US military releases videos of August drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians

1/20/2022 7:13:00 AM

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The US military released videos of the botched August 29 drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children.

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(CNN)The US military released videos Wednesday of the botched August 29 drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children."Each made about the same in a single minute as the average American household earns in an entire year.Please be respectful of copyright.Parents Selling Children Shows Desperation of Afghanistan Since the 2001 U.

The newly released videos show the view from above Kabul as the military tracked a white Toyota Corolla through parts of the city, believing that it was an ISIS-K car laden with explosives and building a case for targeting it with a preemptive strike.The Pentagon defended the strike at first, claiming it had killed an ISIS-K operative planning an imminent attack on US forces during the final days of the evacuation and withdrawal from Afghanistan.Jake Johnson January 19, 2022 The 10 wealthiest billionaires in the U.Only three days earlier, an ISIS-K suicide bomber had killed 13 US service members and dozens of Afghans at Abbey Gate, the key entry point to the airport.Unauthorized use is prohibited.With ongoing threats of another attack, the US strike cell believed it was tracking an ISIS-K member from a terrorist hideout as he made his way through the city over the course of eight hours.have added roughly $1 billion to their collective fortune every day—or around $12,600 per second—since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed millions of people across the globe and thrown countless lives into chaos.In reality, the military was tracking Zamarai Ahmadi, an Afghan who worked for Nutrition and Education International, a nongovernmental organization focused on food security.troops would leave along with NATO’s 7,500 troops, following a deal reached with the Taliban by the Trump administration.

Ahmadi had applied for a special immigrant visa and intended to bring his family to the United States." The billionaire wealth update comes courtesy of the progressive advocacy group Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF), which released an analysis Wednesday estimating that the combined net worth of the 10 richest people in the U.Please be respectful of copyright.Read MoreApproximately three weeks after the strike, the military acknowledged it was a tragic mistake that had killed 10 innocent civilians.A subsequent Air Force review of the circumstances around the strike found"no violation of law, including the law of war.has more than doubled since March 2020, reaching $1."No one has been held accountable for the mistake, even as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has promised an increased focus on holding the military to a higher standard on avoiding civilian casualties and harm.Unauthorized use is prohibited.Steven Kwon, the president of Nutrition and Education International, criticized the decision to not punish any US military personnel, saying,"When the Pentagon absolves itself of accountability, it sends a dangerous and misleading message that its actions were somehow justified, increasing security risks and making evacuation even more urgent."The pandemic has been very good to American billionaires, especially the top 10," said ATF executive director Frank Clemente, who noted that billionaires' pandemic profits will likely not be taxed because they consist largely of unrealized capital gains.15 after U.

"In the longest of the three videos, the car is seen making its way along the streets of Kabul in grainy black and white footage.About five minutes into the 15-minute video, the car reaches its final destination and begins slowly reversing into a parking spot.Ron Wyden's (D-Ore.Please be respectful of copyright.Seven minutes and seven seconds into the video, the words"LRD LASE DES" appear, indicating a laser designator has identified and ranged the target.At least two or three people are seen in the grainy video milling about the car."Their obscene rise in wealth—all of it potentially untaxed—stands in stark contrast to the lot of America's working families, who've struggled through almost two years of a health crisis and economic uncertainty including most recently, rising prices," Clemente said.Thirty-three seconds later, the car vanishes beneath a bright fireball.Unauthorized use is prohibited.completed its chaotic departure and the evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans, marked by images of young men clinging to departing U.

The drone video zooms out as the explosion recedes, with smoke pouring out of the destroyed car." ATF's analysis is the latest in a.The drone continues circling overhead as people move toward the scene of the explosion.Approximately three minutes later, the video switches from black and white to color, and crowds can be seen forming around the site of the explosion.Please be respectful of copyright.People stand on rooftops overhead, trying to pour buckets of water on the remnants of the car to extinguish the flames."While the strike was intended for what was believed to be an imminent threat to our troops at Hamad Karzai International Airport, none of the family members killed are now believed to have been connected to ISIS-K or threats to our troops," said Capt.Over the preceding months, Afghan officials had warned that the air force was not able to stand on its own.

Bill Urban, spokesman for US Central Command, upon release of the videos.John, plus 5,650 acres underwater—saw 133,398 visitors in 2019."We deeply regret the loss of life that resulted from this strike."US Central Command, which oversees military operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East, released the videos in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from The New York Times, which first reported on them.A second video, five minutes in length, shows the Corolla in color and higher quality in the minutes before and after the strike, though the car does disappear behind a building for part of the video.nationalgeographic.The video switches to black and white at approximately the halfway point as a white diamond marker appears above the car.They cannot fly and most of them are out of ammunition,” he said.

The marker turns purple seconds before the missile hits the car and an explosion fills the screen.The video then reverts to color and, shortly thereafter, crowds begin forming at the scene.Virgin Islands National Park This pristine tropical reserve—covering almost two-thirds of St.The video then pans away from the explosion.A third video, also about five minutes long, shows a drone observing a number of locations in Kabul before it focuses on a parking lot with a number of parked white currently open to local visitors, who are asked to practice social distancing, even on park beaches.But the report warns that both are ill-prepared.

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The guy who held the most senile presser in history ordered that. Think about that for a minute. That's sick to look at CNN that ain't going to help your rating anything can go wrong in war that's so sad Oh well. The one they called an 'honest mistake'. Gas prices, Afghanistan, the border, Covid, carjackings, smash and grab, supply chain shortage, fentanyl, homelessness, drug abuse, tent city, welfare, defund the police, Empty shelves, increased murder rate, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, school closures, thanks Joe.

good. anybody will face responsibility? that is war crime This is disgusting. There's so MUCH winning and that's why there's so much hate; - A record number of jobs created - A record drop in the unemployment rate - A record drop in unemployment claims We’re getting America back to work and Let That Sink In .... 🕴 Thanks To Joe Biden .... 🙏

American have the right to kill civilians by mistake but not other nations,

Top 10 US Billionaires Got $1 Billion Richer Every Day of Pandemic'Each made about the same in a single minute as the average American household earns in an entire year. This can't continue,' said 4TaxFairness. 4TaxFairness THIS IS THEFT 4TaxFairness Yeah, because he’s paying less than half of what 99% of Americans are paying

''An error that is not an error''... It's very democratic Anyone surprised? Atrocious. Mistakes are going to happen. Was it necessary to take the risk of a tragedy happening to carry out this strike? I highly doubt it. This is an outrage! Dan mereka gak bertanggung jawab 😭

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US releases video of Kabul drone strike that killed civiliansThe Pentagon defended the strike at first, claiming it had killed an ISIS-K operative planning an imminent attack on US forces during the final days of the evacuation and withdrawal from Afghanista…

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