USC Professor On How Protests Have Changed Since LA Riots In 1992

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“I think at the time of the Rodney King beating it was easier to view it as an isolated incident or as a few bad apples,” says USC law professor Jody David Armour. “But now, over time, we see a persistent and pervasive pattern.”

A woman walks past a boarded up store in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday. Professor Jody David Armour says protesters today are more diverse and have more empathy than in 1992.Agustin Paullier/AFP via Getty Images

Both times the protests began in anger over police violence against black men — in 1992, when four police officers were acquitted of Armour, who has taught at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles since 1995, talked withInterview HighlightsThe protests and marches today you see are multiethnic, multicultural, even multigenerational. And the allyship is something that is more pronounced now than it perhaps once was. I think a lot of people, when they saw that video of George Floyd, who weren't in the black community, felt agony.

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People have gone insane, Rodney King was horrible but he didn’t die.

You know how the saying goes, a bad apple spoils itself and everything else in the barrel remains pristine and unaffected.

One can only have an unjust enviro for so long,Its naive to even think this way when racism has been the core of modern society&the sheer number of unaccountability caes accumulated by those sworn to protect&serve,it's only a matter of time B4 others not directly involved step up

The professor means white people thought there were a few bad actors? Right?

Over time!!?!! How much fucking time did you need to see this?

agavecorn No, people who lived it and those paying attention ALWAYS KNEW! Privilrge is what kept people in denial!

Just look at who is in the WH and tell me if racism is everywhere or not

Who could’ve seen that coming? 14 years ago?

What changed was that the guy who had the camcorder in the early 1990s was an aberration. Today, everyone has a camera on them.

This is just another form of lynching. The policeman with his knee on George Floyd's neck seem to be confident as if he had done this many times before. He should be charged with manslaughter at the very least and sentenced to jail and so should other officers responsible

RESEARCH THIS: Are these deaths due to racism or due to more aggressive police techniques applied to poor suspects simply because poor suspects react much more aggressively when resisting arrest? THE SOLUTION IS TO MODIFY ARRESTING TECHNIQUES FOR THOSE LIKELY TO STRONGLY RESIST.

On the concrete at the bottom right, does that say, “ Black People Stop Committing Crime! “

Instead of F the Police, try B the Police. Before I was a police officer, I was beat and choked by the police while his partners watched. I was only 16, and I thought I was going to die. My lesson: Want to change to system, become part of the system and hold others accountable.


WTF? Even I knew it wasn't an isolated incident!!!!! It's the lack of Black and Brown people in media that allowed this myth to penetrante White America. And It's what the masses wanted to believe. InstatutionalizedRacism

First off, Police Departments deal with terrible risks and events all the time. Then,.To many departments hire officers who are not vetted well or have an ax to grind from the time served in battle. Some officers don't know how to bring a potential bad situation to a peaceful end

Who...who could have possibly viewed the Rodney King beating as an isolated incident?

Crazy how the Rodney King riots didn’t change anything


There is no data in your story. No context for these tragedies. How bad is the problem? How does it differ by race? The few studies I’ve seen don’t suggest this is as widespread a problem as the media suggests, which is probably why they never provide any data to begin with.

Ya think? How many black people do police have to shoot or terrorize for us to draw this conclusion? Over how many decades? How is this a question?

Well yeah. If police forces took steps beyond platitudes and optics and made serious institutional changes to how they police we would still have some work to do but … it’s been a generation and there’s no progress. Just a persistent pattern. Sick of it.

Exactly. Nothing's changed. My city remained unchanged. We even have a police chief blaming rioters for George Floyd's death, and a mayor that covers for him. The pattern continues.

nobody viewed it as that. We knew. Everybody else needs a damn video and even that's not enough for most.

YES ! we see the pattern in Democrats DestroyingAmerica 🤯🤯🤯🤯 spewingHateEverySingleDay

thedinksta Rodney King and riots caused a rethink of policing in LA which had become military like. A change in leadership and community based policing followed. Accountability with equal dignity and respect for all. Police are part of the community, not above it. EffectveOversight

another important difference is 30 million angry hungry unemployed Americans trying to survive a viral outbreak.

What NPR fails to report are the statistics that are easily available on the rate of killings of unarmed black and white men by police. If they did include the numbers, this entire story would be debunked.

Pattern? Pervasive? - Select UNARMED and then BLACK for totals.

That same persistent and pervasive pattern of systemic abuse was solidified when Andrew Johnson became president. History is abound with great lessons and reminders.

In 92, that riot lasted 5 days due to an unfavorable court proceeding. This is different because a person died. What makes you think this civil unrest will carry-on for weeks?

Every professor in this country will one day stand in judgement for their corruption. If you want to be communist go educate in those countries. Not here no more.

This law professor has no historical perspective and apparently doesn’t know what goes on in front of his eyes

Repetitive pattern? What percentage of thefts, car jacking, robberies, assaults, murders are committed by blacks? Hmmm!

The persistent and pervasive pattern of people rioting in response to being treated as sub-human goes a lot further back than 1992

The rioters and looters are destroying America and have nothing to do with George Floyd.

No such thing as bad apples. It is a rotten barrel. The structure and form ensure the continuation of oppression, racism, and violence against the American people.

Facts don’t matter to the academic victimology narrative.

But now they see 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 to the lynchings, church burnings, dog attacks. Water hoses, Rodney king, video after video and they just now getting it....okkkkkk

Brilliant law guy. Did you see those Yale Law guys that threw Molotovs cops? White Yale Law Lady would tried to get BLM blamed for throwing Molotov Cocktails, Domestic Terrorism.

The data and facts actually don’t support this. But this is a college professor, and truth and facts are not important.

This pattern?

Rodney King was not an isolated incidence, police brutality been around since the slave patrols.

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