USC’s new hire Lincoln Riley needs a house. What's on the market for a top football coach?

What can Lincoln Riley, USC's new coach, buy on a multimillion-dollar budget? @jflem94 reports:


12/2/2021 1:17:00 AM

What can Lincoln Riley, USC's new coach, buy on a multimillion-dollar budget? jflem94 reports:

Norman, Okla., real estate is much different from Southern California's. What can Lincoln Riley, USC's new coach, buy on a multimillion-dollar budget?

Rolling HillsAnother hot spot for USC’s top brass is Rolling Hills, a scenic city on the Palos Verdes Peninsula where Sarkisian lived. One of Southern California’s most affluent enclaves, the area offers plenty of space but a few more restrictions. For example, every house there is required to be painted white.

6 Maverick Lane, Rolling Hills, 90274(Peter McMenamin)This compound sits on an acre and makes the most of its space with a secret garden, private patios, fruit trees, a detached art studio, swimming pool and volleyball court. At the center of it all sits a Midcentury gem designed by Cliff May, the prolific architect best known for his California ranches. His style is on full display here with vast, open space meant for entertaining and walls of glass to take in the hillside views.

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He can move in the player’s locker room, in town for 48 hours and already violated NCAA rules in recruiting. At this rate he should be staying in the Hilton on campus for weekly rates. Under mining D . WILLIAMS the best recruiter that been at USC for years. Words can neither qualify how helpful your guidance and advice has been . I am forever grateful for your support .Thank you AMBREY__MARCUS_ I just received a profit of $234,000 in my bank account. thank you very much

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