Us Takes British Isıs Fighters Accused Of Killing Americans İnto Custody - Cnnpolitics

Us Takes British Isıs Fighters Accused Of Killing Americans İnto Custody - Cnnpolitics

US takes members of British ISIS cell accused of killing Americans into custody

The US military has taken two men who were a part of a British ISIS cell accused of killing Americans into custody

10/10/2019 4:15:00 AM

The US military has taken two men who were a part of a British ISIS cell accused of killing Americans into custody

The US military has taken two high-profile members of a British ISIS cell into custody, according to three US officials. Two officials said the transfer was made Wednesday.

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LGatiinhaa Guantamo IngrahamAngle Give them a really horrible punishment...24/7 make them listen to Hillary’s explanations about how she lost the election...until their heads explode. These guys are actually related to Illhan Omar Gooooooooood IngrahamAngle Hey surprised you even reported on this. What’s your take, set them free so they can kill more conservative Americans?

Nice move IngrahamAngle Bravo!!!!! These monsters are still alive? IngrahamAngle Why are these two murderers still alive. Execute them and move on. IngrahamAngle Why do they need to be in custody? They should be dead and in HELL. OBAMA TROOPS Kill them all hang them 👈 I really just want too punch both those damn terrorists!

IngrahamAngle send them to Boston TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists Make them watch the Dolphins Redskins game IngrahamAngle Sentence: Five years. No call ICE. Release. Citizenship. Amnesty. Were fleeing for their lives. ACLU already lining up. What part of ACLU doesn't the ACLU get? (aoc completely agrees with this tweet sadly)

IngrahamAngle Now, how about the other 10,000. Fake News CNN lies to America about President Trump. SCOTUS will throw out Dems impeachment melodrama. No crimes no collusion. Except by Joe Biden and many other Swamp rats in DC. Congratulations to Poland and Austria, the winners of the2018 & 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Kill’em slow - death by thousand cuts Leaving thousands of others to really mess stuff up. Doing your part America..... well done 🤔 Japanese Prime Minister Abe's Hitler-like remarks show that Japan's Abe is not qualified as a leader, which should be condemned by the international community.· Out of mind, Japan should respect other countries, but it is stepping up its economic retaliation.

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IngrahamAngle IngrahamAngle GITMO for them! IngrahamAngle Hang 'em high Are they going to reward them? Lie NASA couldn't find two medium spacesuits for months there still are 10000+ isis in Syria 😂😂😂 sex porn I don't lack anything you want. Come to my profileL😤🏦💺🏬🍓🍓🍓👛👛🍇 It's not an operation against Kurdish operation on Turkey's eastern Euphrates.Because this operation is not against the Kurds,but against the PKK/PYD terrorists.The US supported and armed PKK/PYD terrorists,not Kurds.The US shouldn't be with terrorists.TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists

IngrahamAngle Don't look so tough now TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists Turks are not a society that kills civilians. We want to ensure our border security, the terrorists introduced as Kurdish Fighters are slaughtering their own people there. The Turkish army is operating in northern Syria to put an end to this atrocity.

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I had a bad day today too. IngrahamAngle Like the Queen of Hearts says 'Off with their Heads'. IngrahamAngle I'm amazed CNN hasnt praised them IngrahamAngle Now let's roast their nuts over an open fire- IngrahamAngle Lol let me guess, 'they're oppressed by white America that's why we should forgive them'. Who your spokeswoman...

IngrahamAngle What are they being held for? They earned themselves a slow painful death get on with it. IngrahamAngle Damn, they look dusty IngrahamAngle Hang them... They'll be dropped off at the nearest sanctuary city and freed. Put them in an Aligator pit HotlineJosh Have they been sent to Gitmo for holding until trial yet?

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Now get a rope angle let them swing Just know that Allah is holding out on you boys. Seventy two virgins over the course of eternity is pretty paltry indeed. They were transferred today, after the Erdogan attacks began, which means it absolutely wasn't planned. There is a super sad and honorable SDF story behind this.

send them to Gitmo IngrahamAngle Put them in orange and jail. The rest will happen all by it self. Bye bye 😂😂 IngrahamAngle Was wondering WHYYYY CNN showed up in my twitter feed , then realized IngrahamAngle retweeted it !! Laura , don’t scare me like that !!! That grammar though.... IngrahamAngle Wow! Cnn reporting actual news!

Has IlhanMN requested leniency yet? So their lives get saved while the Kurdish ppl are slaughtered? 🤔 Interesting Muslim in America should be together to fight for your freedom There's this beautiful bay in Cuba, rhymes with Wantanamo... Just kill them IngrahamAngle C-RAM testing? Nice. Now lock them in a cell and make them listen to Flo from Progressive commercials 24 hours a day nonstop for the rest of their miserable lives.

.And it begins... IngrahamAngle Whistleblower 1&2 IngrahamAngle Don’t worry, our PM in Canada will making the call soon to the USA asking to make these two animals Canadian citizens and then pay them $10M each for the pain & suffering they’ve had to endure while in custody. “British” IngrahamAngle is this was in Canada they'd have $10 Million each waiting for them.

Trump’s military or the United States military?

Russian trolls tried to convince African Americans not to vote in 2016, US Senate saysAfrican Americans were the group targeted the most by Russian social media trolls, the Senate Intelligence Committee's report said. Politicians have, for far too long, regarded the people as fools who will accept whatever they tell them. Those days are over. Blacks/Whites are leaving the DIMMS in DROVES. Without the Black vote, they are finished. BLEXIT Invraisemblable shit.. Incroyable level of stupidity.. Sénat trolls makes new Cold War.. It wasn't the super predator candidate who promised she had hot sauce in her purse... it was anonymous social media accounts ... sure kid, go with that.

U.S. 'betrayal' of Kurds could spark ISIS revival, intel officials sayA sustained Turkish military operation against US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria would vastly increase the threat to Americans from ISIS, which remains intent on attacking the West, current and former intelligence officials tell NBCNews. The immediate concern, officials say, is what will happen with the 12,000 ISIS fighters currently being guarded by the American-backed Kurds. The ISIS prisoners are the world's largest concentration of terrorists. TurkeyAgainstSDFnotKurds These are truths about OperationPeaceSpring

#KurdsBetrayedByTrump trends as Americans condemn Trump for pulling U.S. troops from northeastern Syria'The world will never forgive us. Nor should they. KurdsBetrayedByTrump,' Human Rights Campaign's Charlotte Clymer tweeted. KurdsBetrayedByLindseyGraham too About time we quit wasting lives and cash over there. Thank you President Trump. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

2 ISIS 'Beatles' transferred from Syrian prison to US military custodyThe U.S. military has taken custody of two notorious ISIS fighters known as 'The Beatles' and moved them to 'a safe location' as Turkey's military forces move into Syria. Make them vape to death. Is this Trump’s trade off for shitting on the Kurds? Off with their heads, ☪️-style!