The Us Recorded More Than 1.6 Million Southern Border Arrests Last Year, The Highest On Record - Cnnpolitics

The Us Recorded More Than 1.6 Million Southern Border Arrests Last Year, The Highest On Record - Cnnpolitics

US recorded more than 1.6 million southern border arrests last year, highest on record

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10/23/2021 12:22:00 AM

The US recorded more than 1.65 million southern border arrests over the past year, breaking the previous record set in 2000

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Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts

A Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts after the Illinois teenager shot and killed two men and wounded a third at a protest last year.

Yeah and you helped cover it up to where we have a severe crisis on our hands and in adequate personal to deal with them Beaners at it again! Hey they deserve more money in their paychecks, should be paid extra for being bi-lingual less of course the money the get paid off from cartels to let certain ones in.....

Where is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? There is a shortage of workers. if those who are here in the united states of America refuse to work employers will have no choice but to hire those who are seeking asylum, beware the job you save might be your own, American people go back to work. blame yourself if you lose.

I really don’t remember the cult members screaming about the migrants last year, weird, right? That's just the ones they caught or turned themselves in for the benefits and free travel! I think it is safe to say a half million, give or take, got through over the past 9 months without detection. Kamala? Joe? Asleep at the wheel? They will pay for this!

Lets go Brandon 🙄 Do you want to start earning and stop relying on salaries? I would like to help 10 people how to start earning over $5000 weekly, all you need is a Bitcoin wallet and a start up capital then you can start benefiting from the trade!!Send a DM!!! Why tho? Yet “it’s ok” to bring in refugees from other countries? Pathetic! The president and US need to create a secure and tangible way to citizenship if that’s what is needed.

CNN reporter's turkey trick on live TV stuns anchor - CNN Video'She needs to make a run for it.' CNN's Anna Stewart made some unexpected friends during a TV segment about supply chain issues from a Turkey farm in England. As long as she sticks with the story that the Turkey has a prominent part to play on Christmas day and keeps quiet about what it is. The greatest news story….period! Dear CNN. Your programing SUCKS. You should re-do your lineup with fair and balanced reporting and I emphasize FAIR AND BALANCED and I along with many others will dump FOX and start watching CNN

Where is the woke uproar when Trump is out of office? Let’s go Brandon. This has got to be the worst administration, but no more mean tweets. Hell biden isn’t allowed to tweet. More than Trump Isn't that too much a number? Why not none arrests? How many released? Fuck Joe Biden! He’s letting all the immigrants into our country!!! /s fucking republican morons

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Work on your border security then.

Attack hits Syria base that houses U.S. troops; no U.S. injuriesA military outpost in southern Syria has been hit by a coordinated attack, but U.S. officials said no American troops stationed there were injured or killed. Wtf are US troops still doing Syria?

And that is not counting those that didn't get caught. Man hours for these arrest had to run into the millions. The taxpayer is flipping the bill! Help me , I have a target for the 10k Twitter followers. if you are followed me i will be definitely followed and like you. HELP ME...…. So, Biden is better than Trump was on the border too!

u can't let everybody in.there has to be quotos there is the worker shortage! poundscash54 Good! Means they’re doing their job!

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Launches More Investigations Into Biden Administration’s Afghanistan WithdrawalA number of U.S. agencies have begun internal reviews that aim to determine whether the Biden administration adequately planned for and executed the withdrawal and subsequent evacuation and relocation of Afghan nationals. It seem quite evident that the Biden administration did not properly plan for the safe withdrawal of Americans and others who supported us.

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BidenCrisis So the ongoing Alt right rant about the southern border being porous is yet ANOTHER LIE spread to divide the country and exhtort money out of the Trump base. Leave it to DFT to find a way to monetize a lie. Don't worry...It's been reported that Joe Biden drove across the border in 2008, so he knows what's going on and I'm sure he'll take good care of it. *pppfpfpfppfpppttt*👎🏼

Good it shows that the border patrol is working So what was thet number again from 2002 to 2008 more than 6 million crossed into U.S....sure helped the housin boom thet left im bust here. Member AZ & NM screaming bloody murder about folks crossing the border & McCAIN/GOP/Bush said nuthing. Wonder how much cost me to pay gang

Can someone ask the Laundrie lawyer why the sister said he was acting normal after he got back at the family vacation. Now he's saying the dad said he was upset and grieving, grieving what?

World's top cocaine producer now wants to export perfectly legal drug - CNN VideoColombia wants to become a major player in the international market for medical marijuana as the industry is creating an economic opportunity some have never seen before. CNN's Stefano Pozzebon reports. I guess the drop in distribution illegally plotted, is taking a hit vs Legalized U.S. states …Never would have seen that coming ….😂🤣

Don't let the headline fool you. Most were Catch and Release. LetsGoBrandon

Taiwan vows to 'defend itself' amid U.S. reversal, here's how China compares'The complete reunification of the motherland must be fulfilled, and it will definitely be fulfilled,' Ma Xiaoguang of China's Taiwan Affairs Office said. Didn't some German guy say the same thing back in the 1930s? They should have friendzoned them. 'We're flattered you like us but we just don't feel the same it ok if we're just friends?' Give Taiwan one Nuclear weapon China would not mess with them.

Climate change poses threat to global stability: US intelligenceThe assessment says developing countries are most at risk and the least adaptable to the physical effects of climate change, which could pave the way for 'instability and possibly internal conflict.'