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Neverforget, Al-Qaida

US marks 18th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

It's been 18 years since two hijacked passenger jets flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.


'Our lives will never be the same.' On the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, family members tearfully read the names of victims, paying tribute to their loved ones in New York City. NeverForget

It's been 18 years since two hijacked passenger jets flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

In commemoration of the 18th anniversary, the victims and survivors, as well as the first responders and volunteers who risked their lives to save others, will be honored Wednesday at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which was built where the twin towers once stood.

There will also be six moments of silence throughout the ceremony: two for the moments when the planes hit each tower, two for when each tower collapsed, one for the moment when a third hijacked plane struck the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, and another for when a fourth plane crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The beaming art installation, assembled on a roof south of the memorial, is comprised of 88 search lights positioned into two 48-foot squares, echoing the shape and orientation of the twin towers. It can be viewed from a 60-mile radius around lower Manhattan.

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Didn't Trump do that yesterday? Who knew I’d miss this guy? 'Taps' always makes me tear up.😢 I'd cry every time it was played when I was in Girl Scouts. Still more of a president than the current fraud in the White House. I wonder if Dubya or Rumsfeld visited Pat Tillman's grave or called his family. hypocrisy

One of the biggest terrorist Thanks so much.. Very proud of the way President Bush led our country on the actual 9/11. Now he acts like he really gave a shit, him and his war lord daddy had a plan Rumsfeld the walking dead lives Love you guys

President Trump, please honor 9/11 by getting the U.S. out of Afghanistan | OpinionLet's pay tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks with a bold action to ensure that we don't create more victims. To fight terrorists in Afghanistam made sense right after 9/11. But we shoudn't forget that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. What cam American forces still achieve in Taliban country?

Was Rummy searching for 'his precious' the whole time? Those three... Deep staters! Why did Bob Mueller as FBI Director help Rummy and Bushy cover up the Saudi connection? Say we can go back to election night, you see where we are now, and we all have a choice of Trump & our current situation or GWB for another 4 years with his most controversial cabinet appointments? Christ.

He needed to slow his walk down for Rumy who was about to fall over.. Even he looks more presidential than what we’ve got now! Former Pres. George W. Bush he terrorist and 9/11 attack is his own master mind. Tru Patriots that love the USA🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 Good to see them on this special day NeverForget Than you

War criminal

US to commemorate 9/11 as its aftermath extends and evolvesNEW YORK (AP) — Americans are commemorating 9/11 with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to 'never forget' and rising attention to the terror attacks' extended toll on responders. A... And NOT Presidential invite meetings with the Taliban, thank God. Sept. 11? What happened? I have no memory whatsoever of the events that day. What, no Taliban? 🧐

Dodger son of a dodger 😂 earlson888 Thank you Mr President for paying your respects to those lost on 9/11. 🙏 Thank you Pres. George W. Bush for helping us get through those difficult times. GeorgeWBush 🇺🇸G.W. Bush ❤ 🇺🇸 Them clowns right there will be in Hell one day. If only the current POTUS had done something similar; lay a wreath and say nothing. Just show respect.

He has violated the dead. Well, they came to show their respect and grief. Can’t turn back time, I respect their care. These are the real terrorists😡

US to commemorate 9/11 as its aftermath extends and evolvesAmericans are commemorating 9/11 with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to 'never forget' and rising attention to the terror attacks' extended toll on responders

: I don't believe that's W. I don't think W. is alive. So who is that? Do you think John Bolton would shave his mustache for that gig? I can't find video of Bolton walking around for a comparison, I know Amway make-up is cheap at White House. Bolton has the right eyes for that. TheWarMonitor The adenochrome is not working anymore.

We miss you George! That is Donald Rumsfeld? I guess selling your soul to the devil would do that too you! He was behind 9/11 For all his numerous faults, at least Bush behaves like a man instead of just a cheap con. Holy cow, Rummy got old. I've never had much good to say about this man. But, having to live life knowing the attacks happened on your watch, is a burden I wouldn't wish on anybody. I have to respect him for doing the best he could during and after the attacks.

Rumsfeld looks like he has that Kissinger disease! That's Bush? Did he have a stroke?

Rocket blast at U.S. Embassy in Kabul on 9/11 anniversaryIt was the first major attack in the Afghan capital since President Donald Trump abruptly called off U.S.-Taliban talks over the weekend. Welp, we goin back to war boys, attack on a foreign diplomat (The ambassador living in the embassy) is kind of a big deal Fucin Taliban, pound the hell out of them. Punish Them, do not Tolerate their crap. Turn the Wick up !! Yet TalibanTrump wanted a photo op.

What a great guy with a huge heart. I miss that in a leader. the 2 knew exactly what transpired , it was a business gone sour between them and the saudi family . Ur pretty Responsible for those actions on that fateful day .................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Don’t think war criminals should be allowed to attend. Not only did the intelligence agencies under their watch fail the American people but they started a war which is still ongoing, and still responsible for thousands upon thousands of innocent lives.

Wow he looks ashamed.. Knew about the attack and did nothing Always remember the victims of 9/11. Gone but never forgotten. Just glad old Cheeto didn’t do it!! 😢😢🙏🏽 Somehow Trumps makes these two look authentic.... man! where are we? The man who changed the World we live in .

US to commemorate 9/11 as its aftermath extends and evolvesNEW YORK (AP) — Americans are commemorating 9/11 with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to 'never forget' and rising attention to the terror attacks' extended toll on responders. A... Were we supposed to forget something, or someone, IlhanMN ? That's every year. Nothing's changed lol 🤔🤔 Never forget the 911 inside job. The criminals responsible are being protected by SecretService today. Justice for the millions who paid the price for the greed of these criminals. 911neverforget 911InsideJob 911Anniversary 911Memorial

He probably feels guilty for ruining so many lives for a little oil. KD113 He did it. Time waste Bless them all🚒🇺🇸💪🇺🇸 Firefighters still saving the day! And in Colorado Springs we use the Manitou Incline: 0.9mi with 2000ft of elevation gain and 2768 steps. I haven’t done the math, but it’s more than the 110 flights in the Towers.

That's awesome It breaks my heart. SiggiR3 WOW good job

U.S. to commemorate 9/11 as its aftermath extends and evolvesAmericans are commemorating 9/11 with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to 'never forget' and rising attention to the terrorist attacks' extended toll on responders. The Official 9/11 Narrative is an EVIL LIE!! 😡

That should have real easy for people that are spouses to be in too shape That's a ballbuster with all that gear on. God bless these guys Tbh its hot as hell outaide, and whoever thought this was a great idea, yeah its a good thought, but that equipment had to have been literally baking those poor souls inside

Does anyone still believe Osama attached the US?, it was a false flag attack! Come on😪 HOO RAH!!! 👍🥰🇺🇸👏👏👏 smartdissent Thank you for the wonderful remembrance, but maybe not climb a monument to Confederate heroes next year? smartdissent Sadly you are still funding the culprits🇮🇱🐩 AnnaknikkiMicou

LoveMyCymba That’s incredible! A fine salute to honor their brethren wsbtv It’s just that they have peace of mind.

Great public assets here. My son is one of them. He's been at this department for well over 20 years. You heroes!!! Thank you for your service Incredible! Amazing 💙🖤 70PoundsOfGear.....NeverForget🙏🙏🙏 To all the men and women on active duty ARMY, marines and navy thank you for your 24/7 dedication wsbtv God bless them all.

MattKunz59 Wow. And it was like 100° in Atlanta today. Still, maybe not even as hot as WTT that sad day. Good on you men. Some people did something

Wow agny God bless them all ! It is more than our American media did. ABCHou zilch Miya Shay worried about 8 seconds with Pete she still AntiAmerican like KTRK they support breaking federal laws in Houston daily support illegals over American Vets. shame 🙏 This is a tough hike, even without turn out gear. Especially the summit. They deserve all praise, honor, and respect, for the tribute!

🙌💪 Respect Thank you ! Never forget 9/11 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 And it was almost a 💯 degrees here today.. 💖


Amazing tribute 👨‍🚒🇺🇸 NeverForget By Radical Islamic Terrorists What a beautiful thing to do to remember them! ♥️ 😔🙏👍 On a cool day that’s a hike. On a hot day like today in uniform, it’s terrible

Wow!!!!! I❤️🙏❤️ Sending praise and respect 🙌🏽❤️ bfs2020 Salute! WOW, just WOW!!!!!! manders4181 Wow. They're in all their gear AND it was like 95 degrees today. Meanwhile, on the other side of town. Love Bless those that have fallen & bless those that continue to sacrifice lives going into burning buildings to save others

DevonESawa wsbtv Awesome- true heroes💪👏

👏👏👏👏👏 Wonderful tribute ❤️ In this heat, with full gear, God bless them.🙏🏽 You are the champions my friends 👊💯💞😢😪👍👐👊🎊🎉👊🚒👩‍🚒❤️ Beautiful Isn't Stone Mountain a Confederate Monument... Proud of everyone of them...💕 Pure class Just pickup litter, please. I walked up stone mountain in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt… And it was unbelievably exhausting. I made multiple stops. These dudes are doing it in full uniform… Amazing! First responders are the greatest

😲👏👏👏👏👏💪💪👍👍Cool!! 😍 wsbtv They do this every year. Awesome ❤️👨‍🚒👩‍🚒❤️ Good idea at the time by the fit bloke... The others may need some fitness training.. Thank you guys. Quite a thing to do in honour of those lost. Much love & blessings to you all & your families. AoHo! George is a true patriot and knows the meaning of stepping up agains terror.

I can't believe I would ever say I wish he were still the President rn. this is so sweet and meaningful to do, bless them💗 Gotta love those firefighters. Very touching moment.

SouthMetroPIO They look out of shape He looks more like brennan than george bush . Maybe another one for Iraq 43. The last real President. Only idiots believe he was the cause of 9/11. Jesus, Rumsfeld looking more and more like the troll he is.... A leader. Maybe not the best, but a leader. How I miss those.

Thank you president Bush for all that you did for 8 years. Donald Rumsfeld be like..... TheLastRefuge2 Rummie still looking for all that missing money the Pentagon couldn’t account for.

Globalists don’t age well. Real president W Hated by many and loved by others, George Bush was the right man in the right moment to face 09/11 with his leadership. The impact of that terrorist attack was huge and many thought U.S would collapse. Class act on this day of remembering and honouring, you can see the emotion on his face. This is how a president should act on such occasions.

Extremely respectful....he truly led our country that day with patriotism and compassion. Thank you, Mr. President and God Bless America. 🇺🇸 I remember that day, like everyone else. When everyone was running around scared, George W. took charge and did a magnificent job leading the free world. Great job Mr. President!!!

Thank you Mr President ❤️ _CrotalusAtrox_ Time is finally catching up with Secy. Rumsfeld. Time gets us all. Class act By staying silent in the face of Trump’s daily outrages, George W. Bush is tarnishing his own legacy. I truly believe that and I voted for him twice.

President Bush was one of the great heroes of 9/11. He performed admirably. Looks nothing like him, need to find a better double. Miss you President Bush georgewbush TheLastRefuge2 Wonder if he feels any remorse🤔 Most likely the worst President in my lifetime. Responsible for the phony IRAQ war and by the time he left the White House half of my savings was gone.

Much better than realDonaldTrump Two words....plausible deniability. 😥 Rummy walks spritely for 88

He would definitely pay his respects George isn’t looking to good. realDonaldTrump see this is a real President VP And Bush did it without tweeting about poll numbers. Most dignified governmental display in three years. We all know the Bush boys hand a hand in 9-11. Arrest them!! He’s part of the reason there was a 9/11 he ignored the warnings .

Thanks Kellyanne for sharing this. Very sorry to see how Rummy looks now -- hunchback of Notre Dame was more handsome. Rummy was the peacock of Bush cabinet. Many women of certain age (of that time) were crazy for Rummy. They are now dim-eyed too, grandmothers, waiting to die. God bless you President Bush.

WTNH When did Rumsfeld get that damn old

Politics aside, President Bush was a gentleman and held up the integrity of the Presidency. So even war criminals can come pay respects, how accommodating! Time gets us all. Done like a true war criminal TheLastRefuge2 Put your hands over your hearts! What a joke! God only knows he is soooo missed 43, right man at the right time.

Awesome to see. He looks older now but he was the right man at that time. Don Rumsfeld looks really old. Nice tribute Former President George W. Bush, a man of intelligence anyone but this 🤡

Thank you Mr. President.. You brought dignity today! We will never forget. Jesus Rumsfeld looks awful Hypocrite. Rumsfeld looks worn out. At least he had compassion for human life. Never thought I’d rather Bush 43 over anyone. I love ❤️ my George W minkonto Rumsfeld does not look young anymore, does he...

Remember when Bush was the worse Potus ever then Trump came. Trump makes Bush look like the Dalai Lama. TheLastRefuge2 Rumsfeld turned Iraq & Afghanistan into Vietnam part deux & Bush let him do it NO BALLS to take & hold ground & WIN Thank you for your respect, unlike trump who can do nothing except talk about himself.

George and his guy TheLastRefuge2 Beautiful 🥰🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 Inside Job The killer must return to the crime scene! For a moment I thought it was Bush Senior A REAL PRESIDENT TheLastRefuge2 Were still fighting this douche bags war, if I was him id have enough respect to not show my face. WarPresident They and Cheney should be tried for war crimes.

The replies here praising this old war criminal fart are nauseating. George Bush Jr. & Sir were HORRIFIC Presidents. When they finally croak, it will be days of celebration. I sometimes feel badly for having said so many things about him. I miss you, Dubya!

George W is stumbling. Where’s Donny? Wow for a war criminal Rumsfeld kind of looks like shit these days. Thoughts and prayers!! Rumsfeld has definitely NOT aged well... whca Rumsfeld should be in jail. Remember at the end of Indiana Jones and the last crusade when donovan drinks from the wrong cup? That's rummy

I’d take him back over the one we got now! 🤦🏽‍♀️ baseballcrank Greatest living President. Wasn’t he behind 9-11? Asking for a friend

why do I believe the intentions at this 9-11 ceremony vs. buffoon in chief standing on lawn silent for couple of minutes? olha o terrorista o turco Why isn't he at The Hague? Love George W! ❤️🙏 7NY Thanks for leading us through America’s darkest days I will never forget😢 I always feel bad for Rummy. He never did find the weapons he sold to Iraq, while his buddy ollie north was selling them to Iran.

What the HELL has happened to his forehead? I hate to say anything negative on this day but Bush and his mob neglecting good intelligence and not putting the pieces together before this tragic event was in itself a tragic blunder on their part.

I have to say, I opposed him vehemently when he was POTUS, but I’d welcome him back now in a moment. I miss the days when our leaders behaved like adults; when we could differ on issues without insulting each other. Hmm where’s the actual president? Mocking people on Twitter an boasting his ego. Bush is a class act.

I was never a fan of this man but how he handled himself and led our nation on that day and those that followed was a mark of what a President should be and I will always be grateful for that a commemorative reading from My Pet Goat? I won’t miss this moments blessing Pentagon was hit by a cruise missle. neverforget

The so called intelligence report came from an Iraqi guy code named Curve Ball, a guy who hadn't been in Iraq since 1998, but they had to have an excuse to invade Iraq Rummy is still alive?! Rumsfeld, architect of two costly, illegal wars. One he started, the other he extended for years.

Knock Bush all you want, that’s a pretty awesome ad lib. And then he said he really didn’t care about getting the people that knocked the towers down. And then the US invaded multiple countries and destroyed over a million lives. Evil hypocrites. I really don't know how GW Bush and Rummy have the nerve to show their faces for any memorial service, them The DICK Cheney, and John Bolton, caused so much needless blood and treasure, over the lies that got us into Iraq.

Why aren’t they in jail 😑 Bush’s incompetence allowed 9/11 to happen. And the GOP turned it into an “achievement”. God bless US någon..Fair trade Good trade.. I hated Bush policies. Every time I see President Bush theses days I think how much better president he was than realDonaldTrump. He was consistent, smart, brave, had morals, had policies, did more for the American people, and was REAL. Thank you George W. Bush for your service.

thats is a bad joke.. the one guilty for the 9/11 Miss this guy. I'll take him any day over the shitstorm thats in the Oval Office today.

Rummy is looking like the crypt keeper. Damn... W is getting old another brilliant one....... Dios bendiga a las víctimas. Isn’t this the fella who actually knew it was happening in the Florida classroom and did nothing , and then let every member of the suspected terrorists leave the country within 24hrs , and went to look for WOMD in Iraq and found nada 🤷‍♂️... whatever George 👌

Jesus Christ, is that Rumsfelds dad? He looks like he’s aged 100 yrs. Hmmm. Damn, Steve Carell never gets out of character Rumsfeld should not be there. Not pushing the wreath like Trump did. CoachBrew17 Awsome Thanks to all responders god bless

This is the LAST person that should be there....seriously? The least he could do, he started it🙄 Confident that GW didn't tweet about how much he hated his poll numbers before he did this today. Big deal! Bush is corrupt and one huge COWARD, just like every GOP Congress!!! Rumsfeld ayakta duramıyor öldü ölecek !

'forgive me America' Guilty parties always return to the scene of the crime? 🙏🏽 for the families of all who lost loved ones 18years ago 'Some people did something'

❤️🇺🇸 Bush did it. God Bless America 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 God bless Trump for making sure they did this.. 😢🙏 🙏💙💔 🙏🙏🙏 🙄our president rules🥴 Is it just me, because I don't believe he saw the 2nd plane fly into the tower! How could he, when he had his head in a bucket of fried chicken 9:30 in the morning. MOOHAHALOL!!

Me me me me me me me me me me me me me the legendary Jack Welch (?) me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me 🙄 NeverForgetMe

'I was no longer going to be'? There he goes again, making it all about him with no consideration for anybody else. Trump is trying to finish what Bin Laden started, e.g. the absolute dilapidation of American influence and prestige. Thank you, Mr. President. MichaelJaiWhite These are the real best heroes because sometimes the world doesn’t need a superhero just brave people who are willing

On 911 I proudly went on the television to brag that I now had the tallest building in New York. I am SO brave! ...his is it always about him Somehow Trump will make this day about him. Because that is what he does. Lyin fuck says he witnessed the second plane crash into the WTC. He was in Florida when It happened. constantlies.

Your anti Trump behaviour is wrong.

I usually had Martha Stewart on the tv as morning background, but oddly didn't that am, then the calls... The next few days were hazy. Americans felt this horrid pain inside, the country went numb, the TV stayed on for months. Numb. NeverForget rip2997 USA September 11, 2001 Kiska zadnitsa suka STILL SUCKS!

Talking about himself.... Different resorts? Boiler fire? Restaurant fire? Wtf, we all SAW what happened. Did he just pull that bs out of his ass? Let's invite them over to Camp David for some golf, photo-ops and fake claims of deals sealed with a handshake (or maybe a kiss). 911anniversary NeverForget All we have to fight jointly against terrorist & terror harbouring nation by cutting down their financial support & conducing military operation . We with you American People

I took up.the call 3 years later. My brother was a first responder and they are denying his brothers and sisters proper care. Why? When is the right time to talk about it? tower seven went down all by itself🤔 the hijackers where from Jordan🤔 everything was burnt up except a passport🤔 Iraq was invaded before Afghanistan🤔 Trump invited the Taliban to USA 9/9/19🤔 Crooked guliani was mayor👈 Why don't we remember 4/19/95🤔

🤘🤘 Ladies and gentlemen the proud holder of not one but five deferment letters provided by his daddy's doctor. :) 5deferments It was then that he realized he now had the tallest building in NYC. The was AFTER he bragged about now having the tallest building in NY 911anniversary NeverForget All we have to fight jointly against terrorist & terror harbouring nation

We will put this banner under our feet and after this, the US attacked my country without any need just for revenge. wrong country ,you shoud have gone to saudi arabia. we hate you for this. we were in sympathy with the victims, but you have killed us. thank you, failded state USA. 请记住中共的邪恶! I witnessed that when 9/11 happened, the whole country, China was celebrating the tragedy. Top leaders told us that USA would give China twenty years of peace and development and China would not be targeted by USA. Evil CCP is new Nazi!

AAAY yes, 9/11. That grand day that my glorious Trump Tower became the tallest building in Manhatten. See, Always winning...

American steel at work. These guys are the heroes that make our country great. When duty called they picked up the phone. My invisible non existent bone spurs began tingling as I bravely searched for a way to profit from the attack. Come off it ! A Day we will never forget. The First Responders were our heroes, for sure.

HouseDemocrats SenateGOP you forgot Remembering Thank you, Mr. President! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! 2016 Russian attack on US democracy. Stolen election.

“40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan. Before the World Trade Center it was the tallest. Then when they built the World Trade Center it become known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.” —Donald J. Trump, September 11, 2001. Has Poland sent their congratulations for 9/11?

WorstSpeakerInHistory and had the nerve to LIE about going down to ground zero to help...sure, as if he would ever help anyone other than himself. How can you take this (or anything he says) seriously, abc? “And how I had the tallest building in New York for quite some time. Huge.” Beautiful & major respect

Very moving, RepTimRyan Nothing is ever the same but major historical pivot points 9/11 for sure! WorldNews Awesome! Thank you New Zealand!

BBuchman_CNS New Zealand seems cool Amen!!! Let us remember how the nation reacted on this day 18 years ago when the U.S.was attacked we were not Democrats nor were we Republicans.We were just AMERICANS!!!We came together to as a nation to comfort, mourn,& Avenge the loss of our fellow Americans.We need to be united again

So dumb Mad respect! Anyone ever realise!, that most chaplains or pastors are Afro’s Americans ( Tweet back if it just hit you) Meanwhile the NY Times said it was 18 years ago that AIRPLANES took aim at building. They blamed airplanes. This is why people hate the media. I bet most gave to IRA fundraising

That was not Melania! Who was that? TerroristIsraeli & WarCriminal Netanyahu announces plan to annex JordanValley and the northern DeadSea ThisIsIsrael IsraeliOccupation IsraeliCrimes israeliterrorism StopArmingIsrael BoycottIsrael BDS

Even those who were affected by cancer Are they included What about the secret talks with the terrorists? Please stop calling him pres before you mention his name. Just call him trump what an ugly couple...inside and out they are the grossest and the most fake people ever to exist What about the non-believers that died that day? What about the victims that don’t prescribe to Christianity? Also, this is straight up unconstitutional.

TerroristIsraeli & WarCriminal Netanyahu announces plan to annex JordanValley and the northern DeadSea ThisIsIsrael IsraeliOccupation IsraeliCrimes israeliterrorism StopArmingIsrael BoycottIsrael BDS Amen. I could hear his breathing with mute on...turdsicle is never silent. He can't stand still for a moment of silence? Geez!

It just doesn't look or seem legit with Donald Trump as president.

Is this the fake Melania or the “real” one? She looks horrible like stress is setting in or the plastic isn’t holding up.... sorry I know bad timing but at first look I could see nothing but this Y is she wearing a mask? is she trying to hide the fact that she is really IVANKA? Funny how on today if all days during this video liberals just cant keep their mouths shut. But then again they have shown this nation means nothing to them 🤦🏽‍♀️

Why are the Trumps in bed with Saudi Arabia? Any news coverage of Kashogi murder tapes? Why did Melania get an Einstein Visa when she never even graduated? Who cares about this greedy pig of an illegitimate criminal president standing and behaving himself for a few minutes. They're both a disgrace & they prove that American politics has been a shit show ever since!!!!

He should observe an entire day of silence after that Taliban stunt and his “tallest building in NYC” comments! He’s trying to figure out how to make this anniversary all about himself. SAD! Marilyn31682963 Actions matter..not staged PR PHOTO.. He cares nothing..neither does GOP..

TheView Too bad he wasn’t silent before his last tweet Why traitorous Trumpf? that is not melania😇😂😂😂😂 Why can’t he stand still for 30 seconds? You can tell Melania is serious, she's wearing clothes. How time flies yet the truth surrounding the heinous crimes visited upon the innocent American people is still shrouded in mystery. to the families of the loved ones lost, we still mourn with you as we pray light will finally be shared on that dastard and senseless act.

Rest in peace oh fallen of love I think I know what she's praying for. I remember him saying that his building was now the tallest in NYC after 9/11. So much concern and empathy

HongKongers will stand with US people! Outrageous! Inviting the Taliban ..then pretending to care about 9/11...disgusting! 2001 we were attacked by Islamic terrorists but now in 2019 leftists vote them into office! Not today, traitors. It's presidentmushroomhead and the bride of Frankenstein A patriot! He knows who did this to us. God bless this great man!

Smirking and twitching like it means nothing!!! TheView Disgusting Today I remember the atrocities that unfolded in the USA. Our brave citizens & rescue services who lost their lives at the hands of a barbaric terror unit. We will NeverForget we will always remember and honour our fallen. 911neverforget 911Anniversary USA realDonaldTrump

IlhanMN 'some people did something' cnn cbs nbc What's on MSNBC? Impeachment inquiry. Which one is more dead inside? Surprised he didn’t invite the Taliban leaders along Looks more like Melania is mourning the loss of the soul she sold for money and status But he wasn't really silent... He really looks like he's having trouble standing still and keeping his balance.

Never forget who had sheltered Osama for 10 years...Pakistan.😡😡 If you listen really closely, you can hear the Taliban he smuggled giggling in the oval office welll didnt know it did that

I have questions... Why was today a good day to top up melania's botox? Why does he fidget so much? Is 1 f*cking minute too much to hold still & be silent? Why does he sigh in relief when it's over? Why are melania's hands bigger than his? Where does he think his heart is placed? Marilyn31682963 An illegitimate president and an illegal immigrant. realDonaldTrump FLOTUS

trying hard to look like he cares and failing at it once again, maybe he's remembering his building became the tallest that day and his absolute joy in sharing that with grieving New Yorkers He’s so fake Funny, that's probably how they have sex too. Who's that woman?!? The fake Melania making a high profile appearance....

I invite you to check for yourself the accounts of IlhanMN and RashidaTlaib. None of these freaks have send a message about 9/11. A tragedy perpetrated by their people! Yes! Not “some people” their people! Oh how quick we forgot! That means life will repeat the lesson again 😞 Sad memories. Moments of silence are the hardest thing he has to do as president. He should do it more often.

Neither of them belong in the WhiteHouse Fakers “People commented ‘no one has ever been more silent’ , believe me.” I invite you to check for yourself the accounts of IlhanMN and RashidaTlaib. None of these freaks have send a message about 9/11. A tragedy perpetrated by their people! Yes! Not “some people” their people! Oh how quick we forgot! That means life will repeat the lesson again 😞

Beautiful voice. It's a shame that Trump's entire administration has put a stain on our flag and our country. Rest in peace ✌️ Trump bragged about the height of his tower after the twin towers collapsed. So he sent for her to make an appearance today to give his base a FLOTUS fix,so they can gush about how classy she is. Both are unAmerican & unpatriotic. FAKES

You will never convince me that someone who injects I or third person references to himself in every critical and inconsequential moment isn't ill Doesn’t look like Melanoma to me. She giving her kidneys some rest again?!

What a joke! Days ago, he wanted to host the Taliban. Now, he wants us to think he gives a damn about 9-11 victims! He CAN'T have it both ways. If he's willing to cozy up to terrorists, he has NO respect for those killed by terrorists! was this before of after his morning tweet storm? serious question. whats the morning tick tock on this?

You people bashing the President during a moment of silence for the day out country had the worst terrorist attack on it's soil are a special kind of disgusting. New York is a city whose heart will forever hold the memory of the victims of the terrorism of 11/9. Neither look sincere And then shortly thereafter did Trump sell more nuclear secrets and capability to Saudi Arabia, where most of the attackers came from?

Why the F’ do you leave out - cane late and grossly walked out during the moment of silence ? Then off to Camp David to celebrate the day the Taliban made his building the tallest in Manhattan. Silence for her should be easy, as all Republicans. Stand silent say nothing

TalibanTrump Trump was unable to stand dtill. His wife had to check to make sure he covered his heart at the right time. realDonaldTrump does not look well. He invites the taliban to camp David and republicans make 9/11 first responders beg for healthcare. King and Queen of the Birther Movement. Next up: 'I saw hundred of Muslims, dancing in the streets' redeux from PresidentPussyAssBitch

very normal posture Melanie looks unwell. This is “Somebody Did Something” Day. Thanks for nothing Minnesota Omar AOC NeverForget 🕯️

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