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US terrorism alert warns of politically motivated violence

BREAKING: U.S. terrorism alert warns of potential for violence amid lingering anti-government sentiment following President Biden's election.

1/27/2021 9:02:00 PM

BREAKING: U.S. terrorism alert warns of potential for violence amid lingering anti-government sentiment following President Biden's election.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism bulletin Wednesday warning of the potential for lingering violence from people motivated by anti-government...

Wednesday warning of the potential for lingering violence from people motivated by anti-government sentiment after President Joe Biden’s election.The department did not cite a specific threat, but pointed to “a heightened threat environment across the United States” that it believes “will persist” in the weeks since Biden took office. DHS said it consulted with law enforcement and intelligence agencies before issuing the alert about the potential for homegrown violent extremism.

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ADVERTISEMENT“Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,″ the bulletin said.

With the warning, the Biden administration is effectively stepping into the politically charged debate over how to describe or characterize acts motivated by political ideology, suggesting that it sees violence aimed at overturning the election as akin to terrorism.

The alert comes at a tense time after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump who were seeking to overturn the presidential election. Some domestic violent extremists “may be emboldened” by that siege, according to the bulletin.

DHS also notes violent riots in “recent days,” an apparent reference to events in Portland, Oregon, linked to anarchist groups.The alert was issued by acting Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske. Biden’s nominee for the Cabinet post, Alejandro Mayorkas, has not been confirmed by the Senate.

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They don't believe they will get away with their fraud 😂 People are pissed. Terror or revolution? Get rid of this two party monopoly. This is the treat Biden should have put at the top of his list. Although climate change and other issues are very important. Domestic terrorists are an IMMEDIATE threat to the country.

You mean following the lies and disinformation spread by the dump administration. If Republicans don’t come out against this there more screwed than they think.Right now the party of Racists Morning_Joe An attempted coup and all Trump receives is a slap on his wrist (censure)? I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. The GOP has become the Party of white nationalists, fascists and domestic terrorists. They will pay a very heavy price in 2022 and 2024.

And this why accountability is the only way to dial down the violent propaganda and conspiracy invective extolled by certain elected officials and their blogger/media personality enablers. aedurkinricher a d r i a s l b. f o y w! Dems are too blame. They’re using BlackLivesMatter to keep stirring the 🍯. It’s so obvious they have their own agenda. It does not concern “we the people”. They don’t want unity, they’re still going after Trump and he’s out of Office. Ridiculous! 🍯 NAACP CoriBush yashar

Morning_Joe Brought to you by trump and his pals. RawStory Breaking911 funder washingtonpost NYDailyNews NBCNews ASavageNation FoxNews ananavarro politico CREWcrew thehill PalmerReport WSJ seanhannity TheRevAl MadisonSiriusXM greta CIA FBI TimesofIsrael IngrahamAngle limbaugh DHSgov DonaldJTrumpJr defiance to rogue domestic terrorism and violence against America and its leaders, stands the UNITED STATES MILITARY. Don't push your luck that they are not aware of all terrorists in the country. They will come for you. They can't get realDonaldTrump that way so they try and get him this way Feds should look into the MAGA Patriot org that open in San Antonio.

What ever will the left do now that Trump is no longer to blame....... because they certainly won’t hold their own responsibile for their continued failure, which has already begun. There are terrorists in the GOP you don’t have to look very far we know who they are. Let’s start with Marjorie Taylor Greene!!

It's a miracle a Democrat gets elected and the BLM goes away. We don't hear about the police killing black people anymore but during the elections they were demanding to defund the police! Is there a difference in white supremacy vs black supremacy? Funny how Democrats use people The terror within... Morning_Joe Imagine, in Russia, most of the second and third world, if a citizen threatens a person with execution, they will end up in Jail. In America, you become a Republican congress woman!

LeaderMcConnell GOPLeader GOPChairwoman SenTedCruz JohnCornyn LindseyGrahamSC For G-d’s sake!Take back yr party frm the crazies,denounce,condemn Trump or U will B responsible 4 more death’s than have occurred on 1/6.U wanted 2 B a leader?Defend the Republic & Constitution!! POTUS must speak directly to citizens of the UnitedStates and denounce all Violence from left, right and everything in between His silence and refusal to speak out against all violent organizations is deafening silenceiscomplicity silenceisviolence denounceallviolence

I haven’t seen one match lit anywhere since the self perpetrated insurrection of Jan 6. Here we go again the textbook gestapo tactics all of a sudden now there are extremists terrorists paid for by the same people putting the warnings out there Please the democrats are in power !!! Be aware Nope. Nothing going to happen. Where were these warnings when the leftists rioted for days after Trumps election?

KidzrusX5 Impeach Trump and CONVICT him. Ridiculous! Well maybe look into Trump and his office and Trump Jnr. They are still inciting and encouraging because nothing is ever done Let’s see, a new president signs more executive orders in the first six days than any anyone preceding him, including those that immediately force thousands to lose their jobs, yet we are surprised that violence may ensue as a result. Shouldn’t mess with people’s livelihoods.

Puss white bois Thanks, GOP Morning_Joe Yes, turns out it’s 45 Republican Senators convict SPLC lists about 1000 domestic hate groups like Oathkeepers, Proud boys, 3 percenters, etc. All funded by Bob Mercer and Charles Koch. That's a funny way to say far left extremists rioting over abolishing ICE Bring it on people! We are not afraid!

People like MarshaBlackburn JohnCornyn SenTedCruz SenRonJohnson GOPLeader mattgaetz mtgreenee are enabling these domestic terrorists. They must be called out. They must be dealt with. Where were you all summer when anarchists took over part of Seattle? Morning_Joe Garbage report That's horrible and scary.

GOP let’s send the national guard home now. 🤦‍♂️ America's 'Terrorist Problem' is part and parcel of it's Racial problem. And I doubt if Biden will be able to solve this. So Far, he has lurched to the Left. Which won't make the 'victimized' White people happy. Anti government Really? These terrorists are ANTI DEMOCRACY RIGHT WING WHITE NATIONALISTS (aka REPUBLICANS) Do MUCH better.

In other words...REPUBLICANS. Those are the terrorists right now unless people aren’t getting the picture. They refuse to hold Trump accountable for the insurrection and want to allow the MAGATerrorists to wreak havoc all over again without consequences. tedcruz HawleyMO Hopefully they will direct their anger at the man/party who made chumps out of all of them. They certainly know where they can find Donnie the Dumpster.

JonLemire Not much of a surprise CopCrime FBI, America do not negotiate with terrorist, or at least that's what we learned in school. has that changed? Antifa is now right wing? How is it that I, a person just casually watching social media and the news can be so much more in tune with what’s going on in this country than out own government? Or maybe this alert is just political posturing to put Americans on edge again.

Subversive group are subject to engage in violent behavior at any time for any reason. Calling it terrorism is arbitrary. The warning is a tactic. Nutters with guns. It ain’t over Funny how no terror alerts are issued for Portland or Seattle. The middle east right now... Instead of parroting 'individuals frustrated with the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances and ideological causes fueled by false narratives' twice in 2 paragraphs, AP should report what DHS is really saying.

Mimirocah1 Delavegalaw BillKristol waltshaub srmduke87 WalshFreedom justinamash yourauntemma Nick_Carmody DMRDynamics DrCraigMalkin SethN12 JohnMTalmadgeMD JustinFrankMD DrJudyStone AndreaR9Md denise_dewald donwinslow Popehat tribelaw gtconway3d JoyceWhiteVance waltshaub renato_mariotti MidwinCharles ECMcLaughlin BradMossEsq MarkSZaidEsq mjs_DC DavidCornDC ruthbenghiat CultExpert steve_vladeck SteveSchmidtSES RadioFreeTom TheRealHoarse funder tonyschwartz

Morning_Joe Fk the terrorist losers !! Did these people stop being white, entitled, and stupid? No? Ok then yeah that makes sense EmilyMaherTV are we surprised? FoxNews recently just ran a 'news story' that blamed covid on Dr. Fauci saying he purposely released it into the world. Think about that. Have the officers use force this time like they do people of color.

They should do to them what they did during 'War on Drugs'. Mass incarceration. Sooo..let's just unite until it happens again and more people are hurt..all because of the Big Lie and the Republican congressmen that wont stand up to protect our democracy Lock them all up and throw key away. These people are going to be the cause of the collapse of America. They are all traitors and you know what happens under the law for traitors.

Sounds like they’re following the ISIS way of trying to get their way. They obviously don’t believe in our constitution or the rule of law. Terrorists will be doing terrorist things. They will be delt with if they try anything. This is the Biden / Harris administration! Not the trump follies. Morning_Joe This is why the DOJ must charge & convict all Capitol terrorists to the highest level possible. It is also why we must convict Trump and expel all legislators who spread election fraud lies. Finally we must rid all law enforcement from white nationalists who hide behind a badge.

Trump was the catalyst that galvanized multiple militias to violently engage the government. They were always there, hiding under rocks or in remote places. They admired Nazism and were looking for someone to make them a credible threat. Then Trump arrived. We know the rest... Morning_Joe And fired up by Fox “News” and GOP

Morning_Joe That's not 'breaking'. White nationalism been going on for centuries. so much for defundpolice as Biden restores too much power to law enforcement. BlackLivesMatter just had their feet kicked out from under them. The Radicalizing of the Right! Funny. Where they been since May. They call them riots now because they threaten the government. Before they were peaceful protest. Didn't matter how many businesses got destroyed, or how many people got injured or killed. Impeach Harris and Biden. Throw polosi out of office

Any thing to keep everyone agitated so they will easily accept a radical agenda from the Left. Well that’s just fabulous. The Biden administration seeks to track neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. Similarities and differences with the fight against Islamic fundamentalism.The Trump administration did not take seriously the alarms the massacre in El Paso, the attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue

It’s a shame we have to worry about our own with all the other pressing crises going on in the world.