US Customs officials seize nearly 4,000 bongs at DC airport

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Us Customs Officials Seize Nearly 4, 000 Glass Bongs - Cnn

11/28/2021 12:31:00 AM

US Customs and Border Protection officials seized a shipment of almost 4,000 bongs at Washington Dulles International Airport, the agency said

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So customs are haters, weed is legal in many states and a bong is a mere glass fixture...come on find some real crime to fight Oh no... Free the bongs! Bongs are illegal? Glass art is banned? What a waste of resources Why? They were for tobacco use only. 😂 Why is this more important than all the other stuff seized at customs? I had some cured meat seized, why isn’t there a story about my soppressata calabrese?

That's what I thought. You still want it to be a crime. Who cares quit reposting. Checks notes… yep, guns are still everywhere Why? I bet this made some agent feel like a real hero.

U.S. To Restrict Travel From 8 Countries In Africa Due To New COVID VariantBREAKING: The White House announced that it will begin restricting travel from South Africa and seven other countries on the African continent starting Monday in light of the newly identified omicron variant of the coronavirus. Biden = racist Why wait until Monday? 💩 writing skills. You forgot to mention that South Africa discovered the Omicron strain and now we are being punished for sharing that with the world.

Ridiculous, waste of time. What a waste of time and effort Waste of time and money who cares Somebody's New Year's Eve party just got ruined. Bongs? Nothing else better to do I guess 🤣 In college I had one named SaBong Hussein So bongs are drugs gotcha 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Why? I thought this stuff only came in across the Mexican border - despite the rather useless wall! Have Mexico paid up yet?

U.S. to restrict travel from South Africa, seven other nations amid new Covid variantThe new strain, classified by the WHO as a 'variant of concern,' is blamed for a surge of cases in South Africa and has sparked fears over its high number of mutations. Make it now! Those currently enroutr who have been anywhere in Africa, HongKong, Israel or Europe need to enter mandatory quarantines on arrival. Buy time for science to catch up before it spreads too far. Lol. POTUS JoeBiden said this was racist and xenophobic when Trump did it. Hypocrisy at its finest... Well, the West held out for money. Inequality strikes back at the West, again! The scientists warned Western leaders of the hazards of their selfishness and greed with the formula for making the mRNA vaccine and refusal to share vaccine.

They should have made them look like guns. People are stressed… let the bongs be free! Why? I mean, come on, its a water pipe. Given what’s going on in DC we’re going to need more bongs It’s 2021 people. 2021! How is marijuana still an issue? I smell it everywhere. Young people, old people. Legalize, and tax it already.

So they can stop bongs but not Mexicans? Boy they have nothing better to do than confiscate bongs? Wow! Since when is it illegal to own one? 🤣🤣🤣 Child, please. I thought they were called water pipes?

Fauci says U.S. in 'active communication' with South African scientists about Covid variantLmao judging by the comments, nobody gives a fuc I would be too since the vaccines are proving to be ineffective... Why wouldn’t they shut down flights now? As data comes in we can reopen if warranted

Why tf is this making news OMG Not Bongs!!😱 This is where your hard earned Money is going people intercepting bongs, aren't you happy you're law enforcement agencies are hard at work protecting the population from bongs instead of rapists, murderers, terrorist's, human trafficking and fentanyl. USA Why? They have nothing better to do?

Supply chain issues not affecting them….CBP another story. For themselves. Just sayin 😏 Somebody's Christmas is ruined. 😂😂😂 Oooookay. Congrats 🤷 That country never ever cease to amaze me..Ffs Mattielisbon Why

‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas’ Director on Feuding Neighbors, Holiday Lights and the U.S. Political DivideSeven years ago, thousands of people descended upon Jeremy and Kristy Morris’ “Christmas House” in suburban Idaho, where holiday lights, a camel and a 35-member choir singing carols beckoned festiv… Absolutely shocked by this. This guys has the traits of a narcissistic sociopath in my opinion. Rather than putting Christmas lights he should use the money for some serious therapy.

Good to know our nation has Top Flight Security. Wtf. Now my kids won’t have anything to get for me for Christmas Buy local Such bullshit. They still import booze and that's a drug. Booooooo fucking feds Definitely not something to be proud of. Sounds like an illegal seizure to me I need some context. Is that a lot of bongs? How many bongs are usually confiscated?

no cheap pipes from China!! lol Oh for heaven's sake!

US to restrict travel from South Africa, 7 other nations amid new COVID variantThe new strain, classified by the WHO as a 'variant of concern,' is blamed for a surge of cases in South Africa and has sparked fears over its high number of mutations.

Fun haters Uh those are multi-function vases What on earth? My grandma saw mine and thought it was a flower vase. Perhaps they can be repurposed! So? How is this news..? nah, they be cleared once the shippers pay the import tax! Water pipes aren't illegal but ok

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