Unvaccinated Italians face new restrictions as holidays near | AP News

Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people as the holidays draw near. It is excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums to control the spread of coronavirus and encourage vaccine skeptics to get their shots.

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12/6/2021 12:22:00 PM

Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people as the holidays draw near. It is excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums to control the spread of coronavirus and encourage vaccine skeptics to get their shots.

MILAN (AP) — Italy is making life more uncomfortable for unvaccinated people as the holidays draw near, excluding them from indoor restaurants, theaters and museums to reduce the spread of coronavirus and encourage vaccine skeptics to get their shots.

The number of new COVID-19 infections in Italy has been on a gradual rise for the past six weeks, even before concerns arose about the new omicron variant. That’s a worrying trend as Italians plan holiday parties and getaways to spend time with friends and family. Christmas travel and holiday gatherings were strictly limited last year due to a steeper rise in contagion.

ADVERTISEMENTWhile both Germany and Austria are moving toward making vaccines obligatory, Italy is instead tightening restrictions on the unvaccinated at the most convivial time of the year — while allowing those who are vaccinated go about life more or less as usual.

Italy’s vaccination rate is higher than many of its neighbors, at 85% of the eligible population aged 12 and older and 77% of the total population. But people in their 30s, 40s and 50s have proved the most reluctant to get vaccinated, with nearly 3.5 million still not having received their first doses. headtopics.com

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They are also the same age group that is now being hardest hit by the virus, according to Silvio Brusaferro, head of Italy’s National Health Institute.Also starting Monday, people must have a health pass to access local public transportation and stay in hotels — that can be acquired also with a negative recent test. In Milan, the prefect said health passes will be checked before people are allowed onto the subway or buses.

With the holiday shopping season heating up, many cities including Rome and Milan have ordered mask mandates even outdoors.Public health officials say vaccinations, along with prudent public behavior including wearing masks in crowds, are key to reducing infection levels as winter weather pushes more activities indoors. They credit Italy’s relatively high level of immunization as one reason that the infection curve is not as steep as last winter, when broad restrictions were imposed with the spread of the delta variant.

“It is clear that after two years of the pandemic, we cannot easily close schools to physical classes and shut down economic activity,″ said Gianni Rezza, the health ministry’s director of prevention.”Therefore, you can try to keep the virus spread down with measures that are sustainable, and with proper use of the health pass. Then the big bet is on the vaccinations,” he said.

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🍀Good! They're making themselves uncomfortable This is wrong. RIP FASCIST ITALY Italy slipped into totalitarianism easily in the early 1900s. Fear is the common denominator. Mousollini was 'strong' so he was elected to tackle problems. They've elected 'strong' measures out of fear, simultaneously pissing away individual rights.

Nice 'encourage 'vaccine' skeptics to get their shots' Oh really,....encourage Lol Sounds and looks like bullying, harassment & intimidation, tbh Encouraging More like FORCING What say the Italian citizenry? Care to report on the mass protests? This is just on the verge of acceptable because ppl can still show a negative test

Welcome to Nazi times. The 'unvaccinated' are the new Jews. This is not very nice.

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Healthy unvaccinated people are not spreading the virus, you must think we are stupid, it's so obvious you just want to jab as many people as possible. Just admit it. Encouraging? I think you mean COERCING.... Rational people don't support medical segregation, especially from an overhyped virus. Those in power who force medical procedures on others have never been the good guys. Pick up a history book. Educate yourselves.

I don't think the word is encourage it's forcing people to get the shot It's about the green passport Good do it The government of Manitoba Canada has tortured unvaxxed like this since October 😍 Bravo 🇮🇹 *Italy is making life more unlivable for unvaccinated people* Fixed that for you

Indonesia's Semeru volcano erupts, spews huge ash cloud | AP NewsThe highest volcano on Indonesia’s most densely populated island of Java has spewed thick columns of ash high into the sky, triggering panic among people living nearby. There have been no immediate reports of casualties. More volcanoes going off than ever before. Wellthatsjustwonderful fortheenvironment. Call Greta. good for lowering global temperatures

unvaccinated people are making life more uncomfortable for everyone else Where are all the Human Rights advocates now? Good Vaccination should be mandatory...too much freedom can take the lives of many... Well,I mean they are saving money by not spending it at any of those places. Anti vaxxers should be excluded fron public society

Dear America: Spent mid Sept-October in Rome, everyone accepted my NY State Excelsior Pass & everyone was masked indoors. Quite civilized. Any American who crossed my path was vaxxed before entry & tested before their flight. morgfair As it should be. Thank God, someone has the bxlls do so. We had to turn our flight around to escort a guy with no bags get off the plan because he would not wear a mask. I thinks this is on purpose - NO BAGS? Maybe the same fake crisis is going on with the trucking crisis.

Twitter has changed how I have come to see the common man This comment section is voiced by ppl happy to make the noncompliers second class citizens They would all turn in Anne Frank and boast on social media about doing it michaelmalice

Hong Kong's new Catholic bishop hopes to foster healing | AP NewsHONG KONG (AP) — The new head of Hong Kong's Catholic diocese expressed hope Saturday that he could foster healing in a congregation and a city divided by the continuing fallout from massive anti-government protests in 2019. May God be with him. Working to FOSTER HEALING? Love the sound of that.

GOOD FOR ITALIA!!! Nazi Germany type shit Separating people from society must be a good thing. I love how governments should tell people what to do. Government should tell us how we should move around, and think as well. Good. The minority shouldn’t dictate to the majority. Every country should being pressure on the unvaccinated. This won't end until we vaccinate everybody.

OldManZack Uncomfortable? Good. If you choose not to have the vax then you shouldn’t be allowed in places where ppl who’ve done the right thing are Great..let's do that here..treat them as the lepers they are Needs to be repeated in the US. IsolateTheUnvaccinated

Police: Pakistan detains scores in lynching of Sri Lankan | AP NewsLAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Police arrested 13 suspects and detained dozens of others in the lynching of a Sri Lankan employee at a sports equipment factory in eastern Pakistan, officials said Saturday. Whatever the reason, this atrocity is so against humanity. But will they prosecute or let the attention die down? There was a police officer standing around impartially in one clip. Pakistan will punish them but in other nation those are living free under the umbrella of govt

mijomojo1 Never been to Italy. Now seriously considering going. As I will with other countries who have mask mandates. Guess it’s time to revive all those concentration camps. MalcolmNance Good for them. Freedom has its costs and potentially spreading a virus because you do not want to get a vaccine should be one of them!

Ah Italy.... La dolce Vita. Wonderful country, wonderful people. That's how you do it. Wow. More opinion from AP. 'uncomfortable to anti-vaxx', a biased statement of opinion, could be 'safer for the general population', an actual statement of fact. Explain me how a vaccinated helps to control the spread and the unvaccinated doesn't So according to you a vaccinated can't carry the virus?

Stay unvaccinated and just do what you got to do and eventually they will figure it out it's the vaccinated that's causing the issue... it's beginning to be exposed just a little bit of time eventually everybody will see.. ..🏆🇮🇹🤗 This is becoming a global butcher job. What is wrong with the insanely out of touch people that think they run the civilizations on the planet. Nothing of the last 200 years is sustainable

Israel urges hard line against Iran at nuclear talks | AP NewsTEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday urged world powers to take a hard line against Iran in negotiations aimed at reviving an international nuclear deal, as his top defense and intelligence officials headed to Washington to discuss the flailing talks. Just bomb them They have nukes...not our problem I’d rather they take a hardline against Israel; such a despicable regime.

Need to exclude from stores as well, besides food and pharmacy. What is it about illegal aliens that makes them immune from spreading Covid? Surely the government wouldn’t allow hundreds of thousands of people across the border to disperse across the country without vaccines, unless they possessed some magical quality.

'encourage' lol Good for Italy! Make the unvaccinated feel like the pariahs they really are! Younot going to control the spread of the virus by vaccinating people. Most italians comply with rules and 75% are fully vaccinated. Novax are a vocal minority. This is great news!! There's a reason why viruses like polio & small pox aren't infecting our kids anymore.

Good! Maybe I'll go to Italy

Death toll rises to 13 in Indonesia volcano eruption | AP NewsLUMAJANG, Indonesia (AP) — The death toll following the eruption of the highest volcano on Indonesia’s most densely populated island of Java has risen to 13, with seven people still missing, officials said Sunday as smoldering debris and thick mud hampered search efforts. STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!!! END VOLCANIC ACTIVITY!!! War cad Insane Video Massive Mount Semeru eruption in Indonesia makes terrified locals flee

Good for Italy. School...U.S....Italy!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Vaccination is the best solution Good!!!!! From now on unvaccinated should use a yellow star on their coats... I have this faint memory where the AP Just delivered the news feed and not an opinion or an agenda or an bias or a 'political rub'. Guess I'm showing my age with out saying my age. hashtag

Exactly what every government should be doing. GOVERNADA POR UM PROGRESSISTA SEM CARÁTER. Is it about controlling the spread or ensuring everyone gets a needle?