Health, Us Still İn First Covid-19 Wave And Should Be Prepared For 'Challenge' Of Fall And Winter, Fauci Says - Cnn

Health, Us Still İn First Covid-19 Wave And Should Be Prepared For 'Challenge' Of Fall And Winter

US still in first Covid-19 wave and should be prepared for 'challenge' of fall and winter, Fauci says

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9/25/2020 1:46:00 PM

The US is still in the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, says Dr. Anthony Fauci, and flu season is coming

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Trust scientific studies of health officials. They might be persuaded by Government to hide facts, but they are the experts... Do not question, for your safety. Second wave has already hit - 200K+ COVID-19 infections. And do not believe that young people will not be impacted. You mean the pandemic that kills 45,000 people a year and HAS a vaccine? That one?

These are 3rd world problems and this nation is now a part of it. Thanks Trump! So the flu deaths will also be attributed to covid is what you’re getting at? The flu will be called COVID-19. Flu season arrives every year. What is the point? For 6 months you have peddled doom and gloom that has never materialized. This virus is a problem, but the hysterics from CNN and other media is the real culprit here. 'Waves' are just classifications. Nothing can be deduced from the fact that we are still in the first wave.

We're only 7 months into a 15 day shut down. I know three people who had the Rona. I was actually rooting for the Rona with the second one. Dr. Fauci failed with his Top Down analysis that caused the lock down! You don't have to be an expert to see that a virus is a local bottom up problem handled at the county level. It is so obvious that you wonder if it wasn't done on purpose?

Stand by and wait a few weeks, dr flip flop will change his mind again. The 'expert' struggles a lot. 'When all this is over, we may well find that the biggest international variable isn’t the number of preventable deaths. It is the damage to the living.' This really isn’t the issue everyone is making it out to’s a good thing actually

1984 If you don't cover the Hunter Biden hearings you are no longer credible at all. Fox even covered all the Trump hearings TRUMPS AMERICA. TrumpIsAMassMurderer Hoping for more trump rallies! Covid will cull the cult. This is POTUS winning I 'so' believe Dr. Fauci! He is the intelligent one, and will not back down from the scientific truth!

excellent Fredo Fauci Fake News Every country is still in the first wave, it’s never gone away for anyone. We’ve been preparing for this flu season for a freaking year. Washing hands, masks and social distancing. This flu season should be somewhat nonexistent !! BLM: 'They will be the ones washing our cars

Take care and be safe. Wear a damn mask. Stop listening to Trump. 1. Trump is not a doctor and he never played one on TV. 2. Trump is only a politician by name only, he knows nothing about politics. 3. Surely even if Trump is a Republican you can't possibly want a dictator? Anthony Fauci colluded with the Communist Party. He lied to the American people and betrayed the United States of America. He deserves to be tried. His hands are stained with the blood of the American people.

The coronavirus developed and deliberately released by the Communist Party has killed 200,000 Americans! Action, action, annihilate the Communist Party. This is not the flu. This is a biological weapon made by the Communist Party. It is more serious than the 9/11 incident SUCK ROPE The following is the scientific evidence published by Dr. Yan’s team about how the CCP virus was created in the laboratory and spread maliciously to the world. Welcome to download and spread it widely to let more people know the truth about the virus.

Coronavirus live updates: Fauci details lesser-publicized side effects of COVID-19Based on preliminary indications, CDC Dir. Robert Redfield suggests a 'majority' of Americans are still susceptible to COVID-19: 'More than 90% of the population remains susceptible.' Republicans could care less about who dies Give me a break

Coronavirus news: Fauci details lesser-publicized side effects of COVID-19LATEST: Indiana will move to Stage 5, its final phase of reopening, on Saturday, Gov. Eric Holcomb announces. Retail stores, malls, restaurants, bars and nightclubs can operate at full capacity under the Stage 5 rules. Yes!!!!! Can you talk about Hunter Biden now? Or is that not apart of your narrative?

'I challenge that': Fauci, Paul clash over Covid-19 herd immunity at Senate hearing'No, you misconstrued that, senator. And you've done that repetitively,' Fauci told Sen. Rand Paul at one point during the exchange. Somebody got a can of whoop-a$$ today 🤷🏾‍♀️ BigJonny The recognized expert in the field spanks Opthalmologist who created his own certification. Film at 11. How much are we paying the guy behind him.😂😂😂

The 3 Riskiest Places to Go During COVID-19, According to Dr. FauciThese three activities, according to new data from the CDC, pose the highest risk for getting (or spreading) COVID-19. Turns out, they have a few things in common. Click to learn everything you need to know about continuing to stay safe this fall. Learn to cook, workout at home, drink at home or just don’t drink cause it’s bad for you.

Exclusive: How COVID-19 stimulus money will end up in U.S. tobacco farmers' pocketsU.S. government aid payments to tobacco farmers will be channeled through a new account within the office of the agriculture secretary, an unusual move that bypasses the normal mechanism for distributing farm aid and stokes concerns about how the government is using COVID... Life is our 'LOVE'. Only when 'LOVE' occurs, the value of life may be known. Our love offers our lives as much freedom as possible. When love is lost, seeds of hate are sown, and the beauty offered by life is lost. China Communist Party (CCP)MAN MADE THE COVID-19 .VIRUS 🦠 was CREATED in the lab!

Johnson & Johnson begins Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial in U.S.The drugmaker's vaccine candidate is the fourth to enter final-phase human trials in the country. The baby powder company? Great, we’re all going to be shooting rash guard into our bodies to fight the beer virus. Good luck with that folks, I ain’t doin it. So we trust Johnson and Johnson about a vaccine when they lied about the talcum powder cancer causing issue?