Joe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minneapolis and the killing of George Floyd.

5/29/2020 8:38:00 PM

Joe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minneapolis and the killing of George Floyd.

Joe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minneapolis and the killing of George Floyd.

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Joe2020! Very sad when you use a dead man for your own political gain. Is everyone going to fit in your basement?!🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh lawd What a great unedited JoeBiden commercial. Thanks unbiased usatoday! Great a response from the capitol bldg Toang nc Mỹ rồi All we are Human beings need to be joint unit and show positive to others

Thank you Joe! 💜 suechitown JoeBiden, a man of compassion, empathy, love and care has spoken to GeorgeFloyd’s family and promised to see to it that justice be served. Thank you Joe. Wonder if this passion and emotion will carry over to throw out the lying, greedy, tools who roam DC? Wonder if a 20 million person march on DC would act as a 'scared straight' moment for HouseDemocrats HouseGOP SenateDems SenateGOP POTUS They ALL gotta go...start fresh.

Alzheimer's Joe is talking. It's the OBAMA who created the wound in the first place That was beautiful! Unfolding? Cop has been arrested hopefully tried and fried. Joe still needs to come out of the basement A black has more to fear from a fellow black than a white cop He’s saying nothing. It’s all mush mash. It’s better when someone just quotes him and you don’t actually listen to it.

Live...from my basement...

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinneapolis police and FBI speak to media about their investigation into the death of George Floyd. What investigation. There’s no investigation. Every one saw what happen. The racist cop killed him. JusticeForFloyd

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinneapolis remains on edge as protests continue following police-involved death of George Floyd Following the murder of George Floyd by police while in custody. Not protestors, they are rioters with violent intentions who want anarchy. PoliceThePolic1 PoliceThePolice

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinnesota Gov. Tim Walz speaks following days of volatile protests in Minneapolis over death of George Floyd Wow he just said you can trust the National Guard, but not the local police. Great fir the long term!! Lol Everybody hush. KeithEllison the rapist is speaking. Weak

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George Floyd would 'be alive today if he were white,' mayor saysA new report from the Minneapolis Fire Department says paramedics in the ambulance carrying Floyd checked his pulse "several times…finding none…" Duncan Lemp is rolling over in his grave. This could be true or not. But this statement from the mayor is spectacularly unhelpful and problematic. Let the investigation take its course without inflaming the public. America is made great now!

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