World, Coronavirus Update: Latest World News For October 20

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest World News For October 20

Vaccine scientist: Next few months may be 'one of the darkest chapters in modern American history'

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

10/20/2020 5:49:00 PM

A vaccine scientist warns that the next four to five months could be 'one of the darkest chapters in modern American history' as more than half of states report a rise in new infections.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

7 min agoNIH director says it is "very unlikely" a Covid-19 vaccine will be authorized before late NovemberFrom CNN Health's Jacqueline HowardDr. Francis Collins, director of the US National Institutes of Health, attends a hearing on September 9 in Washington, DC. Michael Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images

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The United States is unlikely to have a Covid-19 vaccine authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration before late November at the earliest, according to Dr. Francis Collins, director of the US National Institutes of Health."I would think it's very unlikely – given the timetables and the standards that have to be followed – that you will hear about an emergency use authorization before late November at the earliest," Collins said during an interview with NPR's"Morning Edition" on Tuesday.

"These will be vaccines that are tested with the most rigorous standards for safety and efficacy," Collins said."If we get to the point by sometime, maybe the end of this year, where one or more of those is judged to be safe and effective, it will be because it's safe and effective."

The White House Coronavirus Task Force still meets at least once a week with the Vice President to discuss issues such as"the worsening of the pandemic in the middle of the country," Collins added."We have not met with the President in quite some time," he said."I think the President primarily is getting his information from the Vice President, from Dr. Atlas."

, who has made controversial comments about mask-wearing recently, serves as the White House coronavirus adviser.After Donald Trump'sattack on Dr Anthony Fauci,Collins said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was"probably the most highly respected infectious disease expert in the world," adding:"I have great confidence in him."

Collins also warned that the US"never got over the first wave" of the virus that hit New York particularly hard, saying"we never really drove the cases down to the baseline.""We had another big terrible burst in the summer taking the lives of tens of thousands of people in the Southeast. Here we are now with 220,000 dead – and we're going straight up again with the number of cases that are happening each day," Collins said.

He said this was because the US had not succeeded in introducing"really effective public health measures" such as mask-wearing, social distancing and handwashing, adding that his family will not be gathering for Thanksgiving this year. Read more: CNN »

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And yet morons refuse to wear a mask. Here in Reno Nevada we hit 350 cases today. God help us.. God help the world It will be if Trump wins. We need to come together as a country and get this under control before more die. Big Pharma is 0 without people to sell drugs to. If no people, no income for Big Pharma. They will do a vaccine, more or less efficient...but you will need to feed on some more drugs for other stuff. Win win for Big Pharma. 😜

gosh , this again, theyve been saying this for months Except that you are Fake News so what’s the point of believing anything you say; I.e. Trump Russian Collusion. Yall believe anything. Jneicy2009 “ So negative” we all can’t work from home and hide in basement, 40 k -60k die from flu but we go on and America isn’t New Zealand do March on

Intentando asustar a la gente! Como siempre CNN Why that long please Such a banality. Winter is coming and many will die out flu and coronavirus. Do we need to be scientists to figure this out? I hope they just don't play with us by saying.... you had to wear mask now it's mandatory that everyone eat this new vaccine. Think of that med won't fully cure & what if that med will have harmful side effects if any? Think about young kids I will continue with my green juice

0 My God! Please stop scaring people . The vaccine of Covid 19 has already found in Egypt and patients are started to get covered day after another. The horrible part of Covid 19 is about to be destroyed totally globally very soon. Thanks . Salah Fear mongering The ones selling the panic are the same people selling the vaccine.

What about CNN virus and threat viruses And negative energy IMF are going to own the world IMF Psyop to cover One Quadrillion Dollars in total they are going to loan (relief) to Governments around the to bail them out of GFC 2.0 on the condition nations governments agree to environmental austerity, shut down International Flights and International tourism

All of America history is dark Anything for ratings ! I don't know why I'm wasting my time to reply to you. Are nurses and doctors I've had enough people won't do simplest compassionate thing like wear a mask to protect someone else. This is not the America I knew 50 years ago. Europe with all it's lock downs has a dramatic rise in covid infections... ummmmmmmmm

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Former FDA Commissioner Warns Next Few Months Will Be ‘Hardest Phase Of The Pandemic’President Trump has insisted frequently over the past month and a half that the U.S. is “rounding the turn” on coronavirus. you lost me at former FDA commissioner talking about a viral pandemic Ask Trump if he cares... Did China go through this already or they'll be experiencing the same?

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