US, UK and Canada claim Russia tried to hack coronavirus vaccine research

The U.S., U.K. and Canada claimed that a cyber espionage group 'almost certainly' Russian tried to hack coronavirus vaccine research.

7/16/2020 5:08:00 PM

BREAKING: 'A cyber espionage group, almost certainly part of the Russian intelligence services' attempted to hack coronavirus vaccine research, U.K., U.S. and Canada allege.

The U.S., U.K. and Canada claimed that a cyber espionage group 'almost certainly' Russian tried to hack coronavirus vaccine research.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.ABC News"A cyber espionage group, almost certainly part of the Russian intelligence services" attempted to hack coronavirus vaccine research, according to a statement from the U.K.'s National Cyber Security Center.

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The U.S. National Security Agency agreed with that report. Read more: ABC News »

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And we are surprised ? why is that so bad?. I would think nations would be sharing vaccine research, seeing how so many people are dying from the coronavirus. It is still a pandemic, right? trump has nothing next lie plz Why bother? They can just ask Trump and he will give it them. Who knows what secrets he has already given them. GOP went to Moscow in 2018 July 4th so the news wouldnt be on top of it. What did they talk about? Why weren't there any Democratic Senators on the trip?

Why would russia go to the trouble of trying to steal a covid vaccine? When trump will just give it over to putin first! TanyaGrahamDVM This is evidence that Russia is having a greater problem than is thought It's just trump trying to diversify his stock portfolio This is difficult to believe. Irrelevant!! Both an Effective Vaccine & Quick Home Testing are needed as soon as possible & worldwide according to ability to pay or Universal Healthcare - both robustly peer reviewed by all cooperating international scientists working on these projects.

DeniseDresserG OMG! It’s time for Russia to get some “democracy”. They are evils! Now what’s next? War of course. Blah blah blah hoax 2948638282820 Can’t they just contact the TrumpCrimeFamily and place the order? All that hacking seems like such an unnecessary bother during this administration I'm sure Donald (.realDonaldTrump, .WhiteHouse) won't have anything to say about this.

Roflmao FAKE NEWS Certainly not China eh..... realDonaldTrump was it a hack or you gave them the password? 🔑 Disappointment Trump2020Landslide Can we all be done with shady Russia? UGH. JessicaGirardo Okay, here's a silly question. Why are they putting this information on a device/system, whatever that is connected to the internet? People are aware devices don't have to be connected, right?

Trump: they're good people. Why spy? Why aren’t we all working on this together with the WHO? If you want to stop the spread of the virus wear a mask, if you want to stop Russian espionage agents kick the Russians out of your country. Russia doesn’t need to hack, realDonaldTrump gives them all the best state secrets.

The fact that DonaldTrump has not turned Russia into a smoldering heap of Ash shows just how crooked he is. Russia must really need that vaccine. If only their leader wasn't a POS like ours. quippingalong Gonna just assume that if this is on it’s a bullshit fabrication meant to misdirect. No. More. Pls.

So now will the government acknowledge Russian hacking !?! Stop this hoax. Russia doesn’t need to hack and steal anything from the USAbecause realDonaldTrump would happily give Putin all the secrets he wants. Sceincing is hard in shithole dictatorships. Sceintists tend to gravitate toward freedom. America is gonna learn that too.

Notice Trump says nothing.... Hello. Hope to speak soon Why hack it? We should all be sharing our research. This is a global problem. They’d should have just asked trump for it. Well we all know who has ties to Russia (and China). JoeBiden HillaryClinton If they hack voting machines in Nov and tRump loses he may barricade himself in his White House bunker and claim he won but the radical right hackers stole the election from him.

Putins bitch will do nothing so its on the Brits and Canadians to stop them Trump is probably happy about it. Russia should do their own research! Or at least help the world find a vaccine not hinder it! Almost certainly? Where the hell do you people come up with this stuff? anybody that would trust ABC even to give the weather has got to be stupid! You people are liars. Why should we ever trust you?

Just let them in the front door, trump says they are friends❤️after all they treat us just as well, don’t they? 🤔🤔🤔DumpTrump2020 Trump will give it to hacking involved To what aim? To get a vaccine to save lives? I thought this research was being shared. tRump is to busy selling beans.. Told you so.

DeniseDresserG Recomiendo ver esta entrevista de Adela a la Dra. Ximenez .. hablando sobre algunos tópicos interesantes de la Pandemia en Mexico .. OBOY... THE RUSSIANS AGAIN 😂 MzDivah67 And trump is silent. You mean Trump did not just hand it over? Explains why all hackees were opponents of Trump. Knew this wasn’t a coincidence!

Trump will say “fake news”. You know how he loves the Russians The Russians don't need to hack us. I'm sure Trump will give them the vaccine research for a little help with his re-election woes. 🤣🤣🤣 maskslacker vladslacker Here we go again! Hopefully they'll be too busy with that to help RUMP again. Thank God we got a president who’s way ahead of this hacking our meds and vaccine thank God he has a good high tech security crew to end it lol

Trumps response in a few days will be. “Putin said he didn’t do it . It could have been anybody.” Bollox Ask Roger Stone. I bet he knows. Roger knows everything....hence the commutation. Interesting this comes out the day after the 🇬🇧 government were hoodwinked by one of their own and the report on Russian interference into 🇬🇧 politics will be published next week, government sitting on it since Dec 19

Keyword: certainly Probably sold like the HIPAA data Trump just stole from covid patients! Why go through all that trouble when they could have simply asked realDonaldTrump to hand it over? If Russia would stop throwing thier doctors out windows maybe they could develop a vaccine. Why the hell does he get away with this bullshit?!

Dam Russians Biden will deliver US intellectual property to China, Russia and Iran. No wonder these 3 countries support Biden ICYMI greta Wow... If only I could believe you. Russians put bounties on US soldiers and try to steal Coronavirus vaccine research. Trump still says nothing. Too busy giving Putin virtual foot rubs over the telephone.

MrRon78 Russia needs to stay in school. This is definitely biological warfare! All they had to do was ask Trump for it! Oh no! We can't let Russia have access to information on how to make a vaccine! How would Bill Gates make his money back unless he has a complete monopoly over it And trump has said what about these attacks? Anyone?

We are in hell. Totally ok. They probably had permission from realDonaldTrump and SecPompeo Almost certainly... now do the almost certain bounty on US troops.... Seems pointless. All the Russians have to do is ask Trump. certainly not the Chinese But of course, you know who'll call this Guessing that our Manchurian Prez will do nothing about it. PutinOwnsTrump

realDonaldTrump and his Russian co-conspirators are at it again. TrumpCorruption Some body hurry and put a gag on Trump. Trump is probably working with Putin Republicans are going to continue ignoring this like bounties on soldiers head. RussianBounty kansascityfish What does Trump say? Russia must be stopped, but it will have to wait for Joe Biden, because trump is to cowardly to approach Putin. Trump would eat putin shit if he was told too by Putin. TraitorTrump

Well it's Russia so we can expect no action from potus or the corrupt GOP COVID19 COVIDIOTS DeathSantis PutinsGOP MarshaBlackburn anything to say? Deb_Tiva Of course Trump won't do anything about this. 🙄 This seems awfully familiar and possible bs. Many countries are buying the Afivavir currently and 'oh surprise' we are being hacked? Come on. It sounds like we are almost sure the Russians will come out with the vaccine first and we are ready to blame.

But our elections aren't compromised? 🙄 What’s new TammyCh49411054 Wait til you see what Trump does to protect us! Russia will think twice before they ever do something like this ever again!! And. Trump will say nothing...again... No need to “break in”. Just have Vlad call Trump and Trump’ll gladly hand it over! NO secrets between Trump & Russia! Trump’s killed for them. Trump is allowing our military to be killed by Russia! Maybe why Trump’s letting Americans die is to save his Russian pals? TrumpTraitor

I hope these voting machines aren’t online. Might want to vote by old paper. Or get this, mail in voting! Almost certainly lol, you lie again Russia got own vaccine invented already no need for your crap Listen to the kid message,it's powerful and powerful Ha. GO RUSSIA! 🇷🇺 NoVaccine This must be responded to with a massive cyber attack

trump will come out soon for their defense. Claiming it to be fake news. he’s too scared of Russians to say a word against them. How much did Trump make off of it? He looks the other way while Putin systematically lets Americans die. Maybe Trump is getting a bounty for 130,000 Americans. And, nothing will be done or said by this administration.

It's a global problem. All nations need to work together on it. All this spy vs spy shit is so ignorant. Could they have the password to the WH? The cyber attack was after more info than virus.. using virus is a diversion Let’s guess the name of the “person” 🍊 that divulged the passwords... Go! Trump: Putin told me they didn't do it. I don't know why they would

NATO cries wolf....again. And what has Trump done to Russia! They hacked our elections, they paid people to kill our servicemen and who knows what else. Fight back. At the behest of Trump no doubt. AlexanderKaty Well this should end well. 🙄😬 Kris_Sacrebleu I’m sure Trump will defend Putin and talk about the fictitious 400lb hacker again.

JackieYSoto And they want Americans to back to work & school. Without a vaccine I don't see it. DeniseDresserG To be honest, I don't care, if that helps in finding the vaccine, faster, then please do so. In fact every country should unite in order to find said vaccine, sharing information and what else, but I guess the call for money is just to strong, we need more people like Jonas Salk.

Kris_Sacrebleu Have we had enough yet?! BillnYou I am sure realDonaldTrump will take Vlad’s word over our, UK and Canadian cyber intelligence. TraitorTrump This should be getting a lot more coverage. Waiting to hear comments from governments involved. BeaudoinCharlie Do we really need to use ALLEGED when referring to Russia or China cyber attacks? It's standard protocol for both to commit industrial espionage especially on pharma and tech.

Trump is in Russia’s pocket. Putin terrifies him. 🚨ABC still don’t talk about All the pedophilia and human trafficking! And I love all the UnAmericans that would rather Talk about trump! Your kid was stolen then you would care! Really Sad💪🏻🇺🇸 That’s why 4 more years Donald j Trump ✨⚡️ Why all news these days are AlmostCertainly

Almost certainly get the facts then report TrumpFailedAmerica he probably knew Oh no please not Russia Russia Russia again. When is the West going to stop with all of this 'Russia did it' nonsense. Putin said he didn't do it. Trump agrees! Republicans always do shit and blame it on Russia. KGB. But Trump doesn’t care.

They don't have to hack ours, just ask the president For weeks they claimed it was China trying to hack vaccine research. No wonder Trump can't trust the intel community. I'm guessing this is why Russia wanted trump as president,,, they been getting away with everything from election tampering, bounties on American soldiers, and now this.... any other president would have declared war on Russia by now

Putin’s at it again and our clown President is allowing this to happen. Tuck Frump and everyone who has enabled and empowered him. The country is in this shit hole because of you. Good riddance in November! Riiight & it wasent the CIA impersonating them, like they like to do, at all! 😒 Why not just ask Trump for it

HHooversGhost Putin STRONGLY DENIES any wrongdoing! BTW Vlad, how can I help you today? /s DJT And the presidents response is . . . ? But what are they hiding? this info should be shared Hey, remember when Russia also paid bounties to have American soldiers murdered and realDonaldTrump and the GOP did NOTHING about it?

Yeah sure... his denial will be “powerful” greta Russia is asshoe. Why didn’t they just ask, Trump will give Russia anything. What the hell... realDonaldTrump is beholden enough he will have to turn it over to keep his secrets from coming out. And once again NO REACTION OR ACTION by the President of the United States. An American Company gets attacked by Russia, and Trump does not defend this country. Domestic enemy in the White House. ap gop dnc cnn npr foxnews nytimes CBSNews NBCNews MSNBC USMilitary_com

I wonder if Russian intellegence was behind the twitter hack. Obama, Biden, liberal activists and donors but not Trump or his allies were hacked. Damn. And t's something they could have just for the asking very soon. What does Trump have to say about these “very fine people”? And Donald will say nothing

Trump: 'We got the best hackers, theyre lovely. Beautiful work, somethingsomething Obamas fault' Has trump denied this happened yet? I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is somehow aiding Russia in this spying. Fake news....cover yourself with the word 'allege' (ie you found another Vinnman somewhere who said something and it becomes a headline)

Trump will gladly turn it over for campaign help to steal election ResignNow ResignTrump Maybe because there’s no need for a vaccine 🤷🏻‍♀️... just utilize medication like budesonide, zinc, and a secondary antibiotic to fight walking pneumonia. Oh. But that doesn’t fit the “agenda” quite letting politics herd you. We’re not sheep.

Forgive me for being ignorant, but why weren't researchers of all countries already sharing their discoveries with researchers from every other country? I get that Russia=Bad ever since 1917 but I'd say COVID is worse than Russia. Almost, certainly ? Smfh .....ppl are such sheep its sad already..... DaxTouronegro Advocating sabotage to RUSSIA COVID19 vaccine. It's clear a radar.

Why hack? realDonaldTrump will just give them the info. I'm not surprised. And Trump will say Putin is innocent! I’m surprised the US reported anything, because daddy Putin wants to leech the vaccine from the US, and Trump will give it to him Sweeet Oh so NOWWWW the mainstream propaganda media care about intellectual property... But ONLY when its RUSSIA!!

The friends of dangerous president trump doing a test. This is flag 1 Good. Keeps them busy from hacking important things. Given this is a GLOBAL health issue, it is probably information they should have access to. Unless we've decided that the commercial interests in this virus outweigh... Making them hack for it is an amusing idea though.

Yo can we do something about Donald’s friends already? It shouldn’t be top secret every country should be working collaboratively on a vaccine 💉 one common goal people 😷👍😘 I just don't believe anything ABCNews reports... They are literally as bad or worse than CNNFakeNews LOL next lie please Jonas Salk - Developer of the Polio Vaccination, worked tirelessly on it and gifted it to the world GreatMen LBC

Any comment from Trump? Trump does nothing about this; did nothing about bounties on our troops. He has to much Putin Love. It benefits Russia if the world is in disarray... Trumps golfing buddies strike again! I would hope any vaccine research would be made available to all, no matter where you live. FreeIberian Why aren't these institutions operating their systems behind an air-gap?

Probably welcomed by Trump. I'm sure realDonaldTrump , LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr SenatorCollins JohnCornyn tedcruz GOP will reward Russia for attempting to hack the research. Why?!? All Putin needs to do is ask Trump for it. Бросьте на нас атомную бомбу, ребята. SOMEONE TELL RUSSIA THE COLD WAR ENDED ALREADY

greta In other words, the democrats. Lol nobody believes the Russia bullshit anymore This will be blamed on President Trump, just remember this is a picture of the Democratic voter;....... Why not a “Chinese” espionage group? Hmmmmm ... wonder? George Bush Sr. Ambassador to China lived their 7 years, believed in a One World Order where US and China ruled the world as one state. 911 stagged attack to 1 suck oil out of middle east 2 set up military bases next to Russia for final war to finish Russia off.

Why go through the trouble Just have them call Vlad's employee at 1600 to get the info Americans wants Donald Trump campaign speech to be when and what response and actions he going to retaliate against Russia. Russia has placed bounties on Americans Troops. So far Trump has given Putin a get out of jail free card. Is Trump afraid of Russia and Putin. Scared

You mean TraitorInChief realDonaldTrump didn't just openly hand it over to the KremlinRussia_E in a perfect phone call? Sounds like the Russians! Why would they have to try stealing it Trump will just give it to them.. This is not unexpected, the only interesting part was who would develop it first and whether others would be able to hack.The biggest suspicion should naturally have gone to the commies Russia and China. Watch out for China also .

Shame on the russians, always stealing data, wreck havocking corporate, government, research devt, electoral process, and everything in between Or maybe it was some 400 lb guy in his bed. DumpTrump TrumpPandemic IncompetenceKills Meanwhile, in the White House .... WhateverPapaDoesIsGood It has the finger prints of China

Russia & Mischief!!! Trump:...Is a Democrat HOAX! Doesn’t Russia have people who are dying? Don’t they want a vaccine? Unless they want to develop it in which case, God help us all! I’m sure the Tweeter-in-Chief will deny this later on and say it’s fake news. And what has Trump said about it? I mean why don't you just ask, why attempt to steal it?

Don't worry, Trump probably owns 20% of the company and will pose for pictures tomorrow! Y’all missing the “ALMOST certainly” part. I almost certainly should have been a millionaire porn star, but here we are. Hm. Maybe if our president wasnt in bed with their guy. And maybe if he didnt sell his soul for a wife from one of their former republics they wouldnt be so close

Even in a pandemic, all Russia knows how to do is cheat. PaHouseDems Sounds like Biden and company are up to something! QuidProJoe ObamaGate2020 DemsAreCorrupt yeah no. russian stories are like being called racists... doesent hold any weight any more. You used up russian theory to the point we dont beleive them.

Bull shit ginnyryan MAGA's will just say this is Libtards FAKE news. We should just ship them all Russia Rules Shirts Damn😐 Well the republicans said it wasn’t a crime when it benefit trump let see what happens now Quick alert trump/trumpeters and foxnews, they have to start calling it fake news, praising Putin, attacking the media and US intelligence services .. maybe get Putin nominated for a Nobel?

Leftist Environmentalists: 'Trump should start a nuclear war with Russia and end Earth!' Lets see, and Trump wants all relevant data from the CDC and others funneled through him. Theres a fish in this water perhaps. Hacked? or given Front Door Access?

Russia is attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research, U.S., U.K. and Canada claimRussian intelligence services have attempted to steal information related to COVID-19 vaccine development from the U.S, Canada and the U.K, British officials said Thursday. I can't wait for Trump to say how strong Putin denied it and that he believes him over his own intelligence services... with the help of trump Why go through all the trouble? They could have just asked TraitorTrump for it.

Russia is attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research, U.S., U.K. and Canada claimThe U.K. said it was "completely unacceptable that the Russian intelligence services are targeting those working to combat the coronavirus pandemic."

US, Canada, UK accuse Russia of hacking COVID-19 vaccine trialsThe United States, Britain and Canada say Russia is trying to steal information from researchers seeking a COVID-19 vaccine. Who is a greater threat to “Western Values”: Does'Trump' believe this Oh look. Let's ignore China its Russia we should worry over. Dems don't like Russia wonder why. Hmmm Russia know and dems know why, infact msm know

UK, US and Canada allege Russian cyberattacks on Covid-19 research centersRussian cyber actors are targeting organizations involved in coronavirus vaccine development, according to a new warning by US, UK and Canadian security officials on Thursday that details activity by a Russian hacking group called APT29, which also goes by the name 'the Dukes' or 'Cozy Bear.' The scapegoats for the US government's incompetence are as follows: Russia, China, Iran,and their allies 😂😂😂😂😂 Does Trump know this?

US border closures with Canada and Mexico to be extended another month, officials sayNonessential travel between the US and its two closest neighbors -- Canada and Mexico -- is expected remain blocked until at least late August amid spikes in confirmed coronavirus cases in large swaths of the US. . 👏👏👏 Smart move. 🇺🇲 Has no handle on their situation. Florida, Texas ICU capacity. Arizona & California not far behind. Freedom (no masks or lockdowns) or die! There is freedom in death? 🤔 . Alas, the wall has been built!! WE aren’t allowed into Mexico. Just let that sink in. So much winning. Essentially we cannot leave our country - except for a handful of destinations. Am I the only person humiliated by this?

NASA chief says Russia ties 'solid' as Moscow's space chief rejects U.S.-led moon programNASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said Tuesday he still expected support from Russia's space corporation in its Artemis moon program despite Moscow's space chief slamming the U.S.-led lunar effort. Because of Russia's involvement with (and support of) various governments opposed to the US (Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela)... ...and the losses they are incurring doing so... ...they cannot financially afford to commit to lunar base or space station operations. The only flag there is AMERICAN.. any Russian on the moon should be considered an invasion. What happens when you defund nasa