'Unsolved Mysteries' Season 2: Everything We Know

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2: Everything We Know

8/1/2020 11:48:00 PM

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2: Everything We Know

Co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said six episodes are already completed for the next installment of Unsolved Mysteries.

Unsolved Mysteriescrew needs is the green light from Netflix, because they've got plenty of material for a second season. In fact, they might have too much:"I'm hoping we'll be chatting with Netflix about a season 2 but we haven't yet," she said."We already have some cases in mind if we do! We have a database of hundreds of stories that have come in through the years. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsolved mysteries out there that we wish we could get exposure to all of them. It's so gratifying when we're able to bring people closure and our wish it to do this for more of them. That's the dream."

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The staff on the show tries to"present balanced cases." That won't change.Meurer toldVarietythatthe show tries to feature balanced information. Even though the internet thinks Rob Endres murdered his wife, Patrice (episode 2,"13 Minutes"), Meurer pointed out that this isn't necessarily the conclusion the show presents.

"Its totally an unsolved mystery," she said. Jeremy Jones has not been ruled out as a suspect in this case, and neither has Gary Hilton. We really try and present balanced cases. As far as I'm concerned, Rob is innocent until proven guilty. We take everyone's interview at face value."

This comment gives us some insight into the types of stories the producers look for: Multiple points of view, people who will talk, and many moving parts. There's nothing simple about any of these cases, even if they appear so on the surface, and we can probably expect to see these kinds of complex stories going forward.

The series will likely remain host-less in season 2.Netflix has not confirmed a second season ofUnsolved Mysteries, but Meurer toldEntertainment Weeklythat out of respect for Stack, who died in 2003, the show will likely remain without a host."I think that we thought long and hard about this and it was a tough decision to make," she said,"At this point, we feel like the decision was the right one. There's nobody that could really replace Bob."

She added that a big goal of this series was to allow the interview subjects to tell their own stories and for their perspectives to remain front and center."With this decision, we're able to spend more time with the people in the stories developing them as characters so the audience can get to know them better," she said."This is something we were never able to do before in the original episodes. There's a lot of story content to cover and we never had enough time to spend with the characters in the stories."

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'Unsolved Mysteries' Season 2: Everything We KnowCo-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said six episodes are already completed for the next installment of Unsolved Mysteries.

'Unsolved Mysteries' Season 2: Everything We KnowCo-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said six episodes are already completed for the next installment of Unsolved Mysteries.

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