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US carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) — A Kansas woman was executed Wednesday for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly seven decades that the...

1/13/2021 9:47:00 AM

BREAKING: The U.S. government has carried out its first execution of a female inmate in 67 years. Lisa Montgomery, a Kansas woman, was put to death by lethal injection for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb.

TERRE HAUTE , Ind. (AP) — A Kansas woman was executed Wednesday for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly seven decades that the...

“I don’t believe she has any rational comprehension of what’s going on at all,” Henry said.Montgomery has done needle-point in prison, making gloves, hats and other knitted items as gifts for her lawyers and others, Henry said. She hasn’t been able to continue that hobby or read since her glasses were taken away from her out of concern she could commit suicide.

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“All of her coping mechanisms were taken away from her when they locked her down” in October when she was informed she had an execution date, Henry said.ADVERTISEMENTMontgomery’s legal team says she suffered “sexual torture,” including gang rapes, as a child, permanently scarring her emotionally and exacerbating mental-health issues that ran in her family.

At trial, prosecutors accused Montgomery of faking mental illness, noting that her killing of Stinnett was premeditated and included meticulous planning, including online research on how to perform a C-section.Henry balked at that idea, citing extensive testing and brain scans that supported the diagnosis of mental illness.

“You can’t fake brain scans that show the brain damage,” she said.Henry said the issue at the core of the legal arguments are not whether she knew the killing was wrong in 2004 but whether she fully grasps why she is slated to be executed now.In his ruling on a stay, U.S. District Judge James Patrick Hanlon in Terre Haute cited defense experts who alleged Montgomery suffered from depression, borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Montgomery, the judge wrote, also suffered around the time of the killing from an extremely rare condition called pseudocyesis in which a woman’s false belief she is pregnant triggers hormonal and physical changes as if she were actually pregnant.Montgomery also experiences delusions and hallucinations, believing God spoke with her through connect-the-dot puzzles, the judge said, citing defense experts.

“The record before the Court contains ample evidence that Ms. Montgomery’s current mental state is so divorced from reality that she cannot rationally understand the government’s rationale for her execution,” the judge’ said.The government has acknowledged Montgomery’s mental issues but disputes that she can’t comprehend that she is scheduled for execution for killing another person because of them.

Details of the crime at times left jurors in tears during her trial.Prosecutors told the jury Montgomery drove about 170 miles (274 kilometers) from her Melvern, Kansas, farmhouse to the northwest Missouri town of Skidmore under the guise of adopting a rat terrier puppy from Stinnett. She strangled Stinnett performing a crude cesarean and fleeing with the baby.

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Prosecutors said Stinnett regained consciousness and tried to defend herself as Montgomery cut the baby girl from her womb. Later that day, Montgomery called her husband to pick her up in the parking lot of a Long John Silver’s in Topeka, Kansas, telling him she had delivered the baby earlier in the day at a nearby birthing center.

Montgomery was arrested the next day after showing off the premature infant, Victoria Jo, who is now 16 years old and hasn’t spoken publicly about the tragedy.Prosecutors said the motive was that Montgomery’s ex-husband knew she had undergone a tubal ligation that made her sterile and planned to reveal she was lying about being pregnant in an effort to get custody of two of their four children. Needing a baby before a fast-approaching court date, Montgomery turned her focus on Stinnett, whom she had met at dog shows.

Anti-death penalty groups said Trump was pushing for executions prior to the November election in a cynical bid to burnish a reputation as a law-and-order leader.The last woman executed by the federal government was Bonnie Brown Heady on Dec. 18, 1953, for the kidnapping and murder of a 6-year-old boy in Missouri.

The last woman executed by a state was Kelly Gissendaner, 47, on Sept. 30, 2015, in Georgia. She was convicted of murder in the 1997 slaying of her husband after she conspired with her lover, who stabbed Douglas Gissendaner to death.___Hollingsworth reported from Kansas. Associated Press writer Michael Balsamo in Washington contributed to this report.

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Good Twitter users when a woman finally gets punishment after killing someone in a incredibly inhuman way The amount of women trying to defend her because she's a woman is sickening. Her crime is unforgivable and nothing less would be a just punishment. One of the most heinous crimes ever . She doesn't deserve to live among humans.

Good for her Exactly as it should be I'm so happy for the feminist movement now equality Good. She's done. Goodnight Real question: how is she the first woman to be put to death in 67 years if Aileen wuornos was executed in 2002 More right wing sadism. They are such law and order when it's someone else, but want a pass when it comes to them. Being such hardliners they should be glad to accept their punishment.

DanDaThimbleMan elroca209 nanaguilar1521 delhimail4 It’s ok to disagree with this but think about what if it was your Mother sister wife? Bye Felicia Why on earth is there all this talk about the woman being pregnant? Well over half the nation has decided that’s not a life. The hypocrisy has no bounds. That’s murder and dismemberment. Stop leaning on the TRUTH for “likes” & not law, education, and humanity.

Abolish the death penalty!!! Missouri. Why do I live here? And her death did nothing to bring back the dead or deter any future murders. Great job, USA. This is why I no longer trust what I read on the news. I don’t think they even research anymore. They say the first female inmate put to death and 67 years, which is wrong. Teresa Lewis was put to death in 2010.

Read this story and tell me she deserved to live. Now imagine she was a man with the same sentence. Would most in the replies be saying the same thing, that she deserved to be spared because of her 'mental illness'? Some people deserve death for their crimes, male or female. Smoking that lisa pack 🚬 I know this isn’t the point, but Aileen Wornous was executed in 2002. Is it because those were Florida state charges and not federal? I think I may have answered my own query.

I wish I could view the world in such black and white right and wrong terms but I can’t . Things are generally a lot more complex . Funny how people are defending her. Wow. Good riddance. Shouldnt be cutting babies outta peoples stomachs While it is very sad the abuse she suffered in her childhood it is not doing anyone good, including her, to keep her alive and locked up. There is no curing her mental illness and she is a danger to society.

Another sick human gone off this earth never to hurt another human again as it should be ! Good Oh... Darn.... Generally, I’m against the death penalty, but I can’t get worked up that this woman was put down. The SCOTUS is now as guilty as Donald Trump of murder. Is this truly who we are? The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for by the biggest fake American Oligarchy in history. When we execute mentally ill people, we are the MURDERER! Lisa Montgomery's blood stains SCOTUS.

I think I saw this story on deadlywomentv DeadlyWomen So anyway what's everyone's favorite chicken wing? Flats or drums? Awesome burninhellLisaMontgomery Une honte, mais comment cette administration peut-elle poursuivre son œuvre abjecte après les événements du Capitole ? Listen, I'm a leftist, I believe in medicare for all, I'm pro-choice, I support canceling the student debt, etc. Should this woman have been executed? Absolutely. She committed an actual atrocity.

I remember this. Seems like a million years ago. Bananarepublic That news brought a smile to my face this morning, thankfully the criminal's right did not outweigh the rights of the victims. How can people say this isn’t deserved? If it was a man who murdered a pregnant lady and it was under any other administration nobody would care about the execution.

Sounds justified. Anyone one who kills a pregnant lady and cuts out the baby deserves to be put to death regardless of their past. And there’s an issue here why? There are allot of people who have worse childhoods that don't do what this woman did, but she should've served life in prison without possibility of parole.

Equality Is the murderer ok? Her life was horrific but so too were her crimes. Lots of people have horrific lives but not many would do to this extreme evil to a young woman. If she was a man, would people still be against her execution? No sympathy for this evil woman Can't fix psycho. fuck her..bye Good.

She got what she deserved Burn in hell bit*h Didn't they execute Eileen Wuornos in the early 2000's? How does that one not count? The US government is guilty of the murder of a psychiatric patient today. Lisa Montgomery should have received proper forensic psychiatric treatment, instead of being murdered as revenge by a primitive, barbaric, cruel and vindictive system.

17 women have been executed in the US since 1976, why does it say she’s the first in 67 years? Remember this is a 'pro life' group. Hj nhj.j j NH jjj . , , . BBK MN . ..., .x cz. Z .. .. mm. M n n nnn nn . M mh c. ,nn. . . Z M.. ... . N.n. .. . .. , ... . M . , MN M ñ NM nn ñ mmmmm j n ñn mNMlm, M ñ., nn mh nn n nn

This was a horrific crime but the death sentence is barbaric, and cruel punishment. Failure in our justice systems is still all too common. She was mentally ill. Both Bobbie and Lisa deserved better. Most mass murders are mentally ill, doesn’t give them the right to take a life. If some poor abused sociopath plotted, planned & killed my pregnant daughter & grandchild, I’d have no mercy. None.

But women totally have an equal time facing sentencing and punishment in the US court system. In particular the white ones, American women are the most privileged and protected humans in history. LyndaFrench19 Sounds more likely she was insane. Absolute disgrace and I believe I death sentence for some crimes.

You know, there are some crimes that have no suitable punishment in our system of justice. This is one of them. So clear cut. No room for getting it wrong. I'm happy with this. The AP doing their best effort as an integral part of the fascist state to justify the execution of a woman for the first time in 70 years.

I can't believe how many of you sympathize with this monster, let it be your next of kin that is murdered and butchered like her victim was, Bobbie Jo even woke up while this waste of air was cutting her baby out of her body, and here you all are makinig excuses for her. My issue is that is was arbitrary.. at the end of the Trump term, his justice department went out of their way to suddenly execute people on death row for years, because they knew Biden would likely halt of slow down these executions.. they did it to say they did.

No one won with regards to this execution, Trump pardons are not for the mentally ill, his pardons are for the extremely rich or his loyalist. What do you expect? tRump only has a few more days in office to kick up the death count. Covid. Execution. It's all the same to him. This was a woman with a brain injury and mental illness. Are we heartless?

Pro life strikes again. Wtf? I thought it got postponed until after Biden took office? Trump just loves to kill people. That is not true, not 67 years. Aileen Wuornos was put to death in 2002. You mean first in 19 years. And the blood-gods of MAGA are satiated once more... ...until the hunger returns. What happened to Lisa as a child is horrifying and no one would come out of that sane but at least we can say she's at peace now.

Can't say I'm upset. & I'd like to know why the other 2 executions are stayed, esp. given their nature. Anybody? There'd be less compassion if she had a penis. Lettttsss gooooooooo 'She was the 11th prisoner to receive a lethal injection there since July when President Donald Trump, an ardent supporter of capital punishment, resumed federal executions following 17 years without one.'

Horror upon horror. More for Trump's legacy. Shameful. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only a person with psychopathy would commit such a heinous act. It's not right to take someone's life for an illness that they can't fix. We must abolish the death penalty, release minor offenders, and incarcerate these inmates for life.

Was Aileen Wuornos not a federal case? She was put to death in 2002. ImaWakin Dislike. Good. Sad! Nah! She’s didn’t suffer from any mental illness when she committed her crime. She premeditated it and carried it out meticulously. But was mentally ill Every single justice on that court is some type of Christian. Every single one uses a bible where one of their Ten Commandments, the most basic rules of their religion, says ThouShallNotKill and there is NO text after it for conditions. Hypocrites in every sense of the word

okay i fr thought this was halted She cut off a baby from the womb and let the mother die bleed to death. I am more thinking of that poor mother, Bobbie Jo Stinnett. TimInHonolulu I imagine Trump asked to watch. MurderousVoyeurTrump Trump says ' We kill the mentally ill , problem solved'. Didn’t they execute Aileen Wuornos in 2002?

😪💔 'Bye Felicia' 👋 Humanity’s ideas about justice have never evolved. It stayed behind. We still believe that death can be exchanged for life even after it’s gone—nothing returns. Destiny She committed a heinous, unforgivable crime. But her execution is one more thing that's dragging us backwards instead of onward and upward.

This was a horrific crime but this woman had a horrific life.Not making excuses but if we can’t commute sentences of the mentally ill, what kind of country are we? The case is closed. Two people died, the victim and the wrongdoer. Two husbands lost their wives. A girl survived without a mother. Some people feel sad. Many people feel a pity. Murder never stops. But the debate over execution as some form of punishment goes on.

The death penalty is immoral. No whataboutisms. This is a true American Horror Story. One loss of life doesn’t mitigate another. AbolishTheDeathPenalty What a shitty face The United States is barbaric. I'm actually anti-death penalty, but holy crap! And I'm against it because I want these psychos to rot in jail UNTIL their death. Killing them now gives them an early out. Make life sentences actual death sentences in slow motion.

Trump is only doing this because Biden is against the death penalty. Good riddance. Rip may ur soul rest in peace should have done the same for her Without defending the indefensible, or questioning guilt. Without denying the justice, or failing to support to the hilt. I question why now. I question why rush. I question the need. I question blood lust.

hughriminton This was a horrendous crime by any means but you do realise it was committed in 2004 right?So Trump, as a final move in his Presidency, actually gets to oversee the killing of a woman in an apparent sho of strength granted to him by a flawed justice system He's no doubt ecstatic. What a sad story, nobody wins, how someone could do this is unconscionable. Its not politically correct to say, but she deserves it. Pure evil

TimInHonolulu That’s shameful and sad. Her life story was absolutely harrowing. What she did was no less harrowing, but she didn’t deserve to die. I thought they had granted a stay on her execution. What happened? The USA NEEDS better mental health resources. Execution is not the answer. And not a single thing was made right by this

This woman was mentally ill & brain damaged from abuse as a child. She has a low IQ. She was kept in a room & repeatedly raped by her stepfather & his friends. Even peed on. Her mother physically abused her. Kept in a room for that purpose. She deserved mercy. There’s been so much death lately. I don’t know how I can, as a citizen, agree with our government taking the life of someone who did something awful (incomprehensibly horrific), but who was also no longer an immediate threat to anybody. We should aim to make fewer monsters.

Yes, they gave her the two dose covid19 vaccine. My gosh I remember this news before she deserves it What about Aileen Wuronos...I thought she was executed in Florida in 2002? TimInHonolulu i thought a judge granted a stay of execution? How long did the state have to wait before offing the monster? A life for a life.

TimInHonolulu She was clearly mentally ill an should not have been executed. Actually, she should been in a mental health facility. They should have let the family of the woman she murdered kill her. Mental problems or not, if you do something like what she did, you shouldn’t be alive. It’s sad, but what’s the point of her living in jail till she dies? I’d rather be dead.

It had to be done after what she did. I’m not even waisting a tweet on this loser ..... Barbaric. This is horrifying and it makes me feel sick. American carnage it was done then i don’t even know what to say so i’ll say nothing not involved They actually went through with it. She committed an awful crime but she was obviously not mentally well.