everyone who held Vanessa close just a few weeks only to throw her away now, probably won't be the only one to file suit according to the FAA. Remember a non famous mom AND dad left two children behind. So it's not just about VB. TMZ is already making her the big bad wolf

Good for her.....poor lady 💔 that’s not going to bring them back sis can she just have some privacy ..

She needs to sue y’all too! i think the pilot wS 1000% neglectful.. but not helecoptor company Could y’all not wait at the very least another day Like what is wrong with y’all? I just read some heartless disgusting comments are done of you people for real? SMH heartless !! .. glad your suing absolutely every right to hope you win! ❤️❤️😘🙏

Always been about the coins. 💰 It was an accident go on with your healing not anger and resentment Vanessa is doing what she feels she must do. But Kobe knew the weather conditions and chose to take himself, his child, and the others into the chopper anyway. We don’t know conversations that took place.

Can’t blame her or judge her for whatever decisions she needs to make. I’m sure she has a lot of advisors right now too. Kobe had to authorize the takeoff as well so she really can't use. And I bet the company will use that against her, considering 1 pilot had already said no because of the weather. And it was a reason all the authorities grounded all their helicopters. No money for you lady

So in other words Vanessa believes the pilot committed suicide and murder. If the lawsuit claims the pilot failed to abort the flight when he knew of the cloudy condition, failed to maintain control of the helicopter and failed to avoid 'natural obstacles' in the flight path. WOW

She will probably donate the money. 💜 The pain has to go somewhere and she's going to be angry for a long time since this was avoidable. She also doesn't need the money so this is all just anger I'm sure. Maybe she'll sue for them to have equipment on the helo that the planes have to avoid hitting mountains.

Stay out these folks business man geez 😠 I am sorry I would do the same there is noway that plane should have been flying that day. So many people lost there lives and it could have been prevented. Disgusting! The pilot was flying under his orders.. She likely collected millions on his life insurance. Just how much does she want to profit on his death? How many memorials will they be having? Does anyone remember the other 7 who lost their lives? I am sick of this..

of course she does AlexaRenee189 Smart- Kobe’s estate has to strike first because they can be sued by the other victims families Laying the groundwork for the other victimized families. frankmottek All scripted

Of cour$e $he did. Coma between Co. & Pilot 😱😮😱 youngtrop I’m not mat at that at all Oh no It’ll be hard for the dead guy to defend himself I knew she was going to do that. I wish she were also suing the FAA, for neglect by failing to stop the pilot from being stupid and hardly heeding his own request for ongoing help. Maybe the FAA will be added to the lawsuit later.

She fixing get no where. The other families will probably sue too. What I don't understand, Kobe knew the Pilot so I'm sure the pilot said we shouldn't fly in this type of weather. Kobe was in a hurry to get to the game with the other families right? So I'm sure Kobe said it is fine. Like the last tweet she had plenty of money.

I don't believe anything from TMZ... Please wait on other news outlets. She should sue you next. 🖕 Well isn’t the pilot dead ? 👏👏👏 Should’ve sued ass too should never have flown. made no sense. there is no way to tell (cellphone messages?) but what I would have loved to have known is whether Kobe himself wanted to fly — or not. pilot has ultimate responsibility — but still.

For all of the people justifying this because the pilot went out in the weather to begin with, by that logic wouldn’t it actually be the state of California’s fault for not making this illegal? The fact that it’s up to a humans choice is the issue here. All in favor say...Yes🥰 Every single person would sue if their child or spouse was killed in that matter they trusted the pilot and he got them killed..doesn't matter how much money she has...Anyone saying the pilot died so let go is LYING to Twitter and themselves

Whats next she gonna sue the ground for not being softer...the wind for blowing too hard Really bad look

she doesn't need the money. the money won't help make it better. I seriously doubt the helicopter company has as much in assets as she'd be looking for. so. ultimately, she'd be suing an insurance company. I'm not seeing a positive outcome for anyone but the lawyers here Vanessa taking an L here, let the pilot rest in peace and leave his estate alone 😑

She needs to come against y'all too. She probably found out her husband died thanks to you reporting on the accident before it was even confirmed to have no survivors. How fortunate for you that massive gamble on your credibility worked in your favour. Kobe was worth $800 MILLION dollars. She doesn't need any more money....

GOOD!!! Pilot messed up big time, and cost everyone's lives. The dead pilot? As she fucking should. The chopper shouldn’t have been in the air with those weather conditions. I know it wont bring them back but I hope all the families come together and sue... ok know it alls who are commenting you clowns have all the appropriate answers to everything!

Yeah, any one else see that coming?

'The suit also asks for damages for 'pre-impact' terror -- damages for the emotional trauma Kobe and Gigi suffered as the pilot struggled...' We can only assume and believe this happened. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to hear their distress if there's a tape. Money won't bring them back. Imagine being the Pilot's family and having to bury your son/dad and another victim is suing you. 😔

Not unexpected. It's the responsible thing to do. I think she has every right to.. I don’t think it’s about the money .. it was reckless and maybe suing them can save others❤️ Why though you don't need the money just stop please it was an accident Oh dang really? I think this is excessive Maybe she’s doing it so it doesn’t happen again to anyone else.

Smh Eveyone Bashing lets see y’all operate the same if it was your family .....clearly ain’t a money thing for the Bryant family I would’ve to shit imagine that pain

Everyone sues its more American than apple pie these days. This is a legal maneuver in case the other victims files a lawsuit against the Bryants. This in a way, points the blame towards the helicopter company thus making the Bryants part of the other victims separate from pilot & the company. What!🥺 Ya le paso el duelo

Ig I saw it coming but dint expect at the same time I normally can’t stand when people’s first reaction is to sue, but in this case it seems like such an egregious error by the pilot that a suit seems warranted Did they find the black boxes? no vocal flight recorder? For God sake, does she not have enough money? Id say yes if she was going to donate it to charity.

I most definitely would!! Can’t bring them back but this should never happen again!!! Bad weather then the answer is no FLYING!! Knew that was coming....its always about more money her meal ticket is gone

Stop fucking reporting on what Vanessa is or isn’t doing. She might sue y’all next. yikes She’s suing the pilot...who also died? Huh Well, she has 2 billion worth of assets to spend on Lawyers . Good! She need to do this. For various reasons. This ain't it, Vanessa You rich for life. Don't waste energy AS SHE SHOULD

She couldn’t wait til AFTER the memorial? 🤷🏽‍♂

But didnt the pliot die Ummm 🤔 that’s going to be interesting He warned Kobe stop ! she's aware a pilot also died in the chopper right? Knew this was coming, we'll see what happens as time goes on.

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