World, Republicans Are Starting To Look Like Authoritarian Parties İn Hungary And Turkey, Study Finds - Cnn

World, Republicans Are Starting To Look Like Authoritarian Parties İn Hungary And Turkey

US Republicans are starting to look a lot like authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey, study finds

US Republicans are starting to look a lot like authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey, study finds

10/26/2020 6:20:00 PM

US Republicans are starting to look a lot like authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey, study finds

The Republicans have become more illiberal and populist in recent decades and are now starting to resemble autocratic parties like Hungary's Fidesz and Turkey's AKP, according to a new study from Sweden.

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BS AKimCampbell CNN starting to look like hammered shit. Nice play on words. Turkey is NOT authoritarian at all. You know what is...all the coups USA has attempted around the world to impose our choice of person into other's government. Yeah, ok. Been on the streets in Seattle nitwit. What do you mean, starting. For the last 4yrs the Republicans have only thought of themselves. But then, they have had the worst teacher.”America has ALWAYS been great!” It’s “we the people” that have to do better again!

Ya think? Fake News! What a lie! Here in the USA too. TIREDOFTRUMP8 I wonder if marcorubio has seen this. Although his concern is reserved for foreign dictators, not domestic Exactly, and with SenateGOP letting Trump get away with criminal acts, i.e. impeachment and Trump undermining the Pendleton Act, even less checks and balances... no watchdogs left to say this is wrong. Scary days ahead of this man remains in office.

Watch Unfit!!! It will tell you about the loss of democracy in the US. Who knew .... yes everyone knew, just Trump being Trump was the slow boil the frog mechanism used to fool many and convince the rest that his intentions were not totalitarian. However sane peoples facts are in your face now! Deal with it !

This is embarrassing, and if it wasn't so dangerous, it would be laughable. Which party supporters do you see every night on TV destroying property, intimidating people to 'swear allegiance,' and perpetuating fear amongst the populace. They 'look a lot like,' Nazis. lol lol lol lol ''The median governing party in democracies has become more illiberal in recent decades – rising from a score of 0.08 in 1970 to 0.28 in 2019 “This global trend indicates that contemporary threats to democracy typically come from within the government,” says V-Dem Institute''

Starting? Modern Journalism Took ya long euff to notice not at all!!!! thats a bad opinion piece Lol but you’re still tweeting so I have some doubts no they’re not. you’re just liberal

In a world mired in recession, China manages a V-shaped recoveryChina’s share of global merchandise exports has risen to a record high during the pandemic long $baba Of course! It would not surprise me if this was premeditated by the communist party. They can thank Trump for helping out.

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Most Voters Think Social Media Platforms Have A Duty To Thwart MisinformationRepublicans overwhelmingly see sites like Facebook and Twitter as biased against conservative views, a HuffPost/YouGov poll finds. Then Republicans are stupid. I was banned from Facebook for unapologetically mocking Trump. Damn, sounds like they might have a serious case of CS

Study Finds Male Chimps Mellow With AgePrimatologists at Tufts University say that much like humans, male chimps become less aggressive as they age and maintain close long-term relationships with established friends. What do you think? My favorite thing is how it's the same pictures every time on these comments 😂 Box flattener

Universal Mask Wearing Could Save Some 130,000 Lives In The U.S., Study SuggestsThe study is based on some assumptions under different scenarios. It suggests that if 95% of Americans wore masks in public it could drastically reduce the amount of COVID-19 deaths by February. Won’t happen, people have politicized the mask. They’d rather be dead or kill another person. And if they try to force it , they will go ahead and protests surging the counts even more. Odd thinking. Humans are not the intelligent species folks think they are. The new era. MaskUp covid is not going away. Anybody read this article? I'm no scientist but this is crap. They got data from Facebook surveys. Omg!