Ufo Report: Us İntelligence Officials Have No Evidence Confirming Navy Pilot Encounters Were Alien

Ufo Report: Us İntelligence Officials Have No Evidence Confirming Navy Pilot Encounters Were Alien

US intelligence officials have no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraft

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6/4/2021 6:12:00 AM

US intelligence has no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraft but has no assessment as to what they may be, sources say

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Orla29964255 Intelligence being the operative word SethAbramson I’m not interested in what it is not, but in what it is! It is an UFO. Wow. I didn’t know that. What’s the qualifying criteria. A passport ? No AlienSpecies would be IDIOTIC enough to visit this MORONIC planet!!! Radar can see the UFO's & decipher they're present. But their technology is light yrs ahead of Earth's. Also, UFOs don't want to interact w/us, for fear of contracting a deadly virus. They keep distance, & don't allow us to get too close. Which is wise for an alien civilization!

True lies Well someone’s not doing there job or they are telling fibs. We can handle the truth. bigfat71usa RUGODA gibbbbss UFO SIGHTINGS Christian cover up. They only believe in one god. If all the god believers thought there were aliens who would they have to worship. OOPS Trump. There is something up with the alien thing. They are not going in space for no reason at all as much as they do

Unclassified UFO findings to reveal US intel community can't explain aerial objects: reportA highly anticipated report detailing the US intelligence community’s knowledge of UFOs will reveal that officials still cannot explain the movement of the mysterious objects, but have found no evidence they are alien spacecraft, according to a report Thursday. Can anybody tell me why my Iphone camera has better definition than what militars use? It always seems an old VTR tape.... A lots of unexplained indeed like how dafuck a decent human being could vote for that! 👇 Faulty equipment.

SethAbramson So not sure where I heard it recently (Farvor/Lex Friedman vid? Vid w/former nasa physicist?)…… but never heard this before… They were discussing a story of a Russian jet that tried to shoot one down and the reverse happened. Head brass told them to never engage again. If US intelligence official have never encountered an Alien, how would they know what those unidentified flying objects were 🤷🏾‍♀️

SethAbramson A photo of a B2 about 6 miles high over the Philippines taken with a cheap point and shoot 12 megapixel camera,,,,Maybe, from now on, pilots need to be given a point and shoot camera. Each ☺ Why should we believe on what US is telling ? Well now that mystery is solved I can sleep safely tonight. Now can you start covering something that actually matters worth a damn to the people.


Why you posting the same post several times Any propaganda ? Ya we wouldn’t want to tip any other nations off…so let’s start interviewing pilots asking to describe what they saw and then oh ya, we should probably post their responses on Twitter. They confirm they don’t know what the flying objects are... but they certainly aren’t UFOs. Got it 👍

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If you look closely, you can just make out the “Made in China” label. So..... a UFO then.... 🙄 I believe that we humans will reach/find some alien species on some other planet in a planetary system, before some alien specie reach/find us ! Reason is that I suppose that humans are “One of the most developed specie”, if not “Most developed”. space sciences life

They are exist 👽👽🤖🤖 Not to be arguing the point here, but what would be evidence that they WERE? Without the ability to analyze material how would you go about confirming that? US Intelligence at work It must be re-enforcements for Trumps July attempt to take back the Presidency that isn't his anyway. Maybe they will take him back with them...

This literally just says 'We dont know' What exactly would 'alien' evidence be for them? delusional Hmmm…they don’t know what is…I doubt it.

Iran's largest navy ship sinks in Gulf of OmanIranian navy vessel sinks in Gulf of Oman after catching fire while the entire crew was able to safely disembark, local media say well that's good news

Wow that’s real groundbreaking news thanks for the important information of we don’t know shit and even if we did we still aren’t going to tell you… At this point, they are going to say its a security risk and ask/demand for more funding to be ready for the incoming “threat”. Aliens wouldn't let us see them by turning on their headlights. These are usually just bad photography. Give me a good 1080P video recording of a UFO and I will believe Aliens are here. Otherwise, they are too far away to get here via spacecraft.

Saw this tonight I don’t believe them after the spying scandal It’s a wuhan air vessel No sh**...Thats why they are still UFO's. Otherwise, they would call them IFO's...I do watch your network BUT sometimes you make me fo hmmmm...Come on CNN. I kept telling everyone they weren't aliens. Donald trumps hair piece?

One of Iran's biggest navy ships sinks after catching fireOne of the largest vessels in the Iranian navy has caught fire and sank in the Gulf of Oman, according to the country's semi-official Fars News Agency. Allah akbar 😁

So after all, we're alone :/ Of course it's not Alien 👾 it's some evil billion dollar technology company not tied to a government working outta Antarctica or some desolate place on earth testing these aircrafts! Real Aliens would have killed us humans by now or made their presence known from outta space!

美国造假那是世界一流 They haven’t confirmed they aren’t alien aircraft either though soooo.... On other words, they do not know what It is. Offcourse they CAN NOT KNOW what It is. This information has been out for months, where is the new info? 🤨 What do you expect, if US intelligence can't even find terrestrial computer hackers how can we expect them to find aliens, I mean other than aliens coming in from the South. lol

Ofcourse they couldn't find any proof. It's probably Russia, China Germany or Japan. US can't possibly be smart enough to create that advanced technology. 😉🤔🕵😄 Space aliens 👽⁉️ How silly‼️🤪 Isn’t it much more likely the these aberrations are caused by ghosts following a plane containing a loved one⁉️ Call in the Ghost Hunters to investigate‼️😂

Maybe the equipment is too sensitive. Doubt that an advanced species will travel to Earth but lack basic stealth technology.

Iranian Navy ships could reach the Atlantic by ThursdayTwo Iranian Navy ships are expected to reach the Atlantic Ocean as early as Thursday, and officials tracking the ships believe they may be ultimately bound for Venezuela They'll probably blow up, burn and sink before they get there! yes, they are allies - and it is no business of the US ! A Call to Protect People and Nature! Thread to watch/read:

It’s Pence’s space force jocks Reminds me of X Files! I hope they are aliens 👽 who stop Trump and his group . I've always believed that the technology that the world uses today came from ufo technology, not all of it, just most of it, especially in aviation and communication. I have been struggling to watch 'Flash Gordon'(Buster Crabbe). ROFL but remember what Neil deGrasse Tyson has said about UFO's. Upgraded to UAP'. No matter if FO or AP still unidentified. Human concept to have some explanation. Can't just unidentified. NdGT said it much better.

Фильм 'Люди в черном' хорошая теория про зачистку памяти,просто и логичное объяснение. 'Достаточно развитые технологии не отличить от чуда'. They need to get over their assumption than we’re all stupid! We couldn’t possibly be the only intelligent planet. That’s just absurd! What is this 😯 Sophisticated drones?

Drug cartels attack enemies and spread terror with weaponized drones in US, MexicoLike rogue militaries, Mexican drug cartels have upgraded their arsenals with weaponized drones that pose a growing threat in Mexico and the U.S.

So we waited for a report just to say 'I don't know' 😂😂😂Yeah ok! Keep lying to the people about 🛸 , lying ass gov Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

There is no such thing as alien 👽 UFO's if you see one that means you are hallucinating from someone putting drugs in your food or you are Mentally disturbed. Well wat ever it is it’s playing with us They can’t confirm, but they also can’t deny. Common sense dictate that if they are not from any country in the world, than they must be from out of these world.

International musician Roger Waters:Why don't I deal with 'Israel'musicians!!One day,Zionist soldiers hit feet of two Palestinian children with fire,to erase their dream in playing football..US disavows him and Rachel Corrie..We lose our humanity for barbaric occupation of1948.

There isn't any other INTELLIGENT LIFE besides this which is resident - HUMANS on EARTH. None whatsoever, NONE. Search far and WIDE will yield None I think I could have written the same report just based on the news. Just take me with you guys So basically, you just defined UFO endangurura It's not us bro we have cloaking tech

We are not in the 50s or 60s. Stop the laying and admit! I’m sure we are not alone in the Universe. If we with a little knowhow are going beyond Planet Earth....why can’t they go beyond theirs? “They’re watching us!!! Lol. For Promotional Purpose profbharat That’s why they call it a UFO “Unidentified” “Flying” “Object” .

odd how they always come to America🤔

odannyboy Ohk Not UFO. That is Batman. 🦇 If we ever have aliens visit, I'd hope they wouldn't make contact. Humans are too unpredictable. eddyburback Are there any other nations that reported ufo encounters? Funny how only the USA is being targeted. Who did you piss off in the last few hundred years of your existence that would be messing with your military?

Obviously Batman... duh. So some random thing flies in American airspace and the agencies of this country can’t identify shit GTFOH with this made up story. Spooky Breaking news CNN RATINGS ARE 0.1% 😩😩😩 1933 MR nutty had better ratings than CNN 🥺😡 Wait... they say it's not a UFO, but they can't figure out what it is. Isn't that definition of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)?

In other words it's classified and none of your damn business. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE 😡 Cover up Please, it might be Covid 19 in disguise stop these Myths new. I don’t get this. Did anyone think anything other would’ve come out? why IS IT THAT OF THE THOUSANDS OF PICTURES of UFO's, none are clear. What a scam

UFO LMFAO “I’m not saying it’s aliens but I’m also not saying it isn’t aliens” LunarRilla 👀👀👀👀👀

Or how do you try to explain the many sightings of your advanced technology that your enemies don’t know or understand yet in order to keep them from probing more? Leak information it could be of alien craft but you are not sure. Why are these “images” always so grainy and blurry LOL.....can’t someone take a better pic with all his fancy camera technology on all cell phones at this point? 🤣

Hence unidentified flying object...thx The definition of UFO is Unidentified Flying Object so yeah these were UFOs Damn. I'm disappointed. I was hopeful 😅 maybe they'll be able to confirm or deny at a later date They said it's not classified USA technology, so that means they're either enemy aircraft or alien. No matter what, they remain UFO's for now.

It’s Xenu dropping more Thetans into volcanoes. this pic is the evidence! How are soooo many people 100% sure of what this 'must' be? The article literally describes how they have no evidence whatsoever to confirm any working theory. It’s news like this that says forget the danger of January 6 , the insurrection is now being buried as the propaganda machine to destroy the US Constitution wins the every day battle..Go President Biden😎

Rubbish The comments are full of the shifting of burden of proof and argument from ignorance. Mainstream theist logic. 'You cannot prove they are not from ailens so they are obviously from aliens' It's never aliens It’s silly that the Navy claims these videos are “unexplained.” Here’s the mundane explanation: