Us Suspends Flights To Venezuela - Cnnpolitics

Us Suspends Flights To Venezuela - Cnnpolitics

US suspends flights to Venezuela

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The US is indefinitely suspending all commercial passenger and cargo flights to and from Venezuela

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US has been meddling in Venezuela by imposing sanctions the very first day Chavez got elected. In every country where US intervened, that created economic and social crisis. The Christian world should think twice. The enemies of the Jews before 1948 were Christians. Do you want to engage in the Third World War to protect these Jews? Israel's dream is to destroy Christians and become a superpower. Thinking well will we avoid the Third World War.

Has this happened before with the same results? Well damn,so much for fresh cola and chicas eh! CNN JUST CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES, but to spread propaganda for their establishment corporate bosses! Sold your souls much! The US and all countries should suspend all commercial flights worldwide, jumbo jet aircraft are a major contributer to air pollution, global warming and noise pollution

You guys do not know what VENezUElA is going through(((( No to socialism No to communism. No to terrorists . Love USA CMMadhyaPradesh RahulGandhi PriyankaGandhi INCIndia OfficeOfKNath JM_Scindia VTankha INCMP digvijaya_28 dmgwalior Mr A.A. SIDDIQUI PRINCIPAL, MAHILA POLYTECHNIC, GWALIOR IS CHOR. FIR N.55/12. P.S. TECHNICAL EDUCATION NOT OBEYED S.C.ORDERS. SEE S.C. ORDER, REMOVE HIM.

First a Muslim ban. Now a S. American one? Trump really is threatened by non-white individuals. (And germs. And real foods that are not fast foods. And losing at sports. And..oh, the list goes on and on!) Scribe_Light Bout time if you ask me sick of Venezuela being held up as a socialist paradise strange though is almost like it's a totalitarian hell hole with its people getting run the fuck over by its own military

If ya gotta go just fly to Trinidad and hire a boat.

U.S. Announces Suspension of Commercial Passenger and Cargo Flights Between U.S. and VenezuelaBreaking: U.S. announces suspension of commercial passenger and cargo flights between U.S. and Venezuela, citing safety concerns Extrangulation stronger”. I see, so they didn't convince the Europeans and Russians to go to war with Iran, now we are back to Venezuela. Anything to save the fraudster in Chief from Mueller's testimony. Safety concerns as a facade for further crippling economic sanctions which amounts to economic warfare & sabotage of their energy plants.

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so anyone from venezuala whos here to visit now cannot return home? Welcome to America new immigrant MLSist SoccerInsider Do we know if Junior Moreno was able to get to his family before this took effect and if so will he be able to get back to DC? Wow... In case Trump fails to start a war with Iran then Venezuela will be his next target.

so it begins... tell have em fix there country so immigrants stay there we dont need em .get them on their knees ethical At Putin's behest. Russia is trying to get a civil war started which will drag the US in. Just open the door for the Russians aviation commercial flights come in. If there is no war with Iran then all warships & B2 Bombers will be despatched to Venezuela.

U.S. suspends flights between the U.S. and VenezuelaThe U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday ordered the suspension of all passenger and cargo flights between the United States and Venezuela, citing reports of unrest and violence around airports in the South American country.

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Ianbins 🤔 Sabia decisão! ShantayyVilla 😢 BREAKING: The pathetic Trump Collusion Hoax is about to be exposed... the blame game has begun... this will lead to a Democratic “Constitutional Crisis”... this is gonna be good y’all!!! Ooh let’s play a game, called “Which unnecessary unconstitutional wasteful offensive war will the United States start first?” Will it be A) Venezuela, B) Iran, C) North Korea, or D) All of the above?

Makes perfect sense to me... Better Safe than Shot down... Wow a lot going on. State emergency IT now this too Hmmmm why this We used to be really good at regime change and bananarepublic management. What went wrong? Socialism remarks in 3...2...1

U.S. orders suspension of flights between the U.S. and VenezuelaThe U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday ordered the suspension of all... But who will we rape in Caracas hotels? I don’t understand? Aren’t we supposed to be using that country as the bathroom for rich perv freaks? That’s where we send them. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Ask Elon. Again

I wasnt going there anyway. I'm on couch country They're all walking here anyway Great. A Nordic system that gets attacked because it isn’t protected by European economic connections. Good idea — very unstable situation there! If I was POTUS I’d pull a George HW Bush Panama-like military coup. In and out quickly!

Well that’s a shame Trump out to BREAK Maduro Venezuela

The 5 best US states to live in, according to US News & World ReportEach year, U.S. News & World Report surveys over 50,000 Americans in order to rank all U.S. states across 71 metrics in eight categories: crime and corrections, economy, education, environment, fiscal stability, healthcare, infrastructure and opportunity. U.S. News ranks each state from one to 50 — with one being the best and 50 being the worst — across each of these eight categories and then uses a weighed average to create a final ranking of the best places to live in the country. MakeIt MakeIt It’s Illinois. MakeIt These rankings would be considerably different if weather were appropriately considered.

As the U.S. threatens Iran and Venezuela, Russia steps up attacks in SyriaRussia and its Syrian ally have escalated their campaign against insurgent-held Idlib at a time when the U.S. was preoccupied with threatening new wars against Iran and Venezuela. Avengers: Infinity War? The absolute worst C in C at at a dangerous time in our history Another legacy from inept Obama. bananademocrats 🍌🍌

Agreement to protect US interests in Venezuela still not operational after a monthMore than a month after Switzerland agreed to be the caretaker of US embassy interests in Venezuela, the arrangement is still not operational I don't know who to blame, but I suspect it aint the Swiss. They should treat the agreement the way Benedict Arnold Trump treats agreements, and walk away from it.

Marco Rubio warns U.S. military intervention in Venezuela “always” a possibility, says Guaidó in desperate troubleThe Florida senator says U.S. military action in Venezuela is “always” an option, citing the unstable presence of drug cartels, Marxist militant organizations and “hundreds” of Russian military advisers in the South American nation. marcorubio has TDS When things don’t go the GOPs way, their strategy is start a war. Too late little Marco, Trumpy love Mad uro

Trump’s Latin American allies want change in Venezuela, but not U.S. interventionThe history of U.S. invasion and occupation in the region is long and unlamented. Can’t have it both ways Re: Trump’s Latin American allies want change in Venezuela, but not U.S. intervention Wonder why. Everywhere the U.S. is involved turns to a garbage dump.

Eviction notice served to activists at embassy in US – Venezuela crisisVenezuela earlier announced the lifting of foreign exchange controls on banks for the first time in 16 years, but some observers are sceptical the measure will do much to lift the shrinking economy. Venezuela's top court accuses four opposition lawmakers of treason

US suspends all flights to VenezuelaU.S. flights to Venezuela are being suspended due to safety and security concerns, officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday. are you still string up trouble there as an excuse to steal their oil? Damn, airports are the safest places in the country.. Maracaibo 2015 was like an island of civility in a war zone. I kissed the ground upon arrival...(taking a bus/taxi from Colombia was not my brightest move - but that cheap flight to Curaçao was too seductive to pass up)

This is the best state in America in 2019Last year’s top state, Iowa, dropped to 14th place on U.S. News & World Report’s annual list.

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