University of Tennessee offers scholarship to boy bullied for homemade T-shirt

The University of Tennessee has offered a scholarship to the young boy whose T-shirt went viral.

9/12/2019 7:06:00 PM

NEW: University of Tennessee offers admission, 4-year scholarship to young fan who was bullied over his homemade T-shirt.

The University of Tennessee has offered a scholarship to the young boy whose T-shirt went viral.

"In recognition of the fourth-grader’s Volunteer spirit, the university has extended an offer of admission for him to join the Class of 2032," the university announced in a press release on Thursday."In addition, he has been awarded a four-year scholarship covering his tuition and fees beginning fall 2028 should he decide to attend UT and meet admission requirements."

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The university also said that officials have spoken with the boy’s mother several times and that she"has expressed gratitude to the university and said the family has been deeply touched by the overwhelming outpouring from people around the world."

The fourth grader's story that inspired the design of an official school T-shirt garnered national attention on Saturday went viral and prompted a positive discussion around anti-bullying.The unnamed Altamonte Springs, Florida, boy was bullied at lunch for wearing a homemade"U.T." shirt during college colors week. His teacher, Laura Snyder, shared his story on Facebook and word quickly got to the university.

The university credited its alumni, fans, and"honorary Volunteers" who stepped up in response to the young boy's story."More than 50,000 shirts featuring the boy’s design have been pre-sold by the VolShop," the school said."All proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go directly to the charity Stomp Out Bullying. The university will cover the cost of the scholarship separately. Orders will begin shipping later this month."

University of Tennessee chancellor, Donde Plowman, tweeted the news when the official campus store sold out of more than 16,000 T-shirts.So proud of VOL nation today. More than 16,000 t-shirts ordered by 3 pm today, crashing the website which is back up. Giant shout-out to @UTVolShop who ignited this story. On every major network today showing what it means to be a VOL and step forward and act! #tennesseeproud

Demand for the inspiring hand-drawn shirt was so high that the school's website even crashed.Share in a Florida elementary student's Volunteer pride by wearing his design on your shirt too! Pre-order today for a late September expected delivery. A portion of proceeds from every shirt sold will be donated to @STOMPOutBullyng .

Ross Ellis, founder and CEO of STOMP Out Bullying, told ABC News that while she’s happy this will raise awareness of the issue of bullying, she’s most happy for the child."This little boy is getting his justice, and I’m so thrilled for him," Ellis said."You just can’t pick on a kid and think this is OK. For him to get his justice, is just like winning a peace prize, because no one is going to bully him anymore."

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Tgoor1804T This is the best feel good story of the last week, or so. Lately, I lose track of the weeks with our ever changing news cycle.😀 EricaFoxTV Funny animal videos 🥰 Way to step up UT! Take that bullies! Way to shove it down their throats. Class act UT Can he read a defense? Well they should be giving him something, considering the money they’ve made and good press they’re getting because of this boy and his design.

I’ll be rooting for Tennessee right along with my 0-2 Miami Hurricanes! Way to go ! How are his grades? Did he earn the scholarship, or was it given to him undeserving? There are thousands of bullied students. Is U of TN going to give them all scholarships, or only those that praise their school? That's great. We already bought one of the shirts to show our support.

Can I do the same ~ This is awesome! Way to go UT! StopBullying Jesus, coddle much? I mean bullying is bad but holy hell draw the line already. Now we’re talking He made the School a couple million in merchandising it's the least they can do Is he getting a royalty for his design as well? I bet those bullies aren’t laughing now!!

Heck yeah! That’s winning! Ridiculous to offer a scholarship. The kid should have to earn it like every other kid. Fantastic. Is the boy or his family receiving any money from the sale of the shirt? Hell yea. That'll show those kids So no one could have bullied me when I wore A UT-Austin shirt or Harvard shirt ?🤦‍♂️ my school goofing up

BenjaminSRaven In other news, he is already Tennessee's best football commit. This story gets better with each update! 👏🏾 Helluva lightning strike...This incident There is good in this world. Squash bullies whenever possible 1 million likes! Glad to see. Pushed for this several days ago. UT stands to make a lot of money on his creation, he should get a percentage as he would if he sold them himself.

People are really jerks. Good on the university to try to make it right. That's a very nice thing to do Awesome!!!!! D’ok wow. Well. I’ll be happy for the kid at least. I mean. 4 fyears of paid college Fuuuccckkkkk that’s a dream 6News Thank to timburchett for the idea! mycongressmanrocks MORE: The university says officials have spoken with the boy’s mother, who said 'the family has been deeply touched by the overwhelming outpouring from people around the world.'

Some bullying DEPLORABLES must be eating HUMBLE PIE! Bravo! That good WTF! That is awesome ✌️♥️🇺🇸 therealcpeace syates1414 johnosays tell your kids to start designing t-shirts for that scholarship to UT! This literally keeps getting better and better...

Bullies Mocked A Boy's Homemade College T-Shirt -- Now, It's An Official DesignThis is perfect.

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on therealcpeace syates1414 did you guys buy one yet? The official UT book store sells the shirt for a bit lower price--TennesseeVols How much of the proceeds have gone to the kid?

Univ. Of Tennessee sells 16,000 t-shirts designed by bullied fourth graderThe University of Tennessee has turned a little boy's bad day into a mission against bullying. Yasmin Vossoughian has more. Hope this young fella gets a royalty check for his design! Better yet, his school should get a check for excellence in teaching and a superb anti-bullying program. I absolutely hate bullies! Karma is a beautiful thing and I’m so pleased UT did this! That little boy worked hard to make his shirt ...... I’d love to have seen the smile on his face when he saw his design on the real shirt. Awesome!

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