Van Nuys woman says homeless man continues to make bed on her porch, refuses to leave

9/24/2022 8:19:00 AM

A woman in Van Nuys is calling on police to investigate after a man, who she believes is homeless, continues to make a bed on her porch and refuses to leave.

Vannuys, Lapd

What would you do if a homeless man moved in to your porch for days and wouldn't leave? That's the dilemma for a frightened VanNuys woman who's pleading for help. Why can't the LAPD keep him from coming back? Tonight at 11 from ABC7.

A woman in Van Nuys is calling on police to investigate after a man, who she believes is homeless, continues to make a bed on her porch and refuses to leave.

Shacola Thompson, who lives near Sherman Way and Hazeltine Avenue, tells Eyewitness News the man has been spotted at her home at least 10 times over the last month."I'm concerned about my safety," she said.She said on Thursday, the police were called twice.

Thompson shared several videos from her Ring camera, which captured several of those police encounters."Do you know this individual?" the officer asks Thompson through the camera."I do not know him," Thompson is heard responding. "I do not know this individual. He's been poking around here; this is the second time I have to call log him. He tagged my wall."

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Wait, illegal trespassing is no longer considered a crime? I hope that is not the case, and that this man gets off this woman's property. :( Because the LAPD want crime and citizen distress to rise in order to undermine DA George Gascón's crusade to reform law enforcement. Amazing_Dr_K No one has the 'right' to a home. Homes are one of the things that are earned. Get a job, save your money, buy a home. Don't want to save your money? Rent. Nothing is a 'right' if someone else has to finance it.

i bet if you went outside with a gun and said gtfo he would if not he tresspassing ask again if cops wont do anything you need to protect your house i mean how long before hes like i can strong arm her and be sleeping in that bed tonight and eating her food This is so sad and nothing is done all of us will have the same problem.

A local motorcycle club could surely help. Well if she or he moved to his property he's property all they have to do is call the police like she did or ask to leave but I'm pretty sure to was close to her house and the news to make this a tremendous live became a culture now in days Blast some Baby Shark music, he will leave. If that doesn’t work, try the Barney theme song.

Defensive design. Can start by removing those seats in the meantime. I would take out the furniture, hire a security guard, and board up the porch, pepper spray him, etc. He’s still alive after the cops showed up WOW if it were…. Smh

Only On: Van Nuys woman searching for answers as homeless man continues to take over her front porchEven though she's called police several times, the man keeps coming back to the woman's porch, where she's caught him sleeping and smoking and leaving graffiti over the past month. Call the cops. If that doesn’t work, buy a pit bull. The article makes it seem the police was only called once on the trespasser. If he shows up again I’d suggest for her to call the local police authorities. Simple answer, STOP VIRTUE SIGNALING AT THE BALLOT BOX! This is exactly what happens when progressive policies meet reality!

SaveVenice1 Well first thing is get rid of the outdoor furniture! Then put a super bright porch light on. See if you can get a restraining order against him. The next move I couldn’t say here on Twitter…. Kyrie Irving out here wildin’ I am sorry but I would arm myself and scare him off by force. Some of these peoples are weirdos. This man could be a rapist. This woman could have children.

You should get rid of the furniture. He seems too comfortable. Hahaha. You voted for it German Shepherds are good guard dogs as they were bred to protect and herd sheep, so it is their natural instinct to guard their family. They are incredibly loyal, protective, and territorial and can quickly recognize a threat, which allows them to protect their home.

Take him out by force screw all these homeless. 99% of them are all whacked out on drugs. There’s no help for them. Lock them all up. Can’t believe there’s compassion for him and not the homeowner He'd need an ambulance after the first try 'WhY dO You NeEd aN GuNs?'🤔 When the new law passes Jan 1st in IL, we won't even be able to call the police to remove them

Man Found Dead Inside Van in Oakland Likely a Victim of Freeway Shooting: PoliceUPDATE: A man found dead in a van on an Oakland city street late Wednesday night likely is the victim of a freeway shooting on Interstate 580, according to the CHP and Oakland police. will avoid Oakland for sure

You all talk so much shit , wait till this happens to you. Have some compassion and Karma... Maybe it was his home before he became homeless? Maybe, he grew up there as a child and feels compelled to be close to his past? I would try and talk to him, help find shelter other than my property, especially if I have kids. Buy him some clothes and a tent. The cops would only get involved if I see him as threatening. Most homeless ppl aren’t trying to hurt u, they just need help, compassion & empathy.

The city has a system to report the homeless encampments I think 211? Maybe call them 2A. We need the purge here in LA The absolute first thing I would do is remove the furniture, then after that I can’t say on Twitter Set up the sprinklers on the porch I’m sorry barbwire THIS IS COMING TO ILLINOIS IF PRITZKER IS REELECTED.

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Garden hose at 3AM always worked on raccoons. Give it a try. Throw boiling water and grease AFTER you've told him TWICE to leave your property!!! And get a NEIGHBOR'S dog. Apparently that's NOT a Black person's home! If the police can't.....Oh, WE CAN get him off OUR property!! T.R.U.S.T!! That's Van Nuys for ya

Trespassing is a crime. People's homes are private. Make citizens arrest and police are required to take him into custody. ||Xi|| CHP_HQ SpaceForceDoD CIA this is an alien 👽 DHSgov DeptofDefense There is a solution to ending homelessness GJTIII My orange tree needs fertilizer. Arrest for trespassing

Install a beautiful security gate

Man found dead inside van likely victim of freeway shooting in Oakland, authorities sayThe California Highway Patrol is investigating a freeway shooting in Oakland after a man was found dead inside a vehicle on city streets.

She doesn't have street ties? Or just a nephew with a best friend to bless this man with $20.00/Hands&feet combo? Vote in the next election Looks like it time to look into some nice looking security fencing. If u want to get stabbed or PTSD go ahead and take the advice from the 🤡🤡 in this comment section lmao

Be careful. He might become dangerous. You never know Get him a job and rent a room out to him I would start voting out liberals, but that’s just me. “Liquid Ass!” Half a bottle of that. And he’ll be out in seconds!!!!! tell the woman to take the porch furniture away, then adopt a large German Shepherd police dog and let him guard your place especially at night safer than being lonely..let the dog loose outside if possible ...

He’s trespassing on private property? Gun! Shoot! Bye!

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Are we sure he’s not currently in a mental health crisis? It looks like he’s interacting with someone…… perhaps having some auditory hallucinations? It’s called a pit bull. Not hard. Cut wifi, remove furniture... Get a PitBull! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸 Two bullets to the chest would stop all this. You work too hard to provide safety/comfort for your family, yourself, to come home to this bullshit at your house. It’s sympathy for him until he do the unthinkable to that family.

ELSYSBEAR Thank your Governor Gavin sanctuarystate Out of all porches. I’m sorry they would’ve have to vacate him and if he come back I’ll have the biggest dog ready cause that’s invasion of privacy and trespassing Kris Jenner has a condo in Beverly Hills that she forgot she owns. In my country we would drag them outside and throw them to the cops. And wave goodbye.

Why is there even a 'homeless crisis' in this greatest of all nations? Government only pretends to protect you. This is a perfect case for the second amendment Why would you immediately turn to the police? They're not trained to deal with people experiencing homelessness but DPSS is. Hire me. I'm Ray Donovan Jackson -Harper 😁

Put up a gate or someway to block access.I had this when I lived in weho. We used to wet down the porch and pour bleach down to keep him away. I’d keep callling and doing something, but I’m sure she’s doing this already. Ridiculous they are acting like this If we could have some kinda subsidized help to anyone willing to help / take in homeless along with better support services this could change much faster. I’m sure this has been spoken about or I would hope so.

Happened to us....I was a teen when a homeless man moved into our porch in LA..... Very scary! My single mom raising 4 kids dealt with him single handedly daily.... He finally gave up and moved on. Hopefully her neighbors can help her jBSTEEL_ when yall move to LA lol

To the people saying “I would talk to him and help him”…that’s nice and all. He tried to break in her house tho & sprayed graffiti on her house…sorry you’re endangering me and my family. You gotta go dawg, 1 way or the other 🤷🏾‍♂️ It’s LA, nothing going to happen to him The homeless have become the new military. Respect the homeless lmaooo

This is sad. How about someone helps him! Because Chief Moore is a spineless bastard. I wouldn't doubt that in the near future, a law will be created that if a homeowner has an extra room, they MUST let a homeless person or illegal reside there or be fined $1,000 dollars a month. 'They're not taking my safety seriously ... I'm alone.' 'He could come in. He could harm me,' she said. 'He could bogart his way into my house. It's not fair' She is right Police will arrest her if she takes matters into her hands but he is free to run a mock? Wokeville!

Am I missing something here? What's so hard about removing the patio furniture? i just see alot of ppl need Jesus. idk if some of yall are just tryna be funny or not or lack compassion for someone whos less fortunate than u but theres better ways to handle a situation than to harm someone. God works in mysterious ways. look out for one another have a convo

Can’t jail him - Gascon releases them, can’t have him committed for mental illness - he can sue because he is not physical or life threatening to himself or others. She can take the outside furniture off porch & install gate on her porch 🫤

see whats wrong with him. if she has a husband have him go and talk to this man to see why hes so intrigued about this property. not all homeless ppl are dangerous or bad ppl sometimes God leads ppl to others that can help others. just have precautions but see how u can help! 🙏🏾 He should be arrested and removed

I’m glad my porch is inhabitable 🤣 Oh California, such a great place... to leave. GavinNewsom and his pals have destroyed it. So sad. And it going to get A LOT worse. Hose him down every night through your window. If he reacts negatively then the police must act to protect you - that's their sole purpose.

I think I would yell non stop. I freak out over stray cats and dogs and they run away. This is really sad. This man needs help. Calls for exercising your second amendment rights... 357 Get a Dogg. A mean Dogg,or call your ghetto hood cousins from down south. Let me know if you like 👍

Get a Dogg. A mean protective Dogg. Make a house for the Dogg. Put the Dogg house where the man is trespassing! Let me know if I'm wrong. Comments are welcomed. Yes it’s quite a sad situation nobody wants to see this in any state! Perhaps she has to remove her furniture? I guess I’m perplexed why it’s not unlawful when u r what you call “trespassing”, Like isn’t that trespassing? It’s still overall a very sad situation out of control.🥲

We had a guy come sit on our porch at midnight, scared the heck out of me,he was just sitting there on our bench like he belonged, my husband shoo'ed him my insistence we've since installed wrought iron enclosure with lockable gate... This is happening every day, all over the streets in our neighborhoods. Why not try reporting truth and really show what’s been going on for a good 10 YEARS! I have crackheads and feces on every sidewalk, tents are back up, kids being nabbed from their yards, windows broken…

'human rights' Drop kick the mofo Awful but if you think about it, even though it must suck to live in California because of the tolerance for the homeless, it also kind of forces you to see the problem face to face and maybe do something to help mitigate the problem instead of just throwing em all in jail.

What a disgusting propaganda story Did the LAPPL bankroll this or what? People need housing & CareNotCops Thanks Gascon! This is why residences need to arm themselves.

All these people on here saying “I would try and help him” PLEASE reach out to this poor homeowner and offer to house this man and care for him otherwise shut your trap. Bring back state mental hospitals. Its the only solution for people who are non-compliant when it comes to either mental health services, addiction services, etc.

Bring ur gun out flash it watch him run away asap And never return How can the cops not doing anything? If you are asked to leave and don’t, it’s trespassing 🤣🤣 Has anyone tried to help him? Provide alternative housing resources? Simply ask if he’s okay? He obviously has nowhere to go. That’s insane and scary 😦 the police needs to move him.

I bet he’d leave if you put a gun in his face 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Foster a pit bull for a few days, that ought to do it Welcome to California where the homeless have all the power Move to Martha’s Vineyard. They don’t tolerate trespassers. This is why I like to live in old neighborhoods where neighbors know and look out for each other. Talk to your neighbors! People here vote for nonsense and are puzzled when we get nonsense.

Offer him a job and you’ll never see him again. City council (half of which are under federal investigation) has tied the hands of LAPD She's lucky she doesn't live in Illinois, where, starting 2023, cops are not allowed to remove them just give them a ticket. SAFE T law. So scary! She doesn’t feel safe in her own home. I wish the police could do something to support and protect her.

I thought trespassing was illegal? What about loitering; I see those signs everywhere. Sad part is I don’t know who is in the wrong The Homeless individual that keeps trespassing or the LAPDHQ stating they can’t do anything. At first I thought, you know, kablammo. Then I thought, surely there's a way to make money off him? The camera looks good; call it a human fish tank and livestream it.

He’s trespassing on someone else’s property. It’s the justice system, not the LAPD that sets him free to be a repeat offender. And anyone concerned about him being homeless, I challenge you to accept him in your “warm welcoming” home. I would talk to him. And ask him how I might be able to help. He is human. Show compassion.

For starters, get rid of the furniture. Isn’t this trespassing? He wouldn’t be able to sleep on my porch. We have a giant (130+ pounds) that shakes the house when she barks. If someone gets within 50 ft of my house she sounds off like a banshee until they leave. ham_hox Why does this woman feel so privileged that she is unable to accept that someone experiencing homelessness use an area of her property while she isn’t using it? I’m glad to see LAPD being compassionate.

Take the furniture away and get a pit bull. That’s what guns are for

Remove the furniture and get a gun Install security door on that alcove. Keep it locked. Two words RESTRAINING ORDER! In a city with adults in charge, you call the police. In Wokefornia, we let him use your home as his bathroom and the city can give him heroin and needles I’m so tired of these homeless losers. Revolting thieves and drug addicts. Disgusting.

Shameful dishonest headline. Remove the comfy chairs. Install bright spotlights. Put up no trespassing signs.. open fire if needed. It’s your property, defend it! What do you do when media outlets like purposely spins the truth about a story for likes?

Keep voting for these failed politicians that don’t care about serving the community. I swear some of you need a civics lesson. Start by getting rid of these career politicians. 🔫 Results of liberal policies. Keep voting for them. This is what you get. A super-majority legislation in a state with the 5th largest economy in the world, with Aunt Pelosi being able to send Federal Tax $$ to her nephew Newsom. Look in the mirror.

How wonderful please call nithyavraman mikebonin and KarenBassLA . These guys will ask the owner to house and kick the homeowner to the kerb Get rid of the patio furniture so he has nothing to sit/lay on. That’s what I would do. If he continues after the furniture gone, he could get arrested for trespassing.

Liberal policies enable drug addicts, not hard to figure out, unless if you’re a liberal it appears Bear spray it’s cheap and it works Would not need LAPD’s help on this one. He would be gone!!! Trespassing

Well maybe instead of u know who sending billions over to u know where they could use that for the American people to build a shelter w treatment for the mentally Ill that could b a start 🤨 Install a speaker and play baby-shark on repeat. Relocate him to the home of KarenBassLA where he can be the look-out for potential gun thieves.

I guess kujo will scare his ass away. SwaggyCDawg5 Enforce my second amendment right! Lock and load, baby!! Would kicked off in his ass … stop playing Probably her son she kicked out and just not telling that part. 🥹 I lived downtown & this was a common occurrence on our front porch. We just left them alone. They weren’t bothering anyone. Over 40k are unhoused & MayorOfLA Garshitti & LACityCouncil have doubled tht during his tenure. Enough sleeping with developers. We need real solutions.

LA you got what you voted for!

Copaganda is on overtime lately - the pigs must be prepping their fattest budget yet! My Doberman scares off anyone who attempts to stand a few seconds too long in front of my place. She should borrow a Doberman Maybe blast some really annoying music. Might at least get the cops to show up. CD6Nury this is your district you inept grifter.

Fence it off VanNuys has long been racist against the BIPoC Community. Never. Call. The. Police ! I would put all my furniture up and maybe he would leave. He looks way too comfortable. Id have so many fun a creative ways to make this uncomfortable for this guy.. I vote the homeless camp out at Gavin’s luxurious home, plenty of space and beautiful pool!

What a misleading headline. When the police were called, the came and kicked the guy out. The guy was there for 'days' because she was on vacation. I don't know the solution to homeless crisis but I know the police can't solve it, other than arresting or removing the guy.

He would have been physically removed within hours at gunpoint Welcome to California 🤣 I would try to help him. Everyone deserves shelter. He didn’t do anything wrong. Being homeless isn’t a crime. Call the swat team ! That would teach him! That’s ridiculous that he continues to stay and nothing is being done about it! No manners ! 😩.

This is the results and outcome of voting for people who align with the Democratic Party. Welcome to California - isn't it just great 😂 I would exit from a rear door and go to my nearest friend’s house, a gun shop. Now it’s my turn to hang out at my residence. Lock and load! Creeps can literally peep into your windows and be cracked out and LAPD can’t do anything about it. How does that make senS?

I mean those chairs do look comfy 🥴 There’s nothing wrong to hope

Pepper spray, mace, hot grits. Is moving on to a person’s porch without repercussions only possible if you are homeless or can anyone move onto anyone’s porch? Either way, what steps are needed to prevent this occurrence? Useless. Turn the sprinklers on LAPD can’t cuz the way Californians vote Turn off the cameras and beat his ass

Those are my suggestions Put furniture in garage I'd take care of it myself and he wouldn't want to come back.

Time to set up a Bluetooth speaker on the window and blast barrymanilow and kennyg music on loop, I’m sure the guy would leave. babyshark and genieinabottle would work too a bucket full of hot water will do the trick Ask him to leave again, call the police, if they did nothing, I would forcibly remove him with an a$$ kicking if necessary

Maybe because doesn't want to tell everyone about the dilemma. Maybe because backs a governor that doesn't want to fix things. Flamethrower Spray with cockroach killer 24/7 riwired How is this not trespassing? Throw that MFR out. This is completely unacceptable for these scum bag drug addicts to be taking up residency on private property terrifying residents 🤬🤬🤬 Liberal policies are trash

Wow GavinNewsom look what you CA_Dem & TheDemocrats did to the Golden State SpeakerPelosi vp LibbySchaaf LondonBreed KamalaHarris KarenBassLA MaxineWaters CD6Nury nithyavraman mikebonin johnandkenshow AprilDRyan AGRobBonta DrBiden HildaSolis HillaryClinton CNN Get a friend , like me or other friends to come over and throw him in trash

Duh Put a gate. I'm thinking a way to get the LAPD there is when the 911 operator tells police shots fired. My squatting tenants refused to leave my property & the police refused to help. I hired 3 BIKERS who wolf whistled the mom and licked their lips in front of their kids. 3DAYS LATER, they MOVED OUT of my destroyed house.Adjuster said it was the worst claim he paid w/o a dead body.

As long as democrats are in charge along with George Soros backed DA’s then it’s only going to get worse. I fact I would welcome someone trying this to my home . I feel awful for them both. I understand both the feeling of violation of home and the part of the mind that clings to wanting a home. I would blast him with hose , and get friends to take shifts , so he gets hosed 24/7 . He can’t get in , but you can as it’s your home . And this is my “being nice” solution

Turn the hose on him.

They can they just don't want to he is trespassing he is most likely a felon an is in violation of he's parol Get rid of the furniture for one. I am sympathetic to the plight of the unhoused, but the safety of my family takes precedence over the squatter! riwired You get what you vote for 2nd Amendment

This … if you think it’s a threat He'd be gone real quick riwired You get what Californians vote for. Homeless druggies have more rights than anyone in LA Anarcho tyranny. Haha la deserves this and worse. You can thank the liberal policies for this

DeSantis gave him the address and told him there was a job waiting there for him... I'll betcha. Hell nah! Im confused.. her sign said all are welcome and homelessness is not a crime. Why would she involve LAPD? this is literally a few streetlights from where i live. to answer your question, all i know is that i have a firearm in the house. yall gotta stop letting the homeless do what they want. as an independent, im thinking of voting republican

What would I do? Dude would get Alex Murphy'd Time to put a vicious dog on the porch 💯 He wouldn't still be there if he had come to my house. Trust and believe. I would shoot him. He’s trespassing. Easy enough. I had a homeless man sleeping in my carport for over a week and the police said they could not do anything unless the building owner filed a complaint.

Let’s stop paying property taxes until ourstreets and homes are safer

You get what you vote for. Enjoy! Wash remove the patio couch. Install metal doors Days That home owner should have taken action since day 1 Tase them/pepper spray them Get a big dog Buy a g u n What do you expect? This guy destroyed San he's destroying California! He outside homeless his sofa call after cops

Didn't GavinNewsom pledge to fix the Homeless problem a while back or am I just insane 👎 Oddly enough, Shacola Thompson will continue to vote Blue as the Democrat supermajority relentlessly destroys the quality of life in California. There has to be a line drawn on the homeless having more rights then anyone …

😒The way he put his shoes all on the pillows...That alone would be enough to pop him 7/11 stores now play really loud opera music outside their stores for that reason. If you open the door and he rushes in, can you legally defend yourself? He’d be walking with 3 shoes. 2 on his feet, and 1 up his ass 😁

Trespassers will be shot In the face. Better you then me he would of got his ass kick Hahahahahaha

omar_hamad24 Turn the sprinklers on facing inward ugh I’d throw boiling water on him? Welcome to Los Angeles. GeorgeGascon is getting rich while selling our security. I don’t know what it will take to make our city WAKE UP.

VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Shacola Thompson, who lives near Sherman Way and Hazeltine Avenue, tells Eyewitness News the man has been spotted at her home at least 10 times over the last month.By CBSLA Staff September 23, 2022 / 6:03 PM / CBS Los Angeles Only On: Van Nuys woman distressed as homeless man keeps staking claim of her front porch 02:35 A Van Nuys woman is at wit's end with a homeless man that continues to find his way back to her front porch, taking over it as if it was his own.Android and pick your alerts.Ford’s New Electric Van Promises To Revolutionize Commercial EVs in Europe By Published 3 hours ago At present, Ford’s E-Transit offered in the United States comes with a limited range of only 126 miles.

"I'm concerned about my safety," she said. She said on Thursday, the police were called twice.  Even though she's called police several times, Shacola Thompson is worried that man will just keep coming back. Thompson shared several videos from her Ring camera, which captured several of those police encounters. It's the fourth fatal shooting this week in Oakland, and it comes less than 24 hours after California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the creation of a new state office focused on gun violence prevention. "Do you know this individual?" the officer asks Thompson through the camera.  "I was really bothered by the fact that someone had the nerve, and be that bold, to sit there and go to sleep on someone else's property," Thompson said. "I do not know him," Thompson is heard responding. “Ford Pro and the E-Transit Custom are redefining what a commercial vehicle can do – powering working people and businesses into a new digital age,” said Jim Farley , president and CEO, Ford Motor Company.

"I do not know this individual. "I do not know why he chose my patio," she said. He's been poking around here; this is the second time I have to call log him. He tagged my wall. They told him to leave, but he returned hours later, resulting in another call to authorities." Thompson claims the man keeps coming back. Police confirm they have asked the man, who has not been identified, not to return to the property.  "If we get another call here again today you're gonna go to jail alright," one of the officers can be heard telling the man as he walked away from Thompson's porch. E-Transit Custom offers new digital solutions for multi-drop deliveries, as well as cab and load compartment access, to increase productivity during the day.

They said they warned him that if he comes back again, he would be arrested. In one of the videos, the man is seen getting placed in handcuffs.  "I wanna see this area get cleaned up," Thompson said. This is a developing story. This article will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. I want the police to really take action. Copyright © 2022 KABC Television, LLC. Independent rear suspension and class-leading motor power help deliver a new level experience that customers will love.

All rights reserved.  "When I go outside and I sit there and have my tea or drink my coffee, I shouldn't have to worry about somebody coming around the corner, can they potentially hurt me?" Thompson said. Related Topics .