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Vaccine refusal prompts more than 100 employees to quit at major Indiana hospital system

IU Health gave its employees a September 1 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID.

9/17/2021 3:47:00 AM

IU Health gave its employees a September 1 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID.

IU Health gave its employees a September 1 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID.

for all healthcare workers and places with over 100 employees among others in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.During his speech at the time, Biden said that he is expanding vaccination requirements to"cover those who work in hospitals, home health care facilities, or other medical facilities—a total of 17 million health care workers."

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"If you're seeking care at a health facility, you should be able to know that the people treating you are vaccinated. Simple. Straightforward. Period." he added.Indiana University Health said that employees who didn't comply with the vaccine mandate were put on unpaid suspension which reportedly didn't affect staffing. Above, a medical worker at South Shore University Hospital administers the newly available Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to Susan Maxwell-Trumble on March 3 in Bay Shore, New York.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesThe president previously announced that workers at nursing facilities, who are treating patients on Medicaid and Medicare, are required to get vaccinated against COVID.Around 80 million U.S. citizens haven't received a single dose of the COVID vaccine, according to the Biden administration, despite the vaccines being free and available for anyone above the age of 12.

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On Thursday, a spokesperson for the nonprofit health care organization told Newsweek that 125 employees resigned from their jobs after refusing to take the COVID vaccine. There are 36,000 employees working for the hospital system. Good for IU Health.... This antisocial Covid death cult thing of the Trumplicans needs to end. Lets get this pandemic behind us. God gave us brains, Jesus a directive that life is sacred... With these we learned to make vaccines and mask to protect life. Not using them is wrong

Zero empathy. It is a reality of our work in healthcare.

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Health officials debunk Nicki Minaj’s claim that COVID vaccine caused impotence'There are a number of myths that fly around which are just clearly ridiculous,' Britain's top health official said. 'That happens to be one of them.' The same health officials who’ve been lying to us since March 2020? Debunk does anybody need to debunk Nicki Minaj's claims about anything relating to vaccines?

Trinidad And Tobago's Health Minister Shoots Down Nicki Minaj's COVID Vaccine Story'Unfortunately, we wasted so much time yesterday running down this false claim,' Terrence Deyalsingh said. Don’t ya think. I mean everyone knew she was lying. Ballgate day 4?

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