Syria Air Strikes: Us Carries Out Strikes İn Targeting Iranian Backed Militia Structures - Cnnpolit

Syria Air Strikes: Us Carries Out Strikes İn Targeting Iranian Backed Militia Structures - Cnnpolit

US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militia structures

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2/26/2021 3:39:00 AM

The US military has carried out air strikes in Syria targeting an Iranian-backed militia site, the first known military action under Biden

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Waiting for one in Uganda. Museveni must be stopped What a waste of American money ! The money that was spent for this air strike could’ve helped thousands of Americans to fulfill their desperate daily needs! CNN loves when people die . But WHY?!! Inclusive and diverse air strikes for a modern world. Bombing already? Damn man. No more wars please. Bring our people home

Now all the trumpers who were for war wanna be like see hypocrites shut up and sit down bidenIsYourPresidentDealWithIt the stimmy money is coming, it just passed the house. Oh wait, that’s right you guys can’t read redStatesRankLastInEducation الأمريكان ، أنزل السكاكينلا تقتل المسلمين بعد الآن In Myanmar...

Got to go after that 🛢️ again now that he is cutting us off at the knees Cho em muon, mot bo vai du rong de tua vao,chi can bay nhieu thoi cung du de trai tim am ap. I remember when Donald Trump did this the very first time in his first year and everyone was out raged by it I’m very confused how this year’s been done because everyone seems to be happy by it. I now understand how the media and Hollywood and the hypocrite liberals do it now

More done for American security than four years of trump. I'm disappointed to hear about the air strikes on Syria! I had hope that Mr Biden's administration wouldn't follow the same blueprint, as previous maverick presidents! Well, I guess it's just an initiation show of strength by the new defence chief Mr Austin, business as usual?

At least he is making America great again Is this about the perversion of the ancient mystic of saffron w/ diseases from a few Americans selling, here?--have you heard? Taking over middle eastern owned companies, here,&changing saffron, a labor of love, a disease carrier instead of the healer God intended saffron to be?

He thought he was pushing the button to order ice cream instead. But the mad dog was Trump... Upon election, US presidents have national duty to bomb other countries. Their subjects like it. Biden killer So the carpet bombing of the middle east from the obama administration resumes, and they said Donald was a warmonger

The president everyone wanted, am I right? CNN 🤮🤮🤮🤮 JoeBiden killer. I was told Trump was going to start wars left and right.. 1 month in and here we go Well I think Joe is trying to show us he is a tuff boy. Go for it Joe keep them Iranians on their toes. In fact it's time to take out their nuclear sites. No more cat and mouse games.

Nobody should be surprised by what Biden did here. He loves to bomb and kill people in the middle east. Nothing new. Người ăn đc những món mình nấu ^^ What the actual fuck people? POTUS War monger! Just like his daddy obuma AND killing Syrians ... great job of reporting that CNN Could problems be due to poverty? Syrians have not enough food,unsafe drinking water and inadequate shelter? Do you suppose the only reason for Iran backing might be income to get some of those things? I don’t not understand the purpose of bombing people who live in rubble.

30 days in Một người bạn có thể nói chuyện cùng ^^ 'The way he bombs is different ...' 'It is a bomber of love and equality'. 'The bombs were made of flowers and books'. 'Kamala Harris: the first black woman to bomb the Middle East on behalf of minorities'p Not not Trump the mr. of War? Thank goodness we have Biden! He is 'PRESIDENTIAL!'

Biden is a stellar example of a CIC (Commander in Chief)! Welcome to Obama's third term. War monger liberal pos Ahhh but Trump.. Clowns Thanks Biden! 😍 Don’t mess with the U.S. there’s a better sheriff in town. 🇺🇸 It’s all Trumps fault DonaldTrump bomb an airfield billions dollars bomb un running the next day !

Not even 100 days in Office. Thank you for who ever voted for Biden. Dems must love wars. And hate American people A leopard will never change its spots. The bombing nation, United States of America. kaitlancollins Not that I am a fan of any war or have honestly followed the situation there lately. At least he isn’t creating war within like Trump did his entire 1 term!

Muốn kết bạn với mọi người nhưng lại sợ làm quen ... what ever happened to covert ops? Ah yes, Biden paying back his donors. 37 days, just 37 days!!!! I can't believe it! ChinaJoe like a 'good democrat' likes bombing and sniffing. kaitlancollins Plus ca change.... I guarantee if Trump did this people would be throwing a tantrum but since its Biden its perfectly ok. hypocrites

Warmongering is ok if the endless bombs were dropped by a female pilot. What A proud moment right😌 another honorable man on the path of the previous ones.. APCNigeria Back to war! Carrying on where Trump left off 🤔 Yes we know, US has bombs Saturday, Biden had memorial service for 1/2 dead, now sends in his dogs to kill more people, then on Sunday, he will be at the church asking the priest 'Father I have sinned, forgive ...' But cannot stand firm on China, otherwise Wal-Mart will be empty.

Other then WAR he has NOTHING to offer the american people. biden=war Lol , Biden the bride of liberals. Badasses 🔥🇮🇷🔥 🇷🇺🔥🇨🇳🔥 •••••• Genocidas. I knew this would happen. democrats have a love for bombing middle eastern countries. like I said,the only reason ya'll hated Trump was because he terrorized Americans in the same way other American presidents terrorized the middle east.

Imagine the shrieks of OUTRAGE in Biden dared attack Baby Gassing Bashar sitting in the semi ruins of Damascus? Es hora de invertir en fabricantes de armamentos ⁉️ Excellent Just depose Assad and be done with it. US must support the coalition against the butcher of Aleppo Es un peligro que este pederasta demente tenga ascenso a las armas nucleares

Biden, always Biden🙄🙄🙄All Americans will remember Trump as best president ever Ostrov_A Nobel.. (ironic) Are they the wrong type of Muslims Joe has killed ? WWIII? More 👏🏽 Trans 👏🏽 POC 👏🏽 strike 👏🏽 drone 👏🏽 pilots Did sleepy Joe even know what he was signing and they had the cheek to say Trump was dangerous?

Under Hitler Biden. This is what CNN was hoping for now trump is gone. WAR coverage 24/7 coming soon The democratic war mongers. ISIS personal air force Joe Biden Evil is back BIDEN has only waited 35 days to bomb someone, it is a magnificent record. biết chiều bạn Biden ❤️ Asian Pivot; Asian Pivot; Asian Pivot. Enough of the Middle Eastern Wars!

The peaceful democrats Just when we thought...just when we thought. This is another attempted robbery to steal the peace, natural and Human Resources of another weaker nation. American Idiot. war will not solve the problem That is a good sign from Mr Biden There he Starts Cruel blood thirsty Burma military needs urgent surprise air strikes too. Pls do it quick

Can you say, Defense Department stenography? What in the homeland is this ? America is back 2 month as a president and he is starting another war .. trump was better than this old fella according Newtones third law, every action has a reaction. accordingly usa must wait for attacking by groupes that targeted them also Groupes have attacked US whom USA killed their popular commander in iraq.

Please let WW3 happen Usa democracy hah.. What is it with democrats and killing people in the Middle East, they just can’t help themselves Congratulations to BLM and other pacifist. Congratulations USA, you are already murderers again. Just in time, bombs from democrats. Make sure an even amount of black and white people are dropping the bombs, so kyrie Irving doesn’t get upset. Thanks

When is someone going to tell, Joe and Kamala what has just happened...Interesting, if your in control, you must take responsibility for 'your governments ' actions. Well, you can immediately see the style of American democracy - missile strikes on Syria under a plausible pretext at the behest from Tel Aviv!

MehreenNaqsh We miss you already DonaldJTrumpJr POTUS45 Your move Joe I'll bet 💵💵 Biden didn't know about it. Lol fakeprez How many civilian lives were lost? TLopezDeArias A taste of Biden - tasting much sweeter than Trump.. Bloody anointing - now regular POTUS.. No big deal. 🙄🥴 You are the most ruthless and dangerous people on earth... A country in love with war and crimes against humanity....but tell us again about the bad China and Russia

Picture all the MAGAts who are complaining right now about Joe Biden being a 'warmonger' if the headline was, instead 'Biden chooses not to act as Iran bombs our bases and assets in Iraq.' They'd be pitching a fit over him being a weak leader. MAGAts are trash. No Trump? The Democratic Party of the Anti-Human Crime Group is planning a terrorist attack again

Trump hizo cero ataques... Shock. Less than 2 month. POTUS ...and the trifling begins. The US always feels thirsty when they dont get their fill of human blood through senseless premeditated indiscriminate killing. Why do you think they make all those WMD & can't keep their military st home. It's a Guiness?

asesinos When will Americans realize that no matter who you vote it doesn’t change a shit And they say trump is evil. Wow it’s not even 3 months and they couldn’t wait to strike another nation. That's the deep state, the lobby-controlled entities with endless funds that require their favors back, including massive purchases of things the US should not need to kill people around the globe. To think some of the people voting for this think themselves as revolutionaries..

U.S military, please come and take military action in Myanmar right away if possible. And gas goes to 4.00 per gallon. Thank you Democrats for fucking us. I hope you are happy with your new administration The guy is a foot in the grave he's old and nothing to lose, Obama spoon feeds him pablem. Like wtf? He doesn't care what happens to the U.S

And people still asks why Trump should win the 2021 Nobel peace price? “This is gonna distract them from all that kids in cages mumbo jumbo” -Joe Biden I hope he knows I’m not going to war for this goof Joe Biden claims he wants to end wars in the Middle East. But puts people in his cabinet who have a vested interest in extending war. Like defense secretary Lloyd Austin who currently sits on Raytheon’s Board of directors.

No stopping this warmongering state terrorist regime... Biden is two-prong. He is a relic of the cold war era He’s trying to start a war. C'mon Man, can we fight on the right side for a change? stillpayne you called it The warmonger Biden Nigga leave them mfs alone Wo, how is that? Wasnt biden a peaceful sensible man?


kaitlancollins Man!! Mong muốn kết bạn với mọi người, mọi lứa tuổi để trò chuyện những khi buồn. 5 weeks. Enough said. gfrias hdp belicosos. All of a sudden Gaga dogs don’t seem that important ... Biden Money for wars Cant feed the poor Death before Stimulus DiegoRuzzarin Of course; it took him 2 months?

Tìm bạn lớn tuổi hơn để tâm sự những vui buồn trong cuộc sống (đã ly hôn) Dems love war Một người lớn hơn or nhỏ hơn cũng ksao. Thật ra cũng muốn tìm một người 7-8điểm về mọi thứ để tìm hiểu, mqh nghiêm túc. Thích một người hướng nội, có chiều sâu và nghiêm túc The decadent, immoral and drug-addicted empire is back to its old ways: cowardly and with impunity attacking and occupying a weak country with which it is not at war and stealing its oil, in flagrant violation of international law Why doesn't it do the same with China or Russia?

But, was Trump the one that would cause WWIII, right? I hope all of you Idiots that voted for Biden enjoy paying higher gas prices. Cause that is what’s going to happen. 🙄 Didn’t take sleepy Joe to get the war machine running hard again. Fuck sakes. For 20 years a we have been doing this shit and for what. We accomplished our mission years ago. I’m over it. We have enough of our own problems here.

That should piss off the Russians nicely. It’s okay, Biden’s bombs are ❤️🏳️‍🌈✊🏿✌🏼🌍 Why does every US president need to use military force on some other weak countries. Biden keep emphasizing human rights, yet he has not done much to help the refugees due to US military 'interventions' in syria, iraq, afgham, yemen, n other places. Might does not mean right.

I hope our soldiers stayed safe it's time we withdraw our troops and send them home enough is enough Unreal! 36 days in office and already? The man of peace? You can't be serious? “you get what you fucking deserve.” All military personnel from Lieutenant on down all need raises Yet, Biden has no idea they occurred.

I'll bet Biden doesn't even know we did that ,he Barley knows his name,why do you think they want to take the nuke codes from him ,wake up Americans this is for real! So basically President Trump was CORRECT in Killing the Iranian General in a air strike, the same one DemoRats condemned, but because Joe Racist Biden did it too it’s all ok.

Start a war ✅ I thought he was sleepy Joe though morons 🤣 ORAngE mAn bAD Yeah baby. Spread the love Joe. Whats the matter. Didn't they except your gender neutral status. So you blew their balls off? Maybe they had vaginas “Build Back Better”. All you cry babies Trump did more against the United States then he do it. Remember he saying he was a war time president with the virus guess what he loss. Look how many died while he crying about the election.

All over again Why Biden didn’t strike back in Iraq.!!! Is this a sort of an agreed place for retaliation show?!!! A week ago: 'he's not going to do anything! He makes us look weak!?!' Now: 'omg endless wars!' 😂😂 billburr War monger puppet. Bound to happen because if the lax position of Trump Is President Biden going to speak tonight

kaitlancollins Emma Watson’s retiring?!!!! 😳 Wtf TheDEWLine Ah, the peace and reconciliation party. The neo-leberal hawks are back baby! Lets get that cash flowing! US military=the biggest Terrorizers Did he remember he OK’d it The rainbow people don't know what to tweet about this. Foreign politics is out of their league🤡

Wtf...?..why..?..did Syria do something today..?..NO..!..We Americans need to quit that sh*t...there goes any peace plan for the future..I like you Biden but you're pissing me off...🤬 good to have America back now take out all irans nuke sites Fuck this Well that didn’t take long 4 years with Trump. Cero wars

That was fast well, well, well Who could imagine, yep? kkkkkkkkkk Surprise Let’s go 🤔 A good military strike will be nice in Nigeria, blow Boko Haram up💥💥💥 PS. Don't tell the Army your coming POTUS