Using Tear Gas On Protesters May Worsen Coronavirus Spread

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An open letter signed by infectious disease and public health experts urged law enforcement not to deploy tear gas on anti-racism protesters.

found civilians with repeated exposure to tear gas were more likely to develop chronic respiratory conditions.

Chin-Hong, who helped edit the letter after it was drafted by a group of infectious disease experts at the University of Washington, said it was published with the goal of supporting protesters while helping them to mitigate risk.“We wanted to affirm people’s right to speak out against all the tragedy that’s happening in the U.S right now,” he said. “To arm people with the knowledge of how they can stay safe while affirming their right to have their voices heard.

This would include authorities maintaining social distance from protesters, wearing masks, not detaining protesters in confined spaces such as jails and police vans, and stopping the use of tear gas. After attending protests, he suggested getting tested, cooperating with contact tracers and avoiding vulnerable family members.that protests, some of which turn out thousands of people, could become superspreading events for the coronavirus.


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Knowing trump it’s probably laced with coronavirus

How do we know the AP photo used in that 'story' is tear gas? Or maybe it's an altered/edited photo. A lot of media orgs are using AI now.

MemphisProtest As far as the tear gas goes, no more leniency on these people, and why jeapordize the innocent? Shoot them all down. It’s ok for them to kill our Officers and brutalize our Officers?... hell no! Shoot them all down and watch how fast this crap ends.

MemphisProtest all of you put the entire United States at risk again for the Coronavirus by rioting and looting without your masks on. Not only were you all destroying our cities and killing our Police Officers, but doing it without masks on. Idiots

Must read:

news late last night....... OMG everything we try is not working, here run down the street and buy a 12 pack of Corona. Yeah, that will work, CORONA fear, that will get them fearing us again.

bunch of crock

Mass protests and rioting might spread it as well.

STFU ... if we don’t overwhelm the hospitals in the next 7-10 days - IT WILL BE CLEAR AS DAY THAT THIS WAS A HOAX

This is the most ridiculous piece I’ve read in 2020 so far

But gathering by the 10’s of thousands in close proximity won’t?

We have summarized this news so that you can read it quickly. If you are interested in the news, you can read the full text here. Read more:

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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