Health, Us Sees A Record Number Of New Coronavirus Cases Reported İn A Single Day - Cnn

Health, Us Sees A Record Number Of New Coronavirus Cases Reported İn A Single Day - Cnn

US sees a record number of new coronavirus cases reported in a single day

The United States has reported at least 46,853 new coronavirus cases in a single day, reaching a new high, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University

7/2/2020 4:17:00 AM

The United States has reported at least 46,853 new coronavirus cases in a single day, reaching a new high, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University

The United States on Wednesday saw a record number -- 48,477 -- of new coronavirus cases reported in a single day, according to data complied by Johns Hopkins University.

Wednesday's total eclipses the previous high of new cases reached on June 26, when 45,255 new coronavirus cases were reported across the US.It took a little more than two months for the US to record its first 48,000 cases, the university's data says.There have been 2,683,894 cases of coronavirus in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 128,000 people have died.At least five states -- Arizona, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas -- had record-high totals of new case reports on Wednesday.Read MoreCalifornia, the most populous state, reported 9,740 new cases. That figure included 5,898 cases reported to the state in the past 24 hours and 3,842 previously unreported cases from a five-day period, Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for the state's joint information center, said. The spike comes as many states are pausing their reopenings or rolling back some restrictions. More than 28 million Californians live in counties where restaurant dining rooms, bars and other indoor facilities are being told to stay shut or close as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to worry state officials.The closures affect 19 counties representing 72% of the state's population, and include restaurants, museums, zoos, movie theaters, family entertainment, and card rooms, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday. Covid-19 keeps putting the new school year in total limboThe governor's announcement included bars, pubs, breweries and wineries that don't also serve food. Restaurants can serve takeout meals."Bottom line is, the spread of this virus continues at a rate that is particularly concerning," said Newsom, who added that the percentage of people who test positive is rising.These restrictions will remain in place for at least three weeks, Newsom said.Newsom said California's state beaches in areas where local governments have closed theirs will also be closed. Parking lots at state beaches that are open in Southern California and the Bay Area won't be operating.California isn't the only state that announced new restrictions. Michigan is closing indoor service at bars throughout most of the lower part of the state. Governors in Pennsylvania and Oregon ordered their citizens to wear face coverings.LIVE UPDATES Weekend could be a 'perfect storm'As the Fourth of July weekend nears, an infectious disease doctor said the United States could be heading into"the perfect storm" for a spike in coronavirus cases."It's set up a perfect storm: the combination of travel, the combination of reopening -- perhaps in some cases, too early -- and the combination of people not necessarily following some of these preventive guidelines," Dr. Joshua Barocas, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center, said during a Wednesday briefing by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.Fauci: US coronavirus cases could rise to 100,000 a day Barocas said cases spiked in some states after Memorial Day. Thirty-seven states now trend upward in the number of cases from last week and only two states, New Jersey and Rhode Island, trend downward."I'm very concerned, especially given this coming weekend, that the same types of spikes, the same types of surges could be seen -- not just in the places that are currently experiencing surges, but in places that have already experienced surges and in ones that haven't yet," he said. Dr. Ricardo Franco, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said,"this surge in our prolonged first wave of infections, it's very difficult to predict what might happen and the Fourth of July weekend could play a big role in this."Other states order bars to shut downSome states with hotspots are taking action in an attempt to reduce crowds by shutting down bars, closing beaches and canceling fireworks displays.Reopening the economy doesn't mean Covid-19 is getting better. It just shifts more responsibility to youA total of 23 states have changed or paused reopening plans because of spikes in coronavirus cases, and bars have come in for particular attention."If you have bars, you have music," said Franco."If you have music, you want to socialize. And you want to speak louder than usual so you can overcome the background noise." All those factors can increase the spread of the virus, he said.Texas, Colorado and Delaware have ordered closures or limits on bar operations. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also gave bars nothing to cheer when he appeared before Congress this week.More of CNN's coronavirus coverage

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Who is questions John's Hopkins University data collation? How authentic are they since governments around the world rely on their data for decision making? Please stay home. Unless you need to protest. In that case, you will have full virus immunity Testing is ramping up. 🤦🏾‍♀️ And the photo you show is white people at the beach nowhere near each other. Not thousands of militant marxists spitting communist rhetoric in close quarters

Doom doom we are all doomed. Omg help me cnn. You ass hat. Reimposes? Was there ever any imposing to being with? I thought they were gonna rock em sock em with the combo 'ignore completely' and 'pray a little' Well all I can say is 'thank God, people are protesting the China virus peacefully on the beaches'.

TrumpsterTrash That’s an awful lot of mislabeled appendicitis victims. Why is this not expected. More testing, more people working. More people out. Learn to live with the virus folks. It’s not going anywhere. Keep those at risk, safe. I wonder why? Oh maybe because of the riots? Or does that not fit your agenda

Trump: 'we have the biggest and most powerfully tremendous amount of cases that anyone has ever seen... ever'. worldometers an international source, who I trust more than any AMERICAN source, [under Trump I no longer really trust any numbers] reported your number of cases yesterday were in fact 51,097 NEW CASES

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ 52,000. New record. Winning? Don’t think most understand the “land mines” - asymptomatic and new infections do not show - no temperature, no cough but super infectious. Masks are the only protection. Yes, things like that happen when it comes to pandemics, they start slow and don’t proceed in a linear manner. But you’re CNN and have no reason to explain that fact to your audience because it wouldn’t match your agenda.

Way to go guys Herd immunity idiots 🙏 It’s called herd immunity idiots Baby pop 2 Failure Doing half million and more tests a day will get you those results Don’t worry Trump said he hopes it just fades away. What an idiot! 👍 Always with the beach photos... HEALTH SOLUTIONS: 7 Things to Stop Doing to Improve Your Health

Unbelievable. How hard would it have been to listen the health care professionals? That's what we did here in Canada. Crazy! Especially since they’re testing at 4x the rate. Not to mention far fewer people are dying or being hospitalized! This isn't a story, this was to be expected with the increase of cases...hospitalizations are handling the influx fine and death rates continue to drop. Stop scaring the Sheeple

Have any Americans either jo public or government done anything at all to fight this or is ignorance bliss. Fakenews Of course it is getting closer to election time And testing is what up like 120%. Pretty much why reporting was lacking back then. So great job Trump administration your on top of it. Oh yea less deaths being recorded and ICU have other patients in them now not just Covid Reprt all the facts CNN not hand picked

No one cares about covid anymore, we knew this was just a scare tactic once the media said dumb shit like, 'BLM protests are ok during the pandemic, but protests aganist the lockdown orders are super duper dangerous' Yeah, we finally know what's up, now we dont care anymore. As deaths decline also should be added to your fake news reporting

all Americans in democratic states there setting up for mail in ballots in November there is a lot of question on the accuracy of numbers including from hospital workers but you didn't hear that from me OUTBREAKS TRACED DIRECTLY TO NONCOMPLIANT SOCIAL DISTANCING BY YOUNG PROTESTERS, RIOTERS AND LOOTING THAT TOOK PLACE ACROSS AMERICA.

LA yesterday.... Increase in COVID19 cases directly traced to the timing of the begin of the PROTESTS, RIOTS & LOOTING ACROSS AMERICA. Were NONCOMPLIANT with Social Distancing & Masks. PROTESTS, RIOTS & LOOTING are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INCREASES OF COVID19 OUTBREAK ACROSS AMERICA. Performing over 500,000 test per day now...

No shit. That's what happens with mass testing Thanks to the RED MEAT GANG, it will be a long while before we get any relief from this virus The media is using fear to keep America in check. Sure the virus is real and Trump is a moron. But why do they never report the death rate is going down? Why is the focus always on the TOTAL NUMBER when over 1 million ppl have recovered?

There’s a simple explanation for that... more testing. Death rate is way down!!! That’s the Most important you fear mongers This means 300 ,00 deaths in the U.S. Rome has fallen my god You wanted more testing. This is the result of more testing. More cases detected and far less that result in death. This should be good news. But you can't help selling panicporn.

That was in the early stages, it’s strange how CNN tries to make it sound so much worse than it really is!! Elizabe03314643 Hey,I;m Elizabeth Corner. From USA. I like to friendship with new friend, and Hangouts new place. my mail is: my number is:546 200-8125 I wonder why... BlackLivesMatter I think they have the answer.

The thinning of the bad and shameful is upon us Who cares? 99.9% recovery rate . No masks. No physical distancing. Enjoy the ride! . SO SAD! Herd immunity :) Because some governors in some states from day 1 didn't do what they had to When you test as many people as we have in a day, that’s what happens....

The test will pick up if you have antibodies or a form of coronavirus that caused the common cold and report this as positive. Test data is skewed. Meanwhile in CA.. daily... LisaLamb8493707 So lets add another 1/4 million cases for Independence day! What an accomplishment America! Check yourself🙏🏾 Wake up people.

The fakenews continues to focus on the “spike” in cases, intentionally neglecting to state that we are in the midst of herdimmunity and it is working, the more cases we have without an INCREASE IN COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS OR COVID DEATHS proves this. You thrive on this, don’t you.Can an entire network be mentally unstable?

The world is healing from the virus, but America! I believe your flu mutated and is now called coronavirus! Americans are not making it better you are making it worse! Borders won’t open to Americans in the near future! 99.6% survival rate. Now do the flu First PrimeMinister vows river-dams as Modern-Temples-Of-India;Mr Parrot vows Parliament as Temple-Of-Democracy.Mahabarat-BHIMA bought God-Of-Heaven-Elephant walks-to-earth on arrows-ladder for his mother ritual as late PrimeMinister myth!Is Agro-Corpse-Demon-Spine MrParrot myth?

WE ARE TESTING MORE! OF COURSE THERE WILL BE MORE CASES! IDIOTS! Stable genius has it all under control. Just stop testing, and inject bleach. Solved. Kind of ironic how the spike has happened just a couple of weeks after the BlackLivesMattter protests. Bull shit we are wise to your tactics ...we are OVER IT

MOST have ZERO THIS fact!! I work for public health...the majority have ZERO symptoms!! Tell the WHOLE truth. Glad it wasn’t because of the protesters... So Fake News🤔🤔 What about protesting and riots? You can thank DJT for that record This is getting boring Why show a picture of the beach? Why not show a pictures of the rioters and looters that caused the new outbreak? Guess that's isnt part of the Liberal game plan.

And the lie gets Bigger Man sometimes I just wonder... what the fuck is this president doing in the white house! I seen this coming a mile away when opening early. It will never go away till a Vaccine is found. Everything is corona. NOT keep up the lies Communist News Continued fearmongering from CNN and other Democratic media. Death numbers are way down and cases are up due to increased testing. Not just testing the symptomatic but everyone at this point. But you are CNN and don’t have an intelligent employee amongst your staff.

Haha 😂 Wasnt testing not as readily available when this first started? Are you positive that after the first two months there were exactly 50k cases? Lol What could have possible brought thousands of people into close proximity to each other to cause this😱 I’m sure the BLM protests had nothing to do with it too. 🤷🏻‍♂️

USA you are doing so great,keep up the great work. Wear the mask! Great! CCP want kill more Americans with virus after America businessman and government got a lot of money and benefit from China !But now, They still make deal with CCP! Don't forget all the looting,rioting also has alot to do with it but liberals condone that.

Ratings completely in the toilet. Keep it up. People are sick of the lies 24/7. I'm calling total BS on the stats here. Seriously, who's doing the journalism here? All that sister fucking is finally catching up with America One word.. protestriotslooting America 1st, he promised. Fake news. Listen to doctors on Fox News to get the real story. Science, not politics.

Terrible SurvivalGirl1 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT 💀 OBAMAGATE GLOBALISIM CHINESE VIRUS LIBERAL ATHEIST RACIST INSANITY SurvivalGirl1 SO WHAT Yep Trump doing a fantastic job Now state officials reempose covid 19 restriction what an idiot And there was barely any testing in the 1st 2 months. Duh........ JimBonz SHUTDOWN NEEDED IMMEDIATELY DROPPING LIKE FLIED TONS OF DENIALISM KILLS

Lean back and let it happen like a bad acid trip. It’s going to continue infecting people. We can’t hide forever. Chinese mechanism has gone gung ho in the US.More worse dayas r coming, check the hidden process of china in US that propagates this contagions to destroy US. It's happening all-over the world but in china it's seems being controlled in very strange and suspicious way.

Well that sort of thing will happen when everyone is encouraged to protest and be in close proximity to a bunch of strangers Strange how that happens with increased testing. Death rates dropped if you want to tell the whole story Imagine if in 1941, FDR decided to simply ignore Pearl Harbor and the Japanese threat and said each state for themselves, there is no such thing as a federal response. How is that different from what Trump is doing now. TrumpResignNow

joe said 120million died , guy is a total clown Hey did ya know? Seven Elected Democrats Charged in Past Week on Corruption and Fraud Charges I will likely never travel to the US again. This is so bad. Pray for America More testing, more cases, it's very easy math cnn. Make that 52000 new cases of the TrumpVirus in a single day.

That's the responsibility from Trump he ignored the Virus so long and say this is a HOAX and he wasn't believe the health experts and the professionells. So many lost's of life because of this big mistake from the Golfer Trump.He had no more right to be president of USA. Could the protests have anything to do it with?

But I wonder why Could it have been....state sanctioned protests?...Hmmmm? Notice how they only show normal people when talking about rises in Covid. Never once has CNN, or any other piece of shit fake news network attached a photo of thousands of rioters or protesters to one of these stories. They blatantly spit in your face.

headlandfash Ummm well if you get tens of thousands of them collecting any time theres a chance to - that MIGHT be why? Ya think? I hope left-wing mobs start breaking in to CNN next Golly jeepers, you mean we should have listened to the doctors this entire time ? Not Trump ? Hmmmmmmmmmm death rates are way down

Looks like 5% death rate. Thank you realDonaldTrump LIES MAGA And yet extremely busy indoor shopping malls, which are also tourist attractions, are remaining open. A number of customers not wearing masks 🤦‍♂️ BeverlyCenter ShopGlendale Testing! HeyLangdon These numbers are outrageously horrible. As Queen, I call upon every citizen to take immediate and strong action against coronavirus (and the Orange Cancer) afflicting this great Republic. What are YOU doing about it? Take action - and tell me all about it

Only when they start recording so much numbers as deaths per day will they smell the coffee, stubborn bunch of people And we owe be a big thanks to Trump. dronetek They actually reported on California, I wonder if we'll see any New York stories ... a Test result is neither a case nor a patient... Let’s just lockdown until there’s a vaccine. I can’t wait to be homeless, jobless and facing years of financial ruin and absolute misery. What a future to survive for

CNN focuses on the wrong issue. It’s not the number of cases the matter. It’s the hospital’s ability to cope and the mortality rate. For weeks now the mortality rate has declined That's how the R rate works, and why it was so critical to knowing what a real value was from the beginning. Sad CNN- Let me attach a story from the new news network that is killing CNN. Will CNN cover this? An African American was killed in the 'peace zone' according to CNN.

I don't care. I'm over it. Meaningless. The no of deaths going DOWN. IDIOTS AT CNN. Every night in nyc. Since weeks. While it’s illegal the police is not allowed to do anything because the democrats might lose a vote. Oh but this can’t be shown of course of course It is the number of deaths that matter. The shithiole lies 24/7. Cases going up good as shows herd immunity working. There will be no vaccine faucii is lying.

Even people that don't finish the test are being told their positive. It's a joke and a B movie at this point, yet your audience demands more fear and popcorn 24/7. Poof! It will miraculously disappear! WHEN PEOPLE CATCH UP WITH THE EVILS THAT TRUMP IS DOING, HE STARTS USING THE HOAX WORD AS AN ESCAPE DOOR 👈🏼👈🏼👎🏼👎🏼‼️‼️

New Covid numbers are completely made up Prove me wrong That sounds like a high number until you say 38 million test in the US! Trump & McConnell know that if they end Obamacare & you get COVID, you won’t ever get insurance, because you'll have a pre-existing condition. This is some evil ?%$! We better vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.

CNN is the worst news organization in the world! No rise in deaths. Interesting. Almost like this has a death rate comparable to the common cold Death rates matter! of cases have a 98% or better recovery rate! CNN is garbage! Guess masks and social distancing don’t work....... Remember bitching about needing tests CNN? Well they have them now. More tests more cases. Deaths going DOWN. That is good news.

Jesus christ. Shut the country down. You really should include testing stats with results. (In order to be a reliable news source) First ppl complained there wasn’t enough testing and now that there is more testing then anywhere in the world you act like we are the worst although deaths hv gone down!!!

Close or not the grand design is to purge at this point WhiteHouse GavinNewsom Death rate? You gonna report on that? Man. Covid has gone viral Come on CNN. We didn't have widespread testing available the first three months... you could only get a test if you were admitted to a hospital. Now you can get one in 5 minutes at any CVS.

Aaaand Canada will keep the border closed till u get ur crap together!! Because it’s conducting 10x more testing What a garbage network CNN is. Literally the enemy of the people So how many were those 'virtual diagnosis' we're doing now?🤔🧐 More testing? Why are so many common cold cases & COVID-19 admissions plus an insurance bond for 2M related deaths? Medicare is determining if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital they get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator they get $39,000. Greed over People?

Cool. Do a Google search for any 3 digit number followed by 'new cases, and then convince me we aren't being lied to. Mask wearing instead of social distancing is the reason! When social distancing was the promoted mitigation, and these States were still open for business, infection rate was lower. Now, with masks being promoted, social distancing is being forsook as if masks are as good.

Who cares. Death rate is falling. Amazing what happens when you start testing people at a high rate Woohoo. idiots Yeah, about this counting? Ummm... Lies all lies. People don’t want to take precautions and follow social distancing and wear masks even though Doctors are recommending to curb the spread of the virus . It’s a disease which has to be tacked scientifically.

Well this is terrifying Well we test over half a million a day now sooooo We’re 1 Had a friend who was tested... said they counted family members in the household as positive too even though they were never tested Hmmm Trump was right, I am tired of winning! VoteTrumpOut COVID19 WearAMask MAGA TESTING!!! Genius idea.

For almost a month MayorJenny & cnnfakenews insisted Chaz was the summer of love and a peaceful block party. Rethinking that now? RadicalLeft mediascum Ya. Seems fishy Can you also share the number of tests and the %increase over 4 weeks min? That would tell a different story though- right? AIIAmericanGirI: 4 Points to Understand the COVID-19 Surge in Texas DailySignal AAG AAG2020

Chasing tne headlines How many are from over the border that our hospitals are helping with? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ such misleading shit You are FakeNews! Nobody takes you seriously. EnemyOfThePeople OPENAMERICANOW FireFauci New cases doesn't equal current cases. The tests site if you've had it.

'It will just disappear. I hope.' -trump today Thanks Mom for the fear mongering. 😳 How many on vents and that would also be divided by 15 ( probable) Blame the BlackLivesMatter protests that defied all distancing and mass-gathering prohibitions and that authorities did sweet fuck-all about! Whoa . . . And this is with shutdowns in the NE epicenter after realizing the need to move fast.

🤦🏻‍♀️🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 I am not a Trump supporter, you can blame him all you want, but it’s YOU people who are spreading the disease. Thanks antifa Didn’t it take that long at first because 1-testing wasn’t even close to being widely available and 2-even if it was available you couldn’t get tested unless doctors approved you to? Now it’s just hey I wanna get tested and you can hence part of Y cases are much higher

This is really a disgusting Damn shame!!! And still the death rate drops How many more deaths? All of this brought to you by the gop and Maga scum. They must be defeated and convicted and deported. Treason This is just great. It’s sad to think that while all of these people are fighting this virus and fighting for their lives, we have a “president” who thinks it’s all a giant hoax to attack him. 🙄. I can’t wait till we can have a proper leader in the White House come November.

Does anyone have a count of how many of Trümpfs base has been infected or died from the COVID45? Serious Question❓ Coz we never tested for it? The more you test, the more you find. Plus the test generates at least 1-2% false positives. A high number of cases are not equivalent to a high number of hospitalizations and death. It depends on who is testing positive. These are young people getting this who will not require any hospitalization.

Of course, America FIRST! with more testing we have 333 cases and four deaths try and convince me to stay home. Don’t worry America, whether or not you care but your country in not “the land of the free and the home of the brave”........more like “the land of the selfish and home of the “Karens”!!!!!!!

Imagine that with all the protests and parades. McClain_on_NFL Rioting and protesting is a hell of a thing The left is quick to blame Trump for the rise in Covid cases rather than the obvious of the amount of protests going on. Smfh!! Fake news!! Stop. I can’t even watch you anymore CNN i use to watch you to see what stupid thing you would say next but you have exceeded the bar. So pathetic that you can’t report real news you are just a political banner that’s it

Ironically, since Trump has been in office the world has seen everything but the Greatness of America again. They've seen rampant sickness & death, racism, civil unrest, police brutality, lack of leadership, separation, isolation, bickering, mocking, protests, rioting & malice. And yet now hospitals are full 🤔

There’s more black on black killings in large cities then people dieing of covid now Trump has it under control. Pence does too. Dumb and dumber! Oh yeah it's just gonna disappear I love when he says stupid stuff and it's only wishful thinking on his part because he has no idea how to handle it. ⛑️RealDoctorMike 💪 Do you agree with The president Trump about what he said about COVID19 🤔? Do you know what Dr Mike said about that 🤔 ? RealDoctorMike new amazing video about ( Trump & Covid-19 🦠) For Full video 😍 👍

Fake news Don’t worry, realDonaldTrump says it will just go away Anyone who should die will die? Struggle? 1700 years ago, Taoism Ge Hong's famous quote, 我命在我不在天, means 'I control my own life' realDonaldTrump, AsshatPOTUS45 & great leader of the MAGAsses, are we still Winning? Talk about Hillary Election isn’t for a few more months, covid cases must skyrocket!!

ElmsFlo undomiiell Tell the whole story CNN. Deaths are DOWN! Report on that news for a change. agitators It amazes me how the media likes to show beaches, bars, restaurants in COVID articles but totally denies the protesters ever contributed one positive increase in the virus. This is the show of total denial of similarities of gatherings and spreading the COVID.

These restrictions in California will remain atleast for three weeks , Newsom said. Read the book. The Harbinger And Donald’s complaining about paint on the street in front of his flop house. FakeNews Meanwhile millions of Americans are being affected by not being allowed to work, while the media turns a blind eye to the effects rioting idiots have had on the pandemic. Your an enemy of the people CNN

So pretending it magically disappeared because everyone was over restrictions didn’t work Well damn.... Due to the thousands of protesters around our nation? The timing is right that they'd come down with it about now. Oh and how about CNN not reporting the young black teens who were shot and killed by violent protestors? How many blacks have died b/c of BLM and/or Antifa?

this emphasis that Americans are most selfish with no regards for others nor society itself 🤔 And the lowest 7 day average for deaths since March 30th, tell the story not just your narrative % + down nationwide to 9% from 11%. Just reporting cases is irresponsible. + % is more accurate and throws out the arguments of the total of cases and the increase in tests

notbatmanyet How many other States are doing this? This is in Texas Thanks looters Then explain this? Unfortunately for CNN, you have been proven to be liars and no one believes you even when you try to substantiate your reporting by referencing authorities. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED!IN THIS PERIOD. Winning

Stop the protests and the number will recede.

U.S. coronavirus cases double in 14 states during JuneCoronavirus cases more than doubled in 14 U.S. states in the month of June, including California, Florida and Texas, a Reuters analysis on Tuesday showed. As death rates steadily decline. So you're sick for a few days. Oh no. As the death rate plunged. So? Testing exploded. Let’s hear about death rates that actually matter.

As U.S. Coronavirus Cases Climb, States Chart Their Own CourseThe global coronavirus death toll topped 510,000 and the number of U.S. cases continued to climb, as governors took divergent approaches to containing the spread in their states. Should end well. Note: the of cases will continue to increase until a vaccine is rolled out or herd immunity is reached. That won't happen until next year. People aren't going into another lockdown for 6-9 months or more. Try something else.

US states reverse openings after spike in Covid-19 cases - latest updatesSeveral US states reverse plans to reopen and make masks mandatory amid spike in Covid-19 cases. Here are other updates 🇦🇺 South Australia state cancels border reopening 🇲🇽 Mexico registers 3,805 new cases 🇨🇳 China reports 19 new infections Read more: South Korea sees Covid-19 cases spread beyond capital. Other updates: 🇹🇭 Thailand reports 2 imported infections; no local cases in 36 days 🇺🇸 US States reverse openings, require masks 🏀 Nets' DeAndre Jordan says he has coronavirus Read more:

U.S. coronavirus cases double in June in at least 10 statesArizona recorded the biggest jump in cases for the month at 294%, followed by South Carolina and Arkansas. Cases also more than doubled in Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah. In the six months since the World Health Organization (WHO) first reported a cluster of mysterious pneumonia It’s not funny! Dive into the stats and data on all things relative to COVID-19, including how the outbreak has spread throughout the US and metrics from asthma risk factors to national spending on healthcare services: Yahoo Wait until the kids go back to school

U.S. lawmaker seeks to ban Chinese firms from U.S. capital marketsA top senator is preparing a bill to ban Chinese companies from U.S. capital markets if they engage in spying, human rights abuse or support China's military, threatening a financial blow as tensions mount over COVID-19 and Beijing's crackdown on Hong Kong. What is the necessity? Won't they divert attention to something else? Now there is a novel thought Hope you enjoyed that Turkish d**k

Coronavirus updates: US reports over 41,500 new COVID-19 cases in a dayCORONAVIRUS LATEST: • More than 41,500 new cases of COVID-19 were identified in the United States on Monday. • Pandemic has killed over 504,000 people across the globe. • Over 10.2 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19. How has the death rate been affected by this? Liars tell the whole story!!!! Have you read the nytimes story about the virus being brought over the border and that's what overwhelming California, and Arizona? Or do you just report things that you think make realDonaldTrump look bad? 😂😂😂