University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student apologizes for falsely claiming to be Black

The student has stepped down as a co-president of the school's graduate student union and a job as a teaching assistant.

9/18/2020 2:26:00 PM

CV Vitolo-Haddad resigned from a teaching position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after admitting to presenting as Black even though they are mostly of Italian ancestry.

The student has stepped down as a co-president of the school's graduate student union and a job as a teaching assistant.

."I am Southern Italian/Sicilian. In trying to make sense of my experiences with race, I grossly misstepped and placed myself in positions to be trusted on false premises," Vitolo-Haddad wrote. "I went along with however people saw me. I over-identified with unreliable and unproven family history and latched onto anything I remembered growing up."

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Vitolo-Haddad declined a Journal Sentinel interview request.The situation came to light in aMedium postby an anonymous"affiliate of the university" who accused Vitolo-Haddad of"race-shifting and copious lying."The post came one day after Jessica Krug — a white associate professor of history at George Washington University who also earned

— made national headlines after writing a blog post saying she had been pretending to be Black for years.Jessica Krug:Professor who pretended to be Black resigns from George Washington University"For years, I have doubted my intuition, questioned whether anyone would believe me, and rationalized that CV might, despite all of the inconsistencies in their story, somehow be telling the truth," the author of the post exposing Vitolo-Haddad wrote.

"Race, after all, is slippery and racialization is not just about what is immediately visible, a fact I now believe CV has taken advantage of as they slide themselves further into spaces of Black identity and political organizing that do not belong to them."

UW-Madison spokeswoman Meredith McGlone confirmed that Vitolo-Haddad, a student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is not currently a teaching assistant at the university."UW-Madison expects that people represent themselves authentically and accurately in all aspects of their academic work," McGlone said.

The graduate workers' union issued a statement condemning the cultural appropriation"in no uncertain terms.""The TAA enabled this harm by electing them to a position of power in our union: we have unknowingly rewarded the toxic opportunism of performing Blackness," the statement reads. "We intend to immediately begin the work of repairing this harm."

The union will host a town hall on race Monday to allow members to discuss the revelation and to determine how the group can move forward. Read more: USA TODAY »

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University of Wisconsin-Madison grad student admits pretending to be a person of colorA graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has resigned from a teaching position after admitting on social media that they falsely claimed to be a person of color. It's possible as a person of Sicilian heritage that she has more African DNA than a Black person descended from slaves in the US. But that's not the same thing as culture and racial identity. I thought being a person of color was a disadvantage in America. Why are all these people pretending to be a person of color? You notice they all gained from the lie? Why would you want that

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Another White Academic Has Admitted To Lying About Being BlackMere weeks after former George Washington University professor Jessica Krug was pressured into coming forward and admitting that she had been pretending to be Black for the entirety of her professional career, another white academic has been outed for lying about their racial identity. CV Vitolo-Haddad, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has resigned from a teaching position at the college after an anonymous Medium post led them to admit that they had lied about being a person of color.\n

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