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World, Coronavirus Live Updates And News: Cases Top 721

US FDA issues limited emergency use authorization for two drugs usually used to treat malaria

The FDA issues an emergency use authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat patients hospitalized with Covid-19

3/30/2020 5:06:00 AM

The FDA issues an emergency use authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat patients hospitalized with Covid-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates.

Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty ImagesThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an emergency use authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat patients hospitalized with Covid-19.The drugs -- which are used to treat malaria and other conditions -- have been

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calledgame changers by President Donald Trump.But thus far, there is little scientific evidence that chloroquine, or its closely-related analogue hydroxychloroquine, are effective in treating Covid-19.What happened?The authorization came in a letter dated Saturday, but the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) acknowledged the FDA’s action in a Sunday news release. The FDA limited the scope of its authorization to drugs supplied from the Strategic National Stockpile. The HHS announced that two pharmaceutical companies -- Bayer and a division of Novartis -- had donated the drugs to the stockpile.

Do the drugs work?In its statement, HHS said:“Anecdotal reports suggest that these drugs may offer some benefit in the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients."The safety profile of these drugs has only been studied for FDA approved indications, not COVID-19."

While there's limited evidence on the efficacy of chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, the FDA said the drugs’ benefits outweighed their risk. In its letter, the FDA encouraged randomized clinical trials that could assess the effectiveness of the drugs. It also noted that the known and potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Who can the drugs be used to treat?The authorization is limited to patients who are currently hospitalized and weigh at least 50kg, or about 110 pounds. Under the emergency use authorization, health care providers must contact their local or state health department to access the drugs.

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It's not a Trump drug , it's the drug could potentially save many critically illed patients, it has been widely used in China & Korea. Where can I find them? I feel as though we need to be investing anyone and everybody who has or had any sort of tie to these particular drugs, in our spare time. COVID19 TrumpPills Trumpdemic

sparklingdonut It. Doesn't. Work. What are the side effects of these drugs?BotsGuardian Botswana ConsumerWatchBW realDonaldTrump but well done USA Please look up info from 3m and other respirator manufacturers on chart for the size of particulates and what size a virus is, that n95 stops versus scarves.... let people know...

They have been shown to help reduce inflammation in the lungs. Not a cure, but might be a life saver. True or lie? AJNadabo 🤔 But doesn't a vast majority of people recover and most have just mild symptoms? So how is anyone sure that this treatment really is what makes the difference? Brilliant , so trump was right after all

I thought they were all insulting Trump Chloroquine on covid19 has been in the media since about January but the hype keeps getting played down. Something is behind this. Someone has to benefit from this. So they make you feel it’s not the regular over the counter one. We have to make a special chloroquine.😒

Explain the world how re these medications taken NiggaNamdChoppa I thought it’s only used to treat malaria VillaFernando_ Esto no se encuentra en Ecuador 🇪🇨 x q deben de estar en manos de inescrupulosos para venderlas muy caras x la necesidad de la gente, así somos los ecuatorianos, Una mierda, de todo nos queremos lucrar

According to a research by Vincent M.J et al., Chloroquine appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor Angiotensin- converting enzyme 2, this may negatively influence the virus receptor binding and abrogate the infection. Peter_Kays All malaria medications are very effective . But remember to take medicine that will prevent the itchy effect

Peter_Kays But you laughed non stop at Trump Ooohh good if it save because millions of people will back to their normal condition Are we save with this drug because Nigeria things it get as he be I hope NCDCgov Fmohnigeria followlasg is seeing this Thanks for updating info. I dont remeber Obama having to go through the hell this guy has been put up against since day 1. I wonder how many hours he gets to sleep.

Yes, Pres Trump was right But CNN you criticized Trump relentlessly for encouraging that this drug should be looked into ? I need to use hydroxychloroquine to walk. Supplies are already low. What have the pharmaceutical companies done about those of us who need it to function. Have they thought about that? spoonies dowecount

Where as dumb media , and Democrats don't want the use of this drug, this thing saving life Oops TRUMP WINS AGAIN CNNbrk are you not tired of all those Trump winnings About time! realDonaldTrump 2020 So, Trump Never lied!!! Yet, many have criticized realDonaldTrump over this. Even CNN When I see shit like this I just feel the world is going back and forth with this shit, the Chinese government said this months ago, they where even running tests to find out the right dosage to administer.😩

When realDonaldTrump said there may be hope with this, shey people kicked against it. With airports empty, does CNN have any viewers? How is it administered Hm...... I hope that it helps people. Where’s twitter safety to take this down and save us from a cure? Just moments ago others risked being deplatformed for saying this exact same thing

and you TDS patients attacked Trump for saying chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine looked promising. Where is the apology? President Trump was right SAY IT! Why don’t we all hope and pray it works. With any thing new you can’t rule it out until you try it. Or we can hope it kills more than it helps because the hatred of Trump is more important than the lives you all pretend to be so worried about.

Ahí están sus evidencias de que la Hidroxicloroquina SI está funcionando contra el COVID Pajaropolitico Where’s your apology to POTUS realDonaldTrump Mhmm didn’t you say this kills people and trump was to blame for mentioning it? jack can't find his ass if he used both hands! Hmm so.maybe dragging Trump for saying this might be a thing was a bad take?

It’s amazing how so many negative people are that make comments... there is no cure for this virus, yet the FDA approve something to help, because of presidential pressure.. it’s a start... it’s better then nothing... but all the idiots out there have negative thoughts.. smh Those mocked Trump in his voice “will get tired of seeing him winning”. One doctor went viral on this twitter because he said no one should take chloroquine just because he doesn’t like Trump. Where’s mehdirhasan?

Finally? So like Trump said? Ibrahiimgamawa Is it monotherapy? China has been trying to use this and they said it's not effective Duh.. told u that 2 weeks ago.. wow Just headline, no story to back up. BashirAhmaad What does the FDA Stands For? Finally realDonaldTrump is right Now you're putting it out after Trump said that it was being used you guys are such hypocrites

Oh AhmadErgsous اكو عرب هنا😞 Without further use testing? What if the side effects manifest themselves to be deadly in COVID-19Patients? The amount of idiots talking about politics under every single CNN post about the Coronavirus is scary and ZINC SULFATE!!! Read this I pray its a breakthrough. I thought they called realDonaldTrump crazy for suggesting this . . .

Trump was legend Is this the same photo you used blaming Trump for some dingbat taking fish tank cleaner? Im confused now? Where is your partisan rhetoric about lies, false hope, etc. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Hopefully we will have a BREAKTHROUGH with this! 👍🏻 WorldHealthNow Notice how they’re not authorizing people to eat fish tank cleaner?

.. THE NEW WORLD ORDER...ON THE MOVE.... . GLOBALIST.. SET THEIR SIGHTS ON YOUR FREEDOM . Wooow Beautiful progress. RealDrGina It’s insane how the liberal loons have politicized this pandemic...liberalism is a mental disorder. Trump was proven right once again. RealDrGina But, but, Orange Man Bad!! I won't take that shit, it's really a last gaffe effort in my mind.

Right Wait a minute. 🤔 CNNSUCKS Fake news CNN have been telling the world that Trump is lying Something has to work. So realDonaldTrump was right. Why did FDA play partisan politics initially? CNN should be professional and let the president do his job! Everything shouldn’t be about politics and ratings! iStandWithTrump

Fake news by CNN Uhhhh, is there something wrong with my phone? Because I clicked the link and all I saw was something about vaccine research. Nothing at all about hydroxychloroquine 🤷🏾‍♂️ RealDrGina CNN encouraging people to drink fish tank cleaner now. How irresponsible! Lol.. So Trump was right all along.. Interesting

So Trump wins in the end. Interesting times. He realDonaldTrump deserves a reVOTE sonia_agbese Read this. These have killed people trying it recently. So this should be interesting 🙄 iAmSyMzOnA IamChyboy_Afc Same combination HillaryClinton criticised realDonaldTrump for announcing on TV? Democrats have to do better. Lives are at state here

Fine. Now get pharma to ramp up production so there's enough to go around. fatma_karume OMG let hope it work and cure the corona virus Good news afneil PaulBrandITV why is this not being reported here? medics in hospitals in Marseille & New York have reportedly successfully treated COVID patients. Is MattHancock looking into this being approved for use in UK?

BashirAhmaad As a pharmacist I hope this turns out well Mira OrtizAndrial que interesante . This will mess up CNN if it works too good. Le professeur Raout a Raison Hydroxychloroquine StayAtHomeAndStaySafe Gov of Nevada won’t like this People please grow a realistic bone and understand that no matter what the Trump administration does people will be pissed. If you can do better tell us what you would do.

bUt ItS nOt HeLpInG! Horrifying moment dead bodies are loaded into a refrigerated truck with a forklift outside a Brooklyn hospital See how the CNN coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News coronavirus DonaldTrump FDA Medical Politics I'm getting a different story when I open the message.

The amount of STUPID people who replying to this tweet who are against the use of HC is unbelievable. So Youd Rather Let people DIE with COVID-19, than actually Try something which could potentially work and save their lives? You Anti Trump Freaks are sick BashirAhmaad You guys need to apologize to Mr Trump

BashirAhmaad NCDCgov what Howmuch? How re we going to know the original product? I don't trust this Aba boys... Stupid people thought donald trump didn't know what he was saying according to you. Prof Raoult indicated it...already Amazing MuseSeeking as a pharmacist i say all the concerns about this drug are minimal...let people take not believe the msm in regard to side effects and shortages....every drug has side effects..but i would take it in a min cause se can be managed if they occur at all

If it is helping those who are in severe peril, by all means, help them!! Who cares who is right or wrong. People are dying left and right. Families are being split apart, mothers are worried for their immunocompromised children. Get over yourselves and see the bigger picture. Good grief! There are no politics in life and death. Why can't you see that!

Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location,slander, abuse, framed to take nude photos of me We in Africa especially Ghana have been using chloroquine to treat malaria for years. My grandma used it till her last breath at age 120 it's not a dangerous drug.

Now, everyone who has been using this drug for treating lupus will probably encounter a shortage, and become the next group at risk for catching the virus I hope they can kick up drug production asap. Wow, you are reporting this? I least expected you though, nice development It works, it has been proven to work. Lets cut the red tape and get ppl healed

Next time don't blame realdonaldtrump for this By the time you get vaccine. China will produce COVID 20 pro They have to hurry up and cover Trumps ass. He suggested a toxic cure and it killed people TRUMP WAS RIGHT 2 people died trying this it might work for some but it will kill you if you your condition is different this is reckless this might work if u are seriously ill if not it’s a chance u could die

dimitrivorbe Bonjour Mesye. Alò pou saw fè peyi a pase kounye a pouw ap vin fè jew byen chèch pouw ap voye moute konsa? Monchè revansikasyon Twitter w yo bon mw konseyew tounen Ayiti al lajistis al pote plent pou gouvènman. Mw wè sa ap pi bon oke. Chloroquine my family use it during my childhood stage..what are you going to loose trying it..they only effect we noticed was it itch some people and some dosn't.CNN made the drug sound like a poison becos POTUS recommend it..I think that heartacttack is a lie about the drug

Kasamu lafiya kenan To masha allah congratulations This is a political decision not a scientific one. The whole evidence rests on a poorly conducted trial on 20 patients here in France. It is the result of media and social network going crazy over an idea they want to believe I love how people on here who DON’T have Covid are saying people who DO have Covid shouldn’t take it. I have news for you. If I’m gasping for breath and drowning in my secretions and a doctor says we have an experimental drug that may relieve your symptoms, I’m taking it.

Mario_Andresol So Trump was right all along. Time for cnni to issue an apology for insulting and calling the president of USA a lair! Finally o! What is China using? Give TRUMP his credit. Ya mad? So this drug works. You just hated it because Trump first said it. Y’all best notify that douchebag Gov of Michigan. 👍🏼😂😂

You hate to see it So, I’ll expect it will be available to all — not just the rich and famous — and that everyone will now recover. 🙄🙄🙄 okayh ttps:// Democratic state governors are communist murders for refuting this cure. interferon2 will work but it's cuban so Trump will let even more die...

laoluademo Finally!!!! NCDCgov NaijaFlyingDr Fmohnigeria Which makes CNN sad. Their hate is more important then American lives! ramzpaul This stuff is toxic and is going to kill people who will otherwise recover naturally I just read the FDA approval. First, people saying that Trump won or is right MUST read it. They don't know the dose required for treatment or duration of it. They don't know if is going to work. They are like the rest of us, hoping it works.Horrible side effects including death.

Do America a favor and take your network off the air. You are causing the deaths of Americans with all the lies. Hopefully it will work for everyone Go ahead and say it. Trump was right, Cuomo/Sisolek/Whitmer were WRONG. RIP Joe Diffie Hi CNN There is actually 3 Doctors that have died from Covid-19 .Conservatives under reporting deaths by saying they have to get next of kin permission to add their family's death to the daily death rates. Even though no details are released just Death due to Covid-19 🤡🤡🤡🤡

They keep playing politics with everything ejindu_chibizy Trying as hard as they can to not make it sound like a good thing Just one question: What is Dr. Fauci saying about this?. Hope it works must have some success FDA approves , but if doesn’t will be trumps fault already had hit piece out when he was speaking about it, but hopefully it will even though you will still spin something negative about trump.

Good news I bet the side effects are worse than the actual problem... emperor_chyma CNN now bending over to lick their own I cannot find the story! The link opens some random reports! Does anybody have the link? Is there some sorta proof that this works? Or it's just trial and error business as usual?

This means they have completed the evaluation they started over a week ago. Stop trying to sensationalize!! It's never worked against viruses. Patients should not be taking it because it makes viruses flare. Proven in study after study SARS antivirals work. S-protein inhibitors. ACE2 inhibitors. Zpak for pneumococcal pneumonia AND antiviral action. Anti-cytokines. But not Hydroxy.

How come no one is talking about the side effect(s) of chloroquine? God bless Donald J. Trump So Trump was right , huh? Can the media bury their heads in shame now? What a pathetic bunch! Why FDA refuse to listen to realDonaldTrump earlier? He is becoming the baba vanga of the century it seems! And Pakistani's instead of advising against self medication of it are exporting it to other countries without any trials on our own people ImranKhanPTI IrshadBhatti336 ArifAlvi arifhameed15 FaisalJavedKhan fawadchaudhry shazbkhanzdaGEO

Yet CNN mocked Trump when he said this. You are truly the enemy of the people. sinach Yet you birsmerched Trump for suggesting this earlier. Your hatred for Trump may have cost lives Still going to bash soemthing that will help millions? This is what I am saying 0ses_ I think realDonaldTrump deserves an apology.

Phew. Finally, a break. This is not an experiment. It has been proven Oh? You mean the treatment Trump was touting the media jackals attacked him over? So once again, Trump was right and the media jackals were way off base with their irrational Trump Derangement. What a shock. ephermal__ veryyyy late action from FDA's side

Shouldn’t this come with an apology to realDonaldTrump. I mean! Love the last part opinion : trump sent medical supplies to china, while we need it desperately in the us . Shame on you cnni shame opinion . Propaganda and lies Didn’t CNN tell us last week Trump was luring about this drug? How many times does CNN have to be proven wrong before people stop watching?

This is awesome. Finally covid 19 is soon going to be a thing of the past. Thank God. So that we are clear if someone should use a fish tank cleaner is on FDA right? And why can't be the headline be like 'FDA issues an emergency use on drug Trump already talked about' Has Trump and his family got shares in the drug companies who supply this? Asking for a friend.

So, this doctor treated hundreds of patients with a drug combination not approved by the FDA? And he hasn’t been arrested? There is something so fishy here. Which headline is this without the full story? SMH for CNN I clicked on the link and there wasn't further info on that . .Are we even sure this is true?

Trump is the leader the world needs. Unfortunately some Americans don't appreciate him. Good one. There's hope ahead Death rate in COVID-19 appears to be low in malaria endemic areas of the world at the moment. It may be too early to draw conclusion. Could be related to chronic chloroquine consumption?

The Chinese government told him so he is so sure he works. Because to have confidence saying something works and you are not a doctor then there is a rigged proved experience back up. Trump Ohhhh nooooo!!! CNN is going to join in killing people!!!! Trump told them Because it’s from the cabals so it’s different from what Trump announced earlier?

Another win for Trump... Can phosphate work as well Only that you forgot 'touted by Trump' in your headline. Oh! I forgot; that catch phrase is for when one ingests fish tank cleaner and dies Its actually working well in france So Trump was right I really love how this is the headline and the link has zero follow up because by all means make people dig for the good news. Your literally trying to keep it hidden while still getting the scoop. You are a disgusting excuse for a news source. Utter bullshit.

Y'all need to issue an apology to president trump canokar can this be looked into in Turkey also ? tuzztee So after now they will still deny that its not approved and its dangerous. Must be sad to be in a position where you’re hoping this drug doesn’t work. Pathetic. President Trump was right, guys. What will those idiot Dem governors who made it illegal to use on Covid patients do now?

India already came up with this medication,nothing new from America. k_sinuola aleke_e this is CNN breaking the news o !! That shit is killing Covid19 and some evil people hate to see it. I clicked to read the story and there isn't one. My fear would be the heart problems this combo can cause Isn't this the same drug that this Arizona man took and died afterwards?

Something President Trump said and he was criticized by same people posting it now. Americans don't just know what they've. probably they would've preferred Buhari If you pay attention, you’ll realise Trump is almost always right and the media is almost always wrong. Trump always told you guys. But you guys hated him.

QuotedReplies NCDCgov They could have saved more lives if they had listened to Trump. There is something so sketchy about this. I’ve been researching this for less than an hour, and am seeing so many red flags about this. There is a clear misinformation campaign going on here. I’m gonna go take a bunch of screen shots while I let this sink in.

Tell that to the ones that have made a huge recovery He probably has shares in it.... CNN is a MENTAL DISEASE. So Trump was right?! They should apologize to realDonaldTrump There has been tremendous success with this drug. Sadly, there is no known cure for your severe case of TDS Way to go! If this has good prospects, why not use it?

“Scientific evidence,” huh...well why don’t you send a “reporter,” (if you can find one) to speak with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. I looked it up, he’s about 1 hr. & 5 min. Away from your NY headquarters. Your own motto is “facts matter most.” Do your jobs. After touting realDonaldTrump comment. US_FDA slow in getting cure and vaccine.

Thousand infected thousand dies yet blaming game never end. When war was not lost in the battlefield but at home. That was 70's. Remember those soldiers who were fighting then. And remember frontliners who were fighting now. There will be time to lick our wounds but not this time LezVanDyke ✔️ Interessent times indeed. Normally big pharma tests drugs on poor Africans. Now they test it on Americans. Call back if it works 😊

And you know the outcry from the left will be thunderous. They would rather tens of thousands of people die than Trump be right to suggest these combo of drugs hold promise. These guys were over politicizing the matter. In Nigeria, chloroquine was the go to drug to treat malaria but it has some serious adverse effects. I remember it made my body itch as a child. It doesn't affect everyone but we would take piriton to reduce or stop the reaction.

choclateprinc when Trump said it he was trying to murder d world abi? NCDCgov followlasg jidesanwoolu vp_fund maddow missed a few FakeNews Not true. My niece takes it for her RA and she has 90 days worth. If she is not worried about it then I am not either. “Little evidence” _TooBusyToCare_ You people should make up your minds

As a bearer of constant negative news, u must have been very hurt to report something this positive, or even worse still, that Trump may yet be right on this call. 😁🤔😃 Interesting! This must’ve been hard to actually type out... I’m proud of you! OTC!!!! Trump strong armed the FDA to push this untested 'cure'. Trump isn't a doctor. He isn't even qualified to be a rectal thermometer in a doctor's office. He ignores and fires the experts. We can no longer expect government CDC or the FDA to protect us.

So like Trump was right.......again ! Will you report that ? Desperate measures for desperate times.! HOWEVER LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED BY IT. Maybe..ya know, interview those people and they'll tell you about it. Or interview the doctors that have saved them and many others. Virus originates in China=Trump Virus Trump stops flights from China=Racist Trump says Wuhan virus=Racist as well Trump hopes Chloroquine is our cure=Chloroquine is deadly fish tank cleaner and he's responsible for murder Trump's approval rating rises=MSM wants to stop briefings

Veesion2020 Good development. Must be hard to report this 😂 I’ve heard it works best with zinc and a Z-pack to prevent secondary infections. Oh, so now it's fine? FU CNN DrZweliMkhize Do we have stock or plan on getting stock? CyrilRamaphosa HealthZA Finally you guys have agreed this could work, right?. Rubbish.

Is chloroquine going to put a stop to COVID2019 or will the coronavirus pandemic continue unabated? Praise the Lord! This is good news. IMO.. I’d want my doctor to give it to me or my loved ones if needed. COVIDー19 Na wa o! After how many deaths just because of hatred for Trump? CNN you owe realDonaldTrump an apology

So Trump was right all along😭😭😭😭 FakeCNN initially you said is fake news from the most powerful president in the world real donald trump . Today you're reporting the same thing he had said two weeks ago The link does not open such article. Searched your page and couldn’t find it. Could you please provide a valid link?

No Mask No Service in hot and warm zones. Our supermarkets are petri dishes. People breathing on everything without cover. Can't buy a mask then make one! Stop the spread of the virus. No Mask No Service in supermarkets please. Save lives. Waited long enough and people died everyday because of fucking politics

NoFuckingThx In the bottom 70%...🤔 When are they going to approve Forsythia? Forsythia has been proven to reduce the effects of COVID-19! Strong anecdotal evidence! realDonaldTrump stop the Lamestream media from suppressing the truth about Forsythia! I never agree with trump about this BS CURE but CNN got called out by him today saying CNN IS FAKE NEWS so now cnn is blasting that headline up so if more ppl die from taking it just to get back at trump!!But come on we already losing ppl on a daily!🤦‍♀️Come on CNN DONT DO THAT!😢

ianabailey FYI. What’s BC’s plan to use this more widely? Time to ask the question is now. crazy the side effects can kill people More fake news by CNN How sure is this ? Why are you the only news outlet reporting this? Where did your FDA approval notification come from? Who at the FDA? Why is it not on the FDA website? Are you misinforming the public?

FolarinAbiodun1 ehiokupa But but, I thought it was false hope. CNN SUCKS Kollow_ quoted_replies Bet the governors of Michigan and Nevada are enjoying a nice plate of crow now. I love the fact I am allergic to both 😂 oh the ironic life of a Lupus patient Let them test it first on the Republicans and Trump's family! Now it appears we maybe can't even trust the FDA - are they approving this because of Trump's uninformed nonsense! 🤦🏽‍♂️ America I grieve for what you once were before Trump, but may you rise again! 🙏🏽

it'll work better than the stuff used to clean the aquariums USA virus Just try to get it! Fake news. CNN being negative about Trump again. The most untrusted name in news FakeNewsCNN TrumpPressConference It doesn't work. It just failed another trial. Lead author of study in Shanghai trial quoted here, March 27, 2020.

This will be like Forsythia from Contagion Oh please don’t let this work, Or we’re gonna get 4 more years of this douchebag!! AmirNetz The molecular biology behind the efficacy seems to be known, so it's not like shotgunning. Watch this from beginning to end. Hey, that’s the stuff I’ve been cleaning my fish tank with!

Interesting Means more deaths simply n unfortunately Who pays for all the trolls (the one with emoticons in their name) that pollute Twitter with leftist garbage Is there a discount at Twitter HQ ? His right he can't put people's life at risk,it's tested ND proven let use chloroquine in Zimbabwe were fever e.g malaria if prescribed u get a quick response of recovery

Now this influenza will go back the way it came, as quickly as it came...hopefully. Side effects EnemyOfThePeople cnnfakenews The CNN elitists must really be pissed off about this! 'However, there is little scientific evidence that they are effective in treating Covid-19.' Even though there's plenty of evidence that these drugs work, CNN can't ease up on generating hysteria. They need hysteria to turn people against Trump.

Substantial anecdotal evidence at this point. Anyone that is taking advise from CNN is heading to his or her grave. CNN want many Americans dead in the hand of corona. Who is the scientific and who is the US Food and Drug Administration, are they not the same people? PLEASE PEOPLE SHOULD STOP WATCHING CNN

That test in NY hasn't even been going long enough for it to have any results. 2 weeks? Or, is the FDA now a car in the trump train? CNN is inciting skepticism and fear in use of hydroxychloroquine that may save lives of those who are dying on ventilators without hope of any other treatment. Think about it.

Good! stop letting governors play doctor and God!! Well that's great news. You need to take it before you get to the need to take at the first onset of symptoms If you are 60 or older and/or have risk factors Dr. Zelenko’s protocol 👇🏻 BelloElrufai Trump is always right!!! It’s working.....

JUST IN CASE PrynneHyster 👍 What about patient that have body reaction to chloroquine Funny how lupus cannot get treated with this juliedeplorable My governor won’t let us use it!!! He likes that we are getting sick!!! 🤲 NEWS1130 Morris_Monye Heaven please, let this drug work. Heaven please RESULTS! RightToTry

RightToTry NYGovCuomo Good reports coming in from across the world on the potential for the Anti-Viral Combo! trumpsdrug Thank you IsraelUSAforevr IDF IsraeliPM TimesofIsrael So trump was right again You mean that there fish tank cleaner? I’m not a trump fan by far but if you are sick and there is an experimental treatment I would say go for it rather than dying or seeing a loved one die.

Listen to how it can help! Saved a dying man last week. And you bury it on your site. Just so scared that it may work. CNN is pure evil!! Democrats and the establishment will hate this . They would rather see bodies stacked a mile high than for Trump to be right . fda the humanlight ramzpaul It's about time.

Emergency use, huh? Mmm, reminds me of that time another American regulator, the FAA approved Boeing's 737 Max. Two of them crashed and killed almost 350 people. Yessss ramzpaul ScottAdamsSays The exact pharmaceutical you literally attacked Trump for... unreal. I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. The MSM has no credibility. Sickening

ramzpaul Enjoy your chemical castration and micro chips, people. ramzpaul No nope I won't Hmmmm. realDonaldTrump was right again after being almost universally criticized. I’m seeing a pattern here. So Trump was right again. Not that the media will ever give him credit. What crap- where is the story? Just don’t drink Fish Tank Cleaner

Hey how about that, Trump was right How about that, CNN how about that Tell Michigan and Nevada. Manufacturers are already cranking up production and supplying the drugs. Do not panic or we lose. It's all good. NEWS ALERT: CNN are telling people to take fish tank cleaner. is it too late to start hoarding fish aquarium cleaner?

It's going to SUCK to be you FakeNews CNN... 🤣🤣🤣 How about that? TorgRadio This tweet should be removed. The link or video does not back up the announcement made in the qbice tweet Yeah the Chinese are probably laughing at the USA because they have the cure . Lord help us . Excelente Good Hmmmmm.....🤔

CarlosVerareal YvensRiviere The FDA just said, at this point fuck it But you said orange man killed people with this Chola na cama veramagalhaes माननीय प्रधानमंत्री narendramodi PMOIndia अगर मेरी बात सही प्रतीत हो तो यह लॉकडाउन 15 मई, 2020 तक लगातार जारी रख देश को सुरक्षित रखने के उपाय किया जाय. अगर aajtak उचित लगता है तो आप सभी रिट्वीट कर माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी से आग्रह करें. अन्यथा प्रारब्ध तो निश्चित है.

Gogowa Why must they be hospitalized? Treat early so they can stY out of ICU! Interesting how now the FDA approves, just like all of a sudden the CDC is recommending anything but proper PPE for the care of these patients. How ridiculous. 🙄 changingtherules hysterics All I have is fish tank cleaner tho...ah well! Here goes!

Unless, you live in Nevada or Michigan. You are screwed. Your Governors, sign you up to die. With a pen no less. Base on a fake story by MSM. Based on a French study of 20 patients, with no control group? Right, just what the POTUS suggested they do a week ago. realDonaldTrump is always right. All of fake news MSM...

That’s the I can’t Fucking even...protect my child “mentality” after this shit! Enjoy Population control 101. You have a chance to survive without this experimental treatment however you’ll certainly increase your risk of death if you take it...smh. Makes zero sense. Here's the FDA fact sheet on this: Great how many more people will die because of this. realDonaldTrump incompetence is causing people to die WhereIsThePPE WhereAreTheVentilators

about fuk*n time.. WHO HAS STOCKS & SHARES ninaandtito File411 NLong72 MingGao26 HatesHorseshoes Are you sick of winning? Made in China BUT TRUMP!!! 'The safety profile of these drugs has only been studied for FDA approved indications, not COVID-19.' CNN needs to change their headline. aproko_doctor DrOlufunmilayo it's happening 💃 💃

Good, throw everything at it, no time for shenanigans. If this actually worked, the whole world would be scrambling to produce as much of is as we can. In reality, it’s no more effective than not using it. Sounds like a hail Mary Countdown to when Trump takes credit for this.... Trump is correct again. Liberals and liberal communist media have a perfect record on being wrong, every time. npr, , cnn, nytimes, usatoday, msnbc_Breaking, cbsnews, nprpolitics, abc, washingtonpost, thehill DemocratScam

Based on what data Please, someone tell me this is a joke. Sadly, know it’s not. Wow... people are already dying. This is absurd. Happy Easter! Early. For all the trumptard boomers, please take it!!! hurry before the health insurances drop coverage. Uh..oh..... u notice drumpf didn't put his name on this one....

this is going save millions of lives.. FixOurPowerPlay I hope this works for everyone Nice to know, Meanwhile Don Lemon makes doom and gloom, he is so pathetic what's up CNN remember Don Lemon CNN and the Democrats what a joke 40 % truth 60% bashing all to continue making money. Pathetic Not in Nevada!

Trump more than likely has stocks in the company. No one knows what’s going on. A few days ago people were dying because they mixed these medicines but now.... we found an “emergency cure” COVID19 FDA Who’s gonna tell Dr. Fauci? Wow trump isn't lying. Trump wins because he's not bought. I'm starting to think this way more and more but it's really easy for me, I never hated trump . I just don't like conservative gop party.

The first time CNN is giving good and comforting news. Ohhh this makes Trump look good, please delete cnn.. Hasn't this stuff killed people? So if some idiot drinks fish tank cleaner, do you have blood on your hands?

Europe, US virus deaths surge as Trump reverses New York lockdown threatEuropean nations have been harder hit than the US on a per capita basis with over 20,000 deaths - around half in worst-hit Italy, as millions across the continent continue to be under lockdown and the streets of Paris, Rome and Madrid eerily empty.

Coronavirus test approved by FDA can issue results in 5 minutes, negative results in 13 minutesAbbott Laboratories said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had issued an Emergency Use Authorization for the fastest available point-of-care test that can detect the novel coronavirus. Thank you, science! 👏👏👏 Wooo Science!! Can it be used to test someone who is recovering or who has recovered?

FDA eases restrictions on mask-sterilizing technology amid coronavirus shortagesOfficials are scrambling for the N95 masks and other protective equipment for health care workers as the number of COVID-19 cases is expected to spike.

FDA issues emergency authorization of anti-malaria drug for coronavirus careThe Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment despite scant evidence LOL 'despite scant evidence'. Shameful, US_FDA

FDA approves new 15-minute coronavirus testThe test can deliver "results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes," its developer, Abbott, said in a statement. When? Where? How Many? If Trump was even tangentially involved, this thing probably doesn't work but just gives everyone herpes. OmaniMOH OmanVSCovid19

Ohio governor criticizes Trump administration on FDA mask rulingThe Trump administration has approved the first system for sterilizing specialized face masks — but the decision drew a quick rebuke from Ohio’s Republican governor Misleading headline. Read the article. Why would this process be a problem if the sterilization process works. Good for practitioners, 1st responders, patients and environment.