Economy, Gdp Report: Us Economy Grew A Record 33.1% Annual Rate Last Quarter But The Pandemic Remains An Eno

Economy, Gdp Report: Us Economy Grew A Record 33.1% Annual Rate Last Quarter But The Pandemic Remains An Eno

US economy grew a record 33.1% annual rate last quarter but the pandemic remains an enormous threat

JUST IN: The US economy grew at a record 33.1% annual rate in the third quarter after huge second-quarter losses, but remains far below its pre-pandemic level.

10/29/2020 3:47:00 PM

JUST IN: The US economy grew at a record 33.1% annual rate in the third quarter after huge second-quarter losses, but remains far below its pre-pandemic level.

The US economy in the summer recovered much of the historically enormous ground it lost in the spring, expanding at the fastest rate on record in the third quarter, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

Still, the recovery remains incomplete. The economic crisis that Covid-19 brought on is far from over, and the pandemic threatens to plunge the American economy into turmoil again as infection numbers continue to rise rapidly across the country.These 10 charts show how the economy performed under Trump versus prior presidentsPresident Donald Trump inherited a strong economy, and it continued to grow at a healthy rate during his first three years in office. Then the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything.

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Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI

The move was long expected after Trump said in March he was 'strongly considering' pardoning Flynn.

FAKE NEWS CNN always has to tap down any good news that TRUMP is responsible for Well no shit. Still way better than Obama left! it would still be contracting like Europe if the filthy democrats were in charge... All those shut downs for months and months and months in Europe... all for nothing.. their cases are skyrocketing

Take $ 1,000,000 - becomes $ 650.000 or so after a 30 % loss. Multiply the new base of $ 650,000 by the a 30 % gain and your are under water by more than $ 100,000. Look at the empty South Coast Plaza But who benefited? The wealthy? The 8,000,000 Americans that slid into poverty over the last few months? The small businesses that are losing everything?

You suck at explaining context. Context: if you lost $100 during Covid crisis, you now gained $60 of it back. However, you’ve still lost/out $40. You’re welcome. Thank you DJT 20/20 Don’t worry, President Trump will fix it all in his second term One of the worst years since the Great Depression. You don't take away 20 trillion dollars, give back 8 trillion dollars and call it a gift.

Let’s Pay Attention, Blue America!!- The Republican Hail Mary Plan– It’s Frightening!! This Is Fake News But Hits Too Close to Home – Check it Out the Video and Let’s Stay Vigilant!! This was a correction, not growth, from a drop of about 31% in Q2 due to the initial impact of Covid. Perspective is everything

Now that is a surprise. Of course it’s below pre pandemic levels. Maybe you should focus on the improvement. I know that doesn’t support the Biden hype but you would be addressing the news for a change. Wow, even fake news CNN has to report on the incredible 3rd quarter results. They must be crying behind the scenes for helping Trump. Reall reporting would be to call out New York, California, Michigan, New Jersey for the mindless lockdowns and not allowing the number to be 50%

The point is we are recovering and it will only get better. MAGA2020Landslide Another indicator that US economy is on a V shape recovery. Compare to Europe & all other countries US had the lowest economic contraction & the fastest economic recovery!. 💪🇺🇲 Trump2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 If I hold my breath for a minute, then gasp for a breath of air, am I supposed to be amazed when it is pointed out that I got 90% of my needed O2 back? Annualized? Really? Are we morons? Why not just say the economy is going to grow a gajillllllion percent?

Tucker exclusive: Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out... via YouTube That's because the Democratic governors shut down the economy! Thanks China! Incredible news Trump is fighting for America trying to keep the economy going amid the Covid-19 worldwide crisis CNN’s favorite word... “but” when it comes to anything positive as it relates to possible good news during a Trump Presidency. BiasedMedia FakeNewsMedia realDonaldTrump

I was wondering how CNN could possibly put a negative slant on this story. They must work harder than everyone else! 🤣🤣🤣 3rd quarter increase 7.4%. 2020 year to date is negative 3.5%. Annualized number is deceptive. Assumes all quarters increase at same rate. It is a pretend number Even If the 4th quarter would increase 7.4% the 2020 increase would be 3.9% not 33%

Still down overall in 2020 and weakening rapidly because Trump doesn't get it. Control the virus first. Until then, the economy won't recover. This is amazing news about the record breaking GDP growth! Thanks realDonaldTrump Negativity. CNN Needed to be 45.7% just to break even. Duh you think? I bet a lot of places are putting a hold on any kind of hiring until after the election.. heaven help us if Biden is elected

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If the economy plummeted you would blame Trump, but since it grew you won’t mention his name at all. Another sad post by the failing CNN! It's called a 'but-monkey'.....CNN has to emphasize (even making up) anything negative about our country.....cannot be proud of accomplishments. Shame on the fake news 'so-called' media.

I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul with credit cards with no $$ coming in. So the CC companies are in heaven with all that interest their making. Anyone else? Why do they do this? It’ll get there, President Trump was right again! Well you democrats sure are doing your best to destroy it though The Trump2020 National Debt, Jobs and COVID-19 Scorecard with (5) days left before Election: Complete Scorecard in attached Blog VoteHimOut2020 TrumpTheSuperSpreader

After going down 31.5% last quarter. It's the BIG V silly .... we are back ! CNN supports Trump secretly, very 'poor wording' This is where we’re at TheHojer Tough for the economy to grow when jobs are lost cause stores and restaurants are not allowed to be opened or very limited capacity. Or am I missing something? *at least admitted the economy was GREAT under the President

Correct growing in debt paying with debt. Growing debt but using the term economy sounds better. Washington News Reports....Michigan Senator Dingle predicts Trump ...TRUMP WILL WIN A 2ND TERM. She also predicted Trump would win in 2016. It pained you guys to post this US 3rd QTR GDP: UP 32.1%! Durable goods: UP 45%! Non-durabale goods: UP 82%! Residential Investing: UP 59%! Domestic Investing: UP 83%! Amazing!

Economic growth at the expense of lives. We can’t circumvent moral debt. Dems want to shut us right back down! Absurd! Mask on and get to work people. We can carry on! Wow The territory of the Goygol district, located outside the war zone, was fired from heavy artillery installations of the Armenian , and as a result, forest in Goygol started to burn... StopArmenianAggression StopArmenianTerrorism

cnn 弄好啊 tell the truth to the people So there is infact no need for a Helicopter money or any stimulus checques. Why is everyone asking for these!!! Voted for Biden Wow ! You reported this Bad data . Hunt more Bulls .fake news .There is no stimulus in November or December and possible in January 2021 depending on the new fight extends to March, Beware of the actions that will fall

Because money was put in the hands of the consumer, contrary to what the Republicants want to do with the stimulus bill. its because of small businesses like ours.. changing up into manufucturing masks... When you're out there to VOTE please WearAMask and retweet and share. Sharing is caring. You can WearAMask and look great.

13-yr-old Christian girl ArzooRaja is kidnapped in converted & married to a 44-yr-old Muslim man where is our mainstream media ARYNews DunyaNews GeoNews realDonaldTrump Pakistan ImranKhan Pontifex ForcedConversion kamrankhan JusticeForArzoo BBhuttoZardari Because of the STIMULUS PAYMENT which GOP/McConnell has NOW GONE AWAY, because GOP do not wan to help Americans, BTW Europe is SHUTTING DOWN AGAIN….

😆😆😆 It must be so painful reporting this. The first credible news from cnn this year. Your coverage is just... journalismIsDead CNNhacks If you lost $1 and you got back $.60 would YOU think you are doing well? If Trump “controls” the economy, what did he do to improve the 3rd quarter GDP and why didn’t he do that in the 2nd quarter?

Is it really growth if it hasn’t even gotten back to square one? 🤔 OPEN EVERYTHING AS IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE GETTING COVID ; LET THEM GO TO WORK AND LET THEM PAY TAXES LIKE YOU DO 750 and let them die.VOTE Biden stimulus help stimulusnow PelosiMustGo realDonaldTrump TeamPelosi SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden stevenmnuchin1 mask

The Q4 numbers will be bad as the COVID numbers get much worse again. Can't fix the economy until we have a handle on the virus. This is a lie in the sense that if you had 100.00 and lost it you have 65.00 back! This is not good! DO NOT MISLEAD THE PUBLIC! Typical CNN- Glass always 1/2 empty. Any wonder why America hates this network? BiasedMedia FakeNewsMedia

What happened? And trillions of dollars added to the deficit Open New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania I will stick to listening to Nobel Laureate Economists... Still leaves GDP at -3.4% through three quarters and heading into a 4th quarter with no economic stimulus and another massive wave staring us right in the face. Going to be a rough 4th qtr.

How many workers had a 33% increase in wages? Lol. CNN headline writer really struggling to write this headline. If you are old and sick stay home. Everyone else go back to work. Vote Trump! Best recovery in history!! MAGA!! 401k’s through the roof! Don’t ruin this by voting for the radical left socialists!!! MAGA!

LaMonicaBuzz I don’t think that’s what the words “annual rate” mean You mean this pandemic ? The bs you’ve all pushed (still pushing) to destroy trumps economy and ruin a country to get back in charge politically. The market goes down Covid goes up. Trump, can’t wait until he leaves Trump is winning

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Asian shares, U.S. stock futures sag on coronavirus, U.S. election worriesGlobal shares slipped on Wednesday as coronavirus infections grew at an alarming pace in the United States and Europe, while uncertainty over next week's U.S. elections added to a 'risk off' tone. The US is falling apart, this will be fun! 💖 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆💖💖💖 Hello friend can you help the animal Share the video to friends Help the poor and destitute animals Support us in helping animals I hope you will share this video in friends And with me you will help us to help animals. The only election worry should be that Trump will cheat his way to victory and continue doing nothing about the virus.

'Trump failed us' projected onto Arizona mountain as U.S. COVID death toll nears 227,000Nonprofit organizations collaborated on a light show against the backdrop of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix a week before Election Day. PrayForBarda The media is the virus all this scare tactics and fake news then got outta hand learn its terrible death are down yall just like keeping the fear going huh say some good news 4 a change

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