White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing Friday.

1/22/2021 9:03:00 PM

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing Friday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing Friday.

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The guy has no idea what the fuck he’s doing Talking about job losses when Biden just signed 10,000 jobs away is so hypocritical A bunch of empty promises and blah, blah, blah. Dear Twitter, I can't be around during the day to catch these. Does anyone know if I can stream these briefings on my phone at my convenience like on Pandora or some other app? Love, Grandpa

Can't believe she has not spoken about the unrest in Oregon to Biden. Liar. No more insult Oh, how refreshing to watch an actual press conference with intelligent answers to relevant questions, conducted by a professional rather than some bimbo deflecting questions and running out... Bro. This is a major downgrade from Trump’s blonde chick.

Two more press briefings and she'll break the total any of Trump's Press Secretaries held. If she does daily briefings for the next 3 weeks she’ll eclipse kayleighmcenany with how many total press briefings she’s done in her role. 😂 transparency respectthepress nofakenews newwhitehouse That red hair is awful tbh

ew Democracy has prevailed! It’s so refreshing to hear these two So refreshing!! Actual answers!! Sure is nice to have a knowledgeable, intelligent, business like White House press secretary, instead of lying, ignorant, sycophantic cheerleaders for the president. As for you, Sweetie. you will never hold a candle to Kayleigh McEnany

JoeBiden back to the drawing board with PressSec AND BrianDeeseNEC Both lacking in depth and context for their jobs. Jumble of words and ams. incoherent. Come on Man. She seems to lack depth and context for the predictable questions journalists would ask. If you are the press secretary you should be a lot more prepared than this.

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Did you guys talk about the thousands of jobs loss? a press briefing 3 days in a row What is happening? Government is functioning? MSpicuzzaMJS She looked very different only yesterday...Different make-up? 🧐 where is our beautiful jen psaki? that’s not her I hope somebody told him he's supposed to yell at people and lie, even about things that don't matter. Otherwise, he'll be really embarrassed later.

Where is the daily vovid death totals, the covid fear mongering. Hypocritical press. Are you looking for a digital marketer, You want to grow your online business: Pls Follow 👍 I'm confused as to why there are no insults... Yay! Something akin to normalcy! Remember that time Rudy Giuliani rubbed snot all over own his face? YUCK!