7/16/2021 11:38:00 PM

The Tokyo Olympics will include transgender athletes for the first time.

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This is BS, just like CeceTelfer another biological male running in female races. Listen no one cares what you want to call yourself, but is not fair for all these young ladies trying to accomplish their dreams and now they have to compete against males. LGBTQ Great I predict there will be a day where Trans women will hold most of the records. We just keep finding a way to hold women back.

Hey Scott! Also, a paper from 'Terre des Femmes'that you might want to acquaint yourself with. It´s in German, but you might be able to read this bcs. you feel like German without actually being German. And that´s intriguing. Quinn is woman who plays in a female team, moron. Another word, you will be seeing “men”, that are too weak to play in men sports

It would be one thing if he trained with the dudes or was on different team from the women but this is retrogressive. All athletes should not come to Japan. COVID-19 rushes to Tokyo from all the world and athletes are at risk of death. We Japanese citizens refuse the Olympics hosting in Japan. The Olympics are very annoying for Japanese. Please do not come to Japan.

An out and out disgrace the games are going ahead. Proof yet again profits before people. Bad news for the women who spent there life to accomplish a dream.

Tokyo Olympics with USA TODAY | SubtextSounds like a way to get spoiled before we get to see things on tv lude_media DrLiMengYAN1 lude LiMengYan 闫丽梦 路德 王定刚 LawrenceSellin did you know? Even in this situation, doctors and beds are maintained for the Olympic athletes. Naturally, medical care for Japanese people is decreasing by that amount. As many as 6,000 infected people cannot be hospitalized in Tokyo yet

Oyamada, who is in charge of the music for the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, has boasted about his own experience of bullying disabled people Forcing them to eat human feces Forcing them to masturbate in public Stripping them naked & tying rope 😡 Most welcome precious people Laurel Hubbard is a man.

🤣🤣 Wow. I am beyond exited. No. What does it mean 'transgender'? Two genders in one? They are the bravest, and best looking, athletes on the planet. 🤢

Tokyo Olympics with USA TODAY | Subtext

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